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Chapter 731

When Mattie heard that she was on a six o’clock flight, she smiled and said, “I am also on six o’clock. Let’s go there together later.”

“Okay, I’m on my way to the airport, see you at the airport.”


In fact, Mattie called Alyssa yesterday and asked her when to book her flight. Alyssa was still playing with Grace at the time, so she hurriedly said “tickets are already booked” and hung up the phone.

Alyssa arrived at the airport, and Mattie came after a short wait.

Mattie sat down next to Alyssa, took her bag down and put it on her lap, and asked her tentatively, “Do you know about that?”

Alyssa glanced at her, thought for a moment, and asked, “Karl and Miana getting married?”

“You know!” Mattie spoke in a loud voice. After that, she deliberately lowered her voice and whispered, “Why do I feel that this is the same as fake!”

She had seen Karl and Alyssa together. She felt that when Karl and Alyssa were together, they were really incomparable to him and Miana.

At least in her opinion, when Alyssa and Karl were together, Karl’s eyes were very bright. And when he was with Miana, he looked even colder and gloomy.

Alyssa didn’t know what Mattie was thinking about, and only said one sentence: “It’s true.”

“How do you know it is true?” Mattie turned her head and asked her, “Who said that?”

Alyssa said lightly, “Karl said it himself.”

Mattie was quiet for a moment, and she burst into words: “[email protected]!”

She really couldn’t see Miana. After hearing that Karl and Miana were preparing to get married, she was lucky to think that it might be a misinformation.

But now this incident was confirmed by Alyssa herself, and this incident should already be a certainty.

Mattie was still indignant over Miana’s marriage to Karl. Although she and Miana had some differences in their identities, they were still in peace.

However, once Miana married Karl, her status would rise, and it was really not something Mattie could afford.

Thinking of this, Mattie was depressed.

But Alyssa was thinking about another thing.

“Can “Lost City 2″ be filmed within one month?” Alyssa was calculating the time. She hoped that “Lost City 2” could be filmed as soon as possible, so that she would have time to deal with the custody dispute.

Mattie was still thinking about the marriage of Karl and Miana. Alyssa suddenly jumped to the shooting. She reacted for a while, and after thinking about it, she said, “It’s a bit difficult in one month! But one and a half months is fine.”

We have been shooting for a month, and after another month and a half, it will be finished.

“Lost City 2” has ten more episodes than the first one, but the lead actor did not get involved in the play, and the trouble of Miana went early, and the filming process went smoothly. There were thirty episodes in total, and the shooting time could be controlled within three months.

“One and a half months…” Alyssa murmured and repeated.

Mattie saw her preoccupied and asked: “What’s wrong? Why are you asking about this? Is there anything else?”

“Well, there is something else.” Alyssa sighed, it should be too late for a month and a half.

Karl and Miana have not officially announced the news yet, so they should be able to wait.

Mattie couldn’t tell that Alyssa had something else, she thought for a moment and said, “If you really have something else, it doesn’t matter if you can leave the crew early!”

“Is this okay?” Alyssa looked at Mattie in surprise.

“You can put the more difficult scenes to the front, and put the good ones to the back before shooting, then it will be fine.” Mattie is a producer, and she has the right to say everything about the crew.

“Okay, thank you so much.” When she first met Mattie that year, Alyssa never thought that Mattie would help her so much.

Life’s fate is often the most difficult to say clearly.

The two returned to the city where they were shooting. When they arrived at the hotel, it was close to ten. They hurried to wash and went out for a meal. When they came back, it was less than twelve. After rushing to wash, they could just go there at twelve directly to bed to sleep.

In the next month, the crew entered the intense filming, and everyone was like a spiral, even Alyssa.

When there is no need for her to modify the script, she will find other things to do. No one hopes that “Lost City 2” can be filmed quickly than she thinks.

Everyone was exhausted this month, because it was the second half of the plot, and there were many night scenes. Robin was also very dedicated as the starring role, and he cooperated with the crew without a single complaint.

Actress Scottia is a little bit more squeamish than Robin, and she also takes up a lot of the latter part of the scene, but Robin, who has worked harder than her, didn’t say anything. She dare to say anything either.

After all, Robin is an old predecessor in the entertainment industry and a big name.

In this way, they thought it would take a month and a half to complete the filming of the plot, but just finished it in one month.

At the beginning of March, “Lost City 2” was all finished!

On the night of the finale, Alyssa booked a plane ticket back to Rostenvel.

Because the finale was at eight o’clock, Alyssa booked the early morning flight ticket.

In the past two months, although Alyssa was very tired on the crew, she was still relatively happy. She worked together with everyone to finish the filming of “Lost City 2”, and Alyssa wanted to attend the banquet before leaving.

The whole play was finished, everyone was very happy, the lead actor also mingles with everyone, the atmosphere is very good.

After drinking for three rounds, Alyssa walked to Mattie and whispered to her in a low voice: “I’m going to the airport.”

Mattie looked around and found that the few guys driving in the crew were also blushing with drinks, so she gave up the idea of ​​letting them send Alyssa to the airport and asked, “Have you asked for a car?”

“The appointment has been made, don’t worry.” Alyssa also patted Mattie on the shoulder: “Drink less and pay attention to dates with Robin. Don’t make big news just as soon as you finish.”

“I know.” Mattie drank some wine, and she was a little excited at the moment, and she was too long-winded: “You go quickly, or you won’t be able to catch the plane.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she returned to her position to raise a glass, and said, “Drink slowly, everyone, I’m a little bit urgent and have to leave first!”

“Why did you leave? Drink some more!”

“Yes, sister Alyssa, why are you leaving!”

“Don’t make a fuss, she is in a hurry!” Mattie said, and those who wanted to stay warm were silent.

In the past two months, Alyssa was very diligent in the crew and helped them a lot. Except for Alyssa’s identity as Karl’s ex-wife, there is really nothing to blame in other respects.

Chapter 732

Good-looking, hardworking, and nonchalant, many of the young guys in the drama have a little interest in Alyssa, but no one has dared to explain.

Alyssa has experienced too many things in the past few years, with great ups and downs, and the whole person’s temperament is different, and even if they are interested in Alyssa, no one dares to confess and consciously cannot afford it.

After Alyssa took the car to the airport, she waited for half an hour before it was boarding time.

On the early morning flight, there are not many people, and there are still many empty places.

After Alyssa got on the plane, she asked the stewardess to bring her a blanket. She was by the window, and it was dark outside and nothing to look at.

This month, she was so busy that she could only think about custody in the dead of night.

The matter of Karl and Miana has never been reported by the media.

This is what Alyssa is most grateful for.

She still has time.

Both mentally and physically were extremely exhausted, but Alyssa leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes without a trace of sleepiness, and simply opened her eyes to think about things.

This is for two hours.

When the plane landed, Alyssa pulled the suitcase out of the airport and received a call from Dave.

Last time Dave told her to let him know about the return to the crew, but then Alyssa forgot when she left, and thought that it would be inconvenient to go to the crew, so she didn’t let Dave follow.

A few days ago Dave called her and asked when she was going back to Rostenvel, saying that he was going to pick her up.

Alyssa just mentioned it casually. She didn’t expect Dave to call her at this time. Did he guess that she would come back on this flight?

Alyssa held the bag in her hand, she put the bag on the suitcase and freed one hand to answer the phone.

Before she said anything, she heard Dave asking on the other end of the phone: “Miss Alyssa, have you got off the plane?”

Alyssa asked as she walked, “How did you know that I got off the plane?”

At three o’clock in the morning, there were no people at the exit of the airport, and Alyssa pulled her coat and walked out quickly.

“An hour and a half ago, I called your phone and couldn’t get through. You said before that you will come back after attending the finale. But if you are anxious to come back, you will definitely book your ticket at night.” Dave made a reasonable analysis. Well-founded and convincing.

Alyssa smiled: “Yes, I have already got off the plane, and I am almost out now.”

“Which exit are you at, I will drive the car over to pick you up.” Alyssa heard the sound of the engine starting from the other end following Dave’s words.

Alyssa was taken aback for a while, then looked up: “I’m at Exit E.”

“Wait for three minutes.” Dave finished speaking and hung up the phone.

After Alyssa went out, she stopped on the side of the road and waited for Dave to drive over. There were only twos and threes on the side. Alyssa pulled her clothes again, feeling that Rostenvel was extremely cold this spring.

In less than three minutes, Dave came over.

Alyssa had good eyesight and saw Dave’s car approaching from a distance.

Dave drove the car to Alyssa, and after stopping steadily, he got out of the car to help her lift the suitcase and put it in the trunk.

Alyssa actually wanted to bring it up by herself, but Dave had already come down, and she didn’t say much, so she pulled the car door and got into the car.

She is really tired.

The kind of tired body and mind.

After Dave put the suitcase in, he drove around to the front.

Seeing him in the car, Alyssa asked, “How long have you been waiting?”

“The call to you was not connecting, so I drove over. I called your cell phone when the plane arrived, and when got through the end, it was when you get off the plane.” Although this method is a bit troublesome, it is still very useful.

“Actually, you don’t need to be like this.” Alyssa meant that Dave didn’t have to be so careful.

Dave didn’t look back, drove the car very steadily, and said stubbornly but made sense: “You are my employer now, and I have a responsibility to protect your safety. It is not safe for a woman to be alone outside at night.”

Alyssa was silent for a long time after hearing Dave’s words.

Dave still didn’t look at her, and he didn’t need Alyssa to answer him, he only did what he should do.

But Alyssa’s mood at this time was mixed.

In the middle of such a cold spring night, she came back on the plane alone with exhaustion to meet a tough battle with no chance of winning. In fact, her heart was already very fragile.

But at this time, she was touched by a touch of warmth.

People who are homeless and toss around feel the most kindness from people who are not relatives or ancestors.

For example, Mattie, who prevented others from stopping her at the banquet, or Dave, who was planning her flight late at night to pick her up.

Alyssa felt that her tired heart was being filled with vitality again, and she was recovering little by little.

She took a deep breath, closed the window tightly, and said softly, “Thank you.”

Although her voice was not loud, Dave was keen and heard it.

“I said, this is my duty as your bodyguard.” Dave repeated what he said before.

“I know, but thank you very much.” Alyssa raised her eyes to look at him: “You are actually a very good person.”

Dave turned his head and glanced at her, with a solemn and gloomy look: “I have a lot of blood on my hands, I am not a good person.”

“I just said that you are a good person. I didn’t say that you are a good human.” Alyssa raised her eyebrows slightly, with a smile in her tone.

Dave snorted and stopped talking.

Looking at the street lamp outside, Alyssa fell asleep without knowing it, and fell asleep.

Dave drove very steadily, and Alyssa did not wake up much.

He drove the car downstairs in the community, and was about to wake her, when a text message prompt sounded on his cell phone.

Dave glanced at the content of the text message, then pulled the door to get out of the car, and walked to the dark place with no street lights on the other end.

A car parked in the shadow of no street lights, and you can’t see it unless you look closely.

After Dave walked over, he adjusted to the dark light before reaching out and knocking on the car door.

The window was lowered, and a smell of smoke floated from it.

The man’s voice was already low, but after smoking a few cigarettes, his voice became a little hoarse: “Have you received someone?”

“Would you like to take a look? She fell asleep in the car.” Such thoughtful words from a person like Dave seemed abrupt.

The man in the car was silent for a moment: “No need.”

Afterwards, Dave watched the people in the car light up the lighter and lit another cigarette. The lighter went out, and the strong smell of smoke floated once again, and there was a little spark in the gloom.

Dave frowned slightly: “Karl, I found that you and your sister are a bit similar.”

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