Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 505 – 506

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Chapter 505

“Why can’t he? He used to coax people when he was young, and he was the king of children in our community.” Tina seemed to think of his childhood, and there was a hint of nostalgia in her smile.

Tina patted her shoulder: “It’s okay, it’s only an hour or two.”

“Peter won’t go to the dinner party?” Alyssa asked her.

Tina sneered: “Someday he is not living a drunken life. There are various meals and banquets every day. What’s the big deal if he doesn’t attend for a day.”

But Alyssa thought of another thing at this moment.

Karl was the boss behind AdamPic Media, which had never been exposed, and the friendship between Karl and Peter was not known to anyone besides the people around him.

Thinking about it this way, Peter made sense whether he would attend Karl’s dinner or not.

When she recovered, Tina was already calling Peter.

Even if Peter could not hear what Peter said, Alyssa could imagine that Peter probably agreed.

Although Peter’s temperament is a bit confused, anyone with eyes can see the intentions for Tina.

As long as it is Tina, he regards it as an imperial edict and never says a word.

Such bright and straightforward feelings are the way Peter and Tina get along.

Although Tina seemed to be under pressure all the time-in her heart, she had not formally accepted Peter, but looking at Peter’s posture, he had to wear it until Tina agreed.

If Tina doesn’t agree, Alyssa suspects that Peter can entangle Tina for a lifetime.

It’s a good thing, not a good thing, not sure.

After Alyssa and Tina had chosen a dress and put on makeup, Peter also came over.

Grace also happened to wake up at this time.

The little girl who had just woke up stared in a daze, and curiously touched Alyssa’s hair.

Alyssa coaxed her to change clothes and hugged her out.

Peter has only one trick to coax children, and that is-candy.

And Grace is the child who loves sweets the most.

She happily took the candy, and Peter clapped his hands: “Give uncle a hug?”

Grace was successfully bribed by Peter, stretched out her small arm and leaned her body towards Peter.

Peter smiled so that his eyes were narrowed. The ones before and after the little ones were just like Grace was his biological daughter.

Grace’s small eyebrows were frowned into a figure eight: “It’s called Grace.”

Peter was amused by her: “How do you feel that your personality is a bit like Karl hahaha…”

Peter was talking and laughing while holding Grace, and the two got along well.

“I said yes.” Tina reached out and climbed onto Alyssa’s shoulders, following her gaze to look at Peter and Grace.

Alyssa smiled, and asked Peter, “Will it delay you?”

“No, I’m very free.” After Peter entered the door, the smile on his face did not stop.

Alyssa had just explained to Grace, and Grace solemnly promised her that she would listen to Uncle Grant’s words.

Three big and one small go out together.

It was almost six o’clock by now. Although there was something to eat at the banquet, but if they were not full, they went to the restaurant of the seven-star hotel where the banquet was held and simply ate something.

After eating, Peter went to open a room and took Grace to the room to wait for them. In case there was anything, he could go directly to the banquet hall to find Alyssa and Tina.

The dinner started at eight o’clock, and Alyssa and Tina went down early.

There were not many people, Alyssa found a humble corner to stay.

The guests entered the venue one after the other, and some familiar faces that had been seen in the movies in the newspaper also appeared.

There were more and more people in the venue, and Alyssa, who was hiding in the corner, became less conspicuous.

Tina was originally to accompany Alyssa to join in the fun, and he stayed in the corner from time to time with guests who had passed by Alyssa.

“That person, on the surface, is a philanthropist, and he has several young ladies behind him…”

“The female celebrity in the red dress, have you seen her? She’s actually already married.”

“And the one over there is a director who specializes in unspoken newcomers.”

Alyssa listened with gusto: “I think you are in the wrong line. You should be a reporter.”

Tina shook the champagne in her hand, with a vicissitudes of voice: “The entertainment industry has no secrets. People who are not clean will be picked up sooner or later, but when everyone has no conflicting interests, they will pretend to be deaf and dumb. don’t know.”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and asked her, “Is it very tired?”

She is behind the scenes as a screenwriter, which is different from Tina’s work.

“Fortunately, it mainly depends on the adjustment of mentality…”

At this time, there was a commotion at the entrance.

Tina stood up, stretched her neck on tiptoes and looked out: “It seems like the big boss is here.”

Alyssa followed her gaze, and she saw Karl pushing Trevor in.

Karl was still in his usual dark suit, and his eyes looked buoyant, but Alyssa always felt that his complexion was not very good, and his lip color was not very healthy, as if…sick.

Alyssa pursed her lips, probably because she was thinking too much.

Karl’s body was the same as that of iron hit, and he rarely got sick.

Trevor was sitting in a wheelchair, his hair was carefully trimmed, but because he was too thin, a well-tailored suit was worn on him, and it was empty and unable to hold up, and the effect of the shape was completely invisible. One of the sleeves was also empty. .

Although he lowered his eyes and didn’t look at anyone, his tight grip on the handrail still revealed his nervousness.

It’s hard to imagine that the man who has been in power for the Adams’ family for decades, who has spent half his life in the business world, will be nervous because of this scene.

This is the first time that Trevor has been kidnapped since the news of Trevor was released three years ago.

Everyone’s surprise can be felt from the sound of inhaling one after another.

Or regret, or gloat.

The guests consciously retreated to both sides to make way for Karl.

Smith followed Karl with a serious face.

Alyssa was standing in the corner, and there were many people standing in front of her. Karl pushed Trevor forward without squinting, and he probably wouldn’t see her.

It was just that her thought came out. Karl, who had already pushed Trevor past in front of her, suddenly turned around, his gaze passed through the crowd and fell on Alyssa very prepared.

Others also felt that Karl was looking at someone, and they all looked towards Alyssa.

Seeing this, Alyssa quickly turned around, pretending to be like everyone else, and looked to the other side.

Tina’s mood was completely opposite. She pulled Alyssa’s arm excitedly: “The big boss is watching you. It’s amazing. He can see you even from so far away. Is this telepathy?”

Chapter 506

Alyssa looked at the other side and denied: “He didn’t look at me.”

Tina let out a cry and said, “Isn’t he looking at you, is he looking at me?”

“Perhaps.” Alyssa said lightly.

Tina: “…”

Karl just glanced in the direction where Alyssa was, and then pushed Trevor forward.

After giving Smith a few words, he sat down.

Smith said a few scenes and announced the beginning of the party.

After he finished speaking, he noticed Alyssa.

He turned around and whispered to Karl, “Sir, Young Lady is here too.”

“Her coming is her business.” Karl took a glass of champagne and lowered his eyes, with a very indifferent tone.

This made Smith think of a sentence, a dead duck with a hard mouth.

At this moment, there was a commotion on the other side.

Although the movement is not as big as when Karl arrived, it cannot be ignored.

“who is it?”

“I heard it’s Mr. Adams’s fiancee!”

“Although the news has always said this, Mr. Adams has never responded positively, and the two have never held an engagement banquet.”

“How could it not be true? It is said that both of them have even a daughter…”

“Listen to who said it, is this true?”


Alyssa turned her ears slightly, listening to the chatting of several women on the side.

When she heard what they were talking about, she sneered.

Tina didn’t notice what the woman just said. Seeing Alyssa’s face hesitated, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Miana is here.” Alyssa put the champagne in her hand aside, and adjusted her dress: “I’ll go and add some makeup.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“No need.”

Alyssa went to the bathroom alone.

She stood in front of the mirror, put on makeup carefully, made sure that her makeup was perfect and impeccable, and then took her bag out of the bathroom.

As a result, she met Clifford as soon as she went out.


When Clifford saw her first, he naturally called her out.

Alyssa turned her head, gave a slight pause, and said, “Have you just come?”

“Well, I just came. I didn’t see you in the banquet hall just now. I thought you weren’t here.” Clifford walked forward in three steps and two steps, following her pace.

Then, he followed Alyssa’s footsteps and walked slowly.

“Just went to the bathroom.”

Alyssa and Clifford walked side by side and returned to the banquet hall.

When the two of them returned to the banquet hall, there were more people in the banquet hall, and they gathered together in small groups and whispered.

The place with the most people is naturally beside Karl.

There were many people around Karl, and Trevor sat next to him.

Trevor was still sitting in the wheelchair, her lips pressed tightly without speaking, and her face was cold. Someone just yelled “Mr. Adams” symbolically in the past, and then talked to Karl.

Clifford followed Alyssa’s gaze and chuckled lightly, with a hint of sarcasm in his tone: “As long as you are a human, you will weigh the pros and cons. Whoever brings benefits to him will have the need to make friends.”

In the past, when Trevor was in charge of the Adams’ family, these people wanted to make friends with Trevor, but now Karl is the CEO of the Adams’ family, the people want to meet the man will naturally become Karl.

They had forgotten how they talked about Karl, the surviving victim after the kidnapping happened.

The human heart is softer than anything, and harder than anything.

“Listening to your tone, I seem to have a thorough understanding of these.” Alyssa turned to look at Clifford, with a hint of inquiry in her tone: “Moreover, you seem to know the Adams’ family well.”

The smile on Clifford’s face froze for a while, and then he returned to nature very quickly: “Is there?”

Alyssa watched him for a few seconds before asking, “Are all what you said before is true? You said you saved me, but I have no impression at all.”

Although Alyssa subconsciously believed in Clifford, it was still a little suspicious that Clifford could find her and Karl in the mountains for the first time.

Clifford did not answer her question directly, but asked, “Are you suspicious of me?”

Alyssa reached out and took a glass of juice from the waiter’s tray, and took a sip before continuing: “You can find where I and Karl are in such a short time, which means you have always sent someone to monitor me. Even if you are repaying your favor and for my safety, don’t you think it’s a bit too much?”

Alyssa turned her head to look at Clifford, her bright eyes were full of sharp light.

She will not trust Clifford blindly.

As they said at the same time, Clifford’s sternness was unclear, and he was kind to her, but he also had many secrets hidden in him, one yard under one yard, Alyssa clearly distinguished.

Clifford smiled slightly, his face was not embarrassed by Alyssa’s dismantling: “Since you are not happy, I won’t do that in the future.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced in Karl’s direction, a hint of interest flashed in his tone: “What’s the matter with you and Karl?”

When Alyssa turned her head and looked over, she saw that Miana did not know when she had already reached Karl and was talking to him.

Karl was sitting while Miana was standing and talking to him. Karl was blocked by her, and Alyssa couldn’t see the expression on Karl’s face at this time.

Alyssa didn’t know what Miana and Karl had said, but she felt a little surprised that Karl would listen to Miana talking to him so patiently.

For the past three years, the media has always said that Miana is Karl’s fiancée, and Karl has never denied it.

Therefore, people actually assumed that Miana was Karl’s fiancee.

Even if there is no engagement, at least there is a relationship between the two people.

“I said there are always fairies who want to climb the big boss…” Tina walked over, and before the word “bed” was said at the end, she fell silent when he saw Clifford next to Alyssa.

Clifford saw Tina and smiled politely at her with a slight nod.

Tina had to smile back politely, and then approached Alyssa and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “What’s the matter, why did Clifford also come?”

“Karl invited him.” Alyssa said absently, her voice sounded a bit cold.

Although she was speaking to Tina, she kept staring in the direction where Karl was.

Tina turned her head and saw Miana sitting next to Karl. Although the two did not have any physical contact, Karl asked Miana to sit next to him.

Tina held back for a long time, and then popped out: “Adulter and adulteress!”

“I’ve been here for so long, it’s time to go over and say hello.” Alyssa finished speaking, and reached out to put Clifford’s arm: “Want to go together?”

Clifford glanced at her face and said with a smile: “Okay.”

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