Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 729 – 730

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Chapter 729

Grace reached out to grab Karl’s hand, her hand was small, and she could only hold one finger of Karl.

Karl squeezed her hand in the palm of his hand with his backhand, a limp, he didn’t use much force for fear of pinching her.

Grace raised her head laboriously, trying to see Karl’s face clearly: “Dad, are you reluctant to part with Mom as well.”

For her, Karl was too tall, her neck was sore, and she couldn’t see Karl’s face clearly.

She simply ignored her, leaning her head on Karl’s body, and whispered: “Mom took me to the zoo today, so tired.”

At this time, Karl said a word: “Yeah.”

But Grace was already yawning, she didn’t know that Karl was answering her previous question.

Karl leaned over and hugged Grace. As he walked into the villa, he asked, “What animals are there in the zoo.”

Speaking of the zoo, Grace became interested again, and she became a little more sober: “Many birds, and tigers.”

Karl asked: “Then what animal does mother like best?”

Grace was really tired and panicked, put her head on Karl’s shoulder, and whispered: “Mom said she likes them all because the animals are so cute.”

Karl did not speak anymore, because Grace’s breathing gradually calmed down, and she fell asleep.

After returning home, Alyssa called Peter.

Peter has always been active in answering the phone, and it is the same this time.

The phone rang twice, and he answered, “Alyssa, what’s the matter?”

“I want to know Clayton’s phone number.” Alyssa didn’t say politely to Peter, and directly said her purpose.

“Okay, let me tell you, would you remember it, or wait for it to be sent to you on WeChat?”

“You tell me now, I’ll remember.”

Peter told Alyssa the phone number of Clayton.

“Okay, I’ll take it down.” After Alyssa finished remembering the phone number, Peter asked in confusion, “What do you want the phone number of Clayton for? Are you going to file an economic lawsuit?”

“Do you know the specific date when Karl got married?” When Alyssa asked, Peter understood. Alyssa asked him what Clayton’s phone was doing.

“But, Clayton is not good at fighting this kind of marriage lawsuit?” After Peter finished speaking, he added: “How many lawyers should I arrange for you?”

“I just want to consult him first, not let him help me with the lawsuit. Thank you for your kindness. This is a matter between me and Karl. I want to solve it myself. Besides, if you let Karl know that you help me find a lawyer …”

Alyssa paused deliberately when she said that, Peter quickly said: “Okay, then I won’t help you find a lawyer. But if you have anything to do, you should still find me. We are friends.”

“Yeah.” Peter is very loyal.

After finishing the phone call with Peter, Alyssa tried to call Clayton.

It is less than seven o’clock, and Clayton shouldn’t be busy either, but he might be eating.

After the phone was connected, it rang for a while before someone answered it.

“Who?” The man’s voice was very clear.

Alyssa asked, “Is it Lawyer Clayton?”

Clayton glanced at the phone number again, and after confirming that the number was not familiar, he said, “Sorry, this is my personal phone number, not for official business.”

Alyssa was afraid that he would hang up, and said anxiously, “I am Alyssa.”

“Alyssa?” Clayton said her name in surprise, isn’t this the one from Karl’s family?

Rules are rules, but they also divide people.

Clayton asked, “Do you have anything to do with me?”

“I want to ask you something.”

“You say.” Clayton’s crisp temperament is very similar to Peter’s.

“If I want to fight for custody rights with Karl, what is my chance of winning?”

“Huh?” It was Clayton who was used to seeing the world and seeing all kinds of bizarre cases. It was the first time someone approached him to ask about Karl and his chances of winning a lawsuit against him.

Since he became Adams’ legal counsel, he has never lost. Even before joining Adams’ family, he never lost the case.

Although he does not fight for custody cases for others, he can still help her analyze the situation.

Seeing that he hadn’t said anything, Alyssa explained: “Lawyer Clayton, I just want you to tell me how much I have the chance to win. I also know that it is difficult to win against Karl.”

Clayton has principles of life. Since Alyssa found him and asked, he still said truthfully: “If Karl is determined to fight for custody with you, you won’t have a chance of winning.”

Although Alyssa had thought about this possibility a long time ago, she still found it difficult to accept Clayton’s words so decisively.

Alyssa asked again: “Is there really no chance of winning a point?”

There is still some fluke in her heart.

There was a hint of eagerness in her tone, Clayton was silent for a moment and said: “What I said has no chance of winning. It is only on the premise that Karl has to have custody rights. If he relaxes a little bit, you still have The odds of winning.”

Saying this is the same as not saying it.

Because Karl had said plainly in the previous phone call, he would definitely not give her the custody of Grace.

Karl was already determined to fight her for custody.

Alyssa took a deep breath and said in a low tone, “I see, thank you, Lawyer Clayton.”

Clayton was also very clear about Alyssa and Karl. He and Karl had been in friendship for many years, and couldn’t bear to watch them come this far.

He hesitated for a while, and finally said: “There are many factors to win a lawsuit, none of which are indispensable, not just relying on strength, Cox said it all, Miss Alyssa cherishes it.”

He actually didn’t see Alyssa many times this year, but his impression of Alyssa remained with the face that smiled and looked forward to brilliance when he first saw it.

Alyssa is undoubtedly a rare beauty. What’s rarer is that she is smart and calm.

He remembered the days when he and Peter went to Karl’s house to have a meal, and he missed somehow.

He didn’t actually have any pity for Alyssa, but he just felt it was a pity.

It is a pity that this period of their relationship was also a pity that Alyssa was bumpy.

Clayton’s words were somewhat unexpected to Alyssa. She said gratefully: “I understand, thank you, Lawyer Clayton.”

“Goodbye.” Clayton hung up the phone, always feeling a little depressed, so he picked up the phone and called Karl.

After the call was connected, it kept beeping and then disconnected.

Huh? Karl still hung up the phone?

Clayton felt uncomfortable. He was depressed because of Karl’s affairs. How could Karl not answer his phone?

He made seven or eight phone calls, and finally Karl became impatient and answered the phone.

Chapter 730

“Clayton, you’d better tell me something terribly important, or you can prepare a coffin for yourself!” Karl’s voice was gloomy.

Clayton had no doubt that if Karl was in front of him at this time, he would definitely be beaten up.

Clayton was still a little scared. After all, he couldn’t beat Karl, and he didn’t say those useless, and said directly: “Your ex-wife called me just now.”

“Alyssa?” Karl paused and asked, “What does she call you for?”

This tone sounded a bit unusual, Clayton couldn’t think of the unusual.

“She asked, I have some chances of winning against you for custody.”

“What did you say?”

“I said there is no chance of winning a point, let her die this heart!” The latter sentence was deliberately added by Clayton to Karl.

He didn’t know what Karl was going to do. For a long time, Karl would approach him if he had something to do. It was all legal. As for relationship issues, he couldn’t control it, and Karl couldn’t tell him.

He just felt that Karl’s behavior this time was weird, unlike his previous behavior.

With Karl’s temperament, if he really made up his mind to take Grace’s custody, he would definitely not show any affection, let alone give Alyssa a chance to file a lawsuit.

He had also seen Karl’s determination and cruelty.

Karl didn’t have any special reaction after hearing what he said. He just asked, “What else?”

“I also reminded her that proper methods will definitely not be able to deal with you, so that she can consider crooked ways. For example, find a backer that is stronger than you or something…”

Although Clayton’s tone was not very serious, he was serious.

“Heh.” Karl just laughed coldly, and then said: “Can she find a backer bigger than me?”

Clayton thought of another thing at this time, and there was a trace of worry in his voice: “Did you forget one thing?”


Clayton’s tone suddenly became extremely serious: “Adams’ current legal person in power is Alyssa! When you transferred Adams’ to Alyssa, I did the procedures for you.”

He also just remembered this incident, after so long, he almost never remembered it. If it hadn’t been for Alyssa to call him today, and he and Karl had talked about this, he would have forgotten.

Clayton’s heart also followed up. He couldn’t know what Adams’ wealth meant.

Including Karl’s private property, real estate, everything added up, such a large fortune, even he would be moved.

Compared with his sudden nervousness, Karl was much calmer.

He just asked lightly: “So what?”

“You…” Clayton was speechless for a while, and after a while, he continued: “So what? That’s all your wealth!”

Karl fell silent this time.

Clayton thought that Karl had really listened to it this time, and after thinking about it, he said, “Although the procedures have been completed, they have not been made public. If you want to take Karl back to your own hands. Now I can think of a way to help you, but it will be a little troublesome.”

As soon as the voice fell, he heard Karl’s unhesitating voice: “No.”

“Then you…” Clayton couldn’t figure out what Karl thought.

Karl said in a calm tone: “If one day I encounter an accident, please come forward and publicize the documents to prove that Adams’ real power holder is Alyssa.”

Clayton had been a lawyer for nearly ten years, and it was only in Karl that he could encounter something that even he couldn’t figure out.

“What nonsense are you talking about! A cruel-hearted person like you, isn’t everyone dead? Are you still alive? I’m afraid I won’t wait for you to die in front of you on the day of the accident.”

Clayton didn’t take Karl’s words to heart, and Karl didn’t say much, “As long as you remember my words.”

“No, I have a question. I especially want to know what you are going to do! Such a big Adams’ Group gave it away without blinking. Now it is competing with others for custody of the child. You…beep…”

Hearing the “beep”, Clayton thought he had heard it wrong, and then “heed” to the phone, then took the phone down and took a look, only to find that the phone had returned to the address book interface.

Again! Karl’s problem with hanging up the phone at all times is really… annoying!

Clayton’s words made Alyssa stay awake all night.

She was almost completely sleepy.

She completely believed what Clayton said, but she couldn’t admit defeat.

This is a lawsuit that she has no chance of winning a single point, but she must win.

She remembered that Clayton said at the end “not just relying on strength”.

“It’s not just strength!” Alyssa murmured this sentence again. After thinking about it for a moment, she reacted fiercely. Clayton meant to let her use some extraordinary means.

The so-called “extraordinary” means must not be serious means.

For example, during the trial, something went wrong with the lawyer, or something went wrong with Karl…

Karl was powerful and influential, but he was not really invulnerable. There is nothing perfect in this world, let alone human beings.

There is always a simplification in Hundred Secrets. Under normal procedures and under normal circumstances, Alyssa will never win the lawsuit. If she really need to use means…

Alyssa sighed long.

If that day is really reached, can she only rely on such ill-conceived means?

Alyssa couldn’t help tightening her hand on her side.

The next day, Alyssa contacted several law firms to inquire about the situation and met with two lawyers.

Every lawyer feels that he has outstanding ability and thinks that he will be able to win the lawsuit, so he talks in front of Alyssa.

Naturally, Alyssa didn’t directly specify that he was going to compete with Karl for custody, but just mentioned that the other party was rich and powerful. As a result, they hesitated slightly and asked to know the details of the matter.

After contacting the two lawyers Alyssa had met, they felt a little untrustworthy, so they didn’t contact them again.

In the evening, she was going to the crew again by plane, so she went directly to the airport with her luggage.

On the way to the airport, she received a call from Mattie.

“What time is your plane?” Mattie asked her.

“Six o’clock.”

There was filming the next day, and Alyssa didn’t book a ticket too late, so she booked a ticket at six o’clock. It was still early to get there, so she could sleep peacefully.

But now it seems that she can’t sleep peacefully at all.

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