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Chapter 733

That’s right, the person sitting in the car is Karl.

Karl ignored Dave, after all, he was not interested in how he resembled Claire.

Dave didn’t expect Karl to pay attention to him either. He said: “You brothers and sisters are very cruel to yourself.”

Obviously he cared more than anyone, but he forced himself to abandon her abruptly. This fierceness, Dave, who had countless lives in his hands, also felt that it was not comparable.

He is not so cruel to himself.

Karl did not speak, but sneered, “Go back, she will wake up now.”

Dave is not an enthusiastic person, everything he does is actually instructed by Karl.

Karl persuaded Claire to treat the illness, and he promised a condition.

Claire has gone abroad for treatment, and Karl has also arranged everything abroad, showing sincerity.

But Dave couldn’t go with her, because he promised Karl to protect Alyssa.

This is a deal between two trustworthy men, no third person knows, it has always been secret.

After Karl finished speaking, he took another fierce bite of the cigarette held between his fingers, then pinched it out, started the car, and left.

Dave’s eyes were squinted heavily by the lights.

He watched Karl drive away, then turned and walked in the direction of his car.

He looked outside the car for a while, and found that Alyssa seemed to be still not awake, so he walked to the window of the co-pilot and reached out and knocked on the window.

He knocked hard several times before Alyssa woke up.

She really fell asleep just now, she was a little confused at the moment, she froze for a moment, and found that she was still in the car, only then did she remember what had happened before.

She glanced at Dave who was standing outside the car window waiting for her to get off, and then hurriedly took her bag, opened the door and got off the car.

Dave had already walked around to help her take out the suitcase. When she went down, he just pushed the suitcase over and carried it directly into the apartment building.

The two waited for the elevator together.

The elevator in the early hours of the morning came very quickly, and neither of them spoke, mainly because they felt they had nothing to say.

Alyssa was a little sleepy, and the corners of her eyes were astringent.

When they arrived on the floor where they were, Alyssa said to Dave: “Thank you.”

Dave just nodded, then returned to his own room without looking back.

Alyssa returned to her home, the living room still had the toys she had forgotten to take away when she received Grace last time.

After turning on the lights in each room, she sat down on the sofa, feeling tired if she moved one more step.

She sat down on the sofa, took a pillow casually and hugged it in her arms, leaning on the sofa with sorrow, unwilling to move more.

Sitting like this, she actually fell asleep unconsciously.

When she woke up again, she was awake coldly.

As soon as she got home, she sat on the sofa and didn’t move. The spring in Rostenvel was still a bit cold.

Alyssa had some nasal congestion, and she sucked her nose heavily, still a little uncomfortable.

It was already bright outside, and Alyssa took out the phone from her pocket and found that it was already eight in the morning.

She didn’t sleep long on the sofa, but slept for more than three hours.

She put down the phone and stood up, but she felt a little dizzy with her head heavy, and she fell back to the sofa heavily.

She has been too tired these few days and lacks of sleep as well. She got a bit of cold last night and got a terrible headache. Her usual body is not so bad.

Alyssa closed her eyes and slowed down, propped herself up and tried to stand up again.

Today is Saturday, she wants to see Grace first, and then do her own business.

Moreover, before going to see Grace, she has to take a bath, change clothes and put on makeup, her complexion was too bad. Grace is smart and worried,

Alyssa thought about Grace cheering herself up, but she was really energetic.

She took the clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After letting the water heat off, she felt her headache worse, and her vision was a bit blurred.

Alyssa took off her clothes, raised her head and let the warm water drip onto her face, trying to make herself more awake.

She did feel that she was a little awake, but her head hurts even more, and her body was a little soft, so soft that she could not stand firmly.

Alyssa shook twice before reaching out to support the wall, but the feeling of being top-heavy became more and more obvious, and she slid softly along the wall to the ground.

She was lying on the ground, with water dripping from the shower above.

At first, she could still hear the sound of water splashing down on the floor tiles. With the water dripping on her eyes, Alyssa couldn’t open her eyes, blinking her eyes uncomfortably.

She didn’t know how long she had been lying on the ground. As long as her consciousness became more and more blurred, she couldn’t even hear the sound of the water leaking from the shower hitting the floor tiles, and there was a buzzing in her ears.

This feeling…like dying…

Alyssa pulled the corners of her lips reluctantly, and even had auditory hallucinations, as if someone was calling her name.

And it was Karl’s voice.

It is said that at the moment before death, people will have many beautiful hallucinations. After this thought flashed in her mind, Alyssa completely lost consciousness.

The next moment, the bathroom door was slammed open with a “bang”, and Karl’s tall and straight figure appeared at the door.

His hair was messed up by the wind because of the violent running, and his originally ironed suit was wrinkled, and it looked like he had rushed over!

When he stood at the door of the bathroom, when he fell on Alyssa who was lying on the floor, the expression on his face was stagnant, and the whole person trembled.

He quickly stabilized his mind, walked over with some staggering steps, pulled the bath towel on the side, and covered Alyssa’s body, wrapped her in his arms, and his voice was a little eager he called: “Alyssa?”

Alyssa closed her eyes slightly, her eyelids moved but did not open them.

Karl hugged her tightly into his arms, before he could even turn off the shower, he lowered his head and k!ssed her forehead heavily, muttering, “It’s okay…”

When he just came in, he saw Alyssa lying on the ground lifelessly. At that moment, he didn’t know what he was thinking. He just felt that he was empty and didn’t know what he was going to do.

He carefully hugged Alyssa, and couldn’t get his hands free to turn off the shower, so he ignored it.

Alyssa moved uncomfortably in his arms, but it was only a movement. She had no extra energy to open her eyes now.

Karl hugged her back to the bed, changed a large towel to dry the water on her body, and turned to look for her pajamas in the closet.

He has lived here, and he is more familiar with everything in this house than Alyssa, he knows her habit of putting things, and can easily find what he is looking for here.

Chapter 734

He found the clothes, turned back to the bed, knelt on one knee and lifted the quilt.

The woman under the quilt has no strands on her body, and her snow-white lustrous and slender body just slams into his eyes. This beautiful body has been loved by him many times. Don’t know how many times…

But it wasn’t the time to think about this. Karl curled his eyebrows, suppressed the restlessness in his heart, and slowly and gently put on Alyssa’s pajamas.

Sleeping Alyssa was unwilling to be moved around like this, and snorted twice in dissatisfaction, but she was exhausted and couldn’t open her eyes.

Karl’s movement of putting her on her pajamas paused slightly, and couldn’t help but lowered her head and k!ssed her on the forehead again, and said softly, “Put you on and you will be ready soon.”

After he finished speaking, his brows squeezed together fiercely. When he k!ssed Alyssa’s forehead, he felt that her forehead was very hot.

He freed a hand and touched her forehead, it was indeed very hot.

The busyness and mental pressure over the past few days made her sick.

Alyssa didn’t know if she heard it. In short, she didn’t move anymore before Karl dressed her.

Karl dressed her, touched her head, like coaxing Grace, and said two words softly: “Really good.”

Alyssa, who was ill, was indeed very behaving, and would not speak coldly to him, nor would he be sad.

But it is always uncomfortable to be sick, her eyebrows slightly frown, and her sleep is not stable at all.

Karl’s throat slid hard, and the soreness spread in his chest wantonly. He turned around and went out to find the thermometer. He returned to the bedroom and placed it under Alyssa’s armpit. After measuring the temperature, he went to get a wet towel to put it on Alyssa’s forehead.

That Mr. Adams, who used to depend on servants to do all the things in the past, is now able to do these things of serving people handily and smoothly.

At this time, his cell phone rang.

Karl’s gaze still fell on Alyssa’s body and stared at her tightly. He took out the phone with one hand and didn’t even look at the phone display. He knew that the call came from Smith.

He suddenly ran out of the office just now and kept calling him without catching up with him.

After turning off the ringtone, he answered the call.

“Sir, you…”

He was out of breath. He saw Karl suddenly run out of the office before. He chased him out without seeing a figure. He chased him for a while. At the moment, he was so tired that he was out of breath. It’s not complete.

It’s really hard for him, an old man in his 30s.

Karl didn’t need to listen to what he said, and directly ordered, “Bring a doctor to Alyssa here.”

“Take the doctor to Madam?” Smith repeated his mind without turning around for a while. But after knowing that everything Karl did was purposeful, in front of him all the time, he still habitually called Madam Alyssa.

But after another thought, he quickly figured it out. Who else can make Karl anxious like that, besides Alyssa?

Smith didn’t ask much, and only replied: “OK, Sir.”

Karl added: “Female doctor.”

As long as it was about Alyssa, what kind of strange instructions Karl gave was normal to Smith.

Twenty minutes later, Smith brought a female doctor to Alyssa’s house.

Smith was very interesting and didn’t directly knock on the door, but instead called Karl.

Karl saw that the call was coming from Smith, and did not answer, so he went out and opened the door. He knows Smith’s way of doing things, this is also their tacit understanding.

As soon as the door opened, he saw Smith with a female doctor standing by the door.

Karl glanced at the female doctor, always feeling a little familiar.

When he saw the female doctor, he found that she was also looking at him, and smiled and nodded at him, looking very kind.

Karl frowned slightly. When the female doctor walked inside, he asked Smith aloud: “Where did you find this female doctor? Why is she familiar?”

Smith paused for a while, his expression was a little strange.

It’s not that Karl didn’t believe Smith, but he just felt that his reaction was a bit wrong.

Seeing Karl staring at him coldly, he said awkwardly, “This is my wife.”

A slight surprise appeared on Karl’s face, which had always been as steady as a mountain.

Smith reminded Karl: “When we got married, you had been there, and you gave us a car.”

Karl thought for a while, as if that was indeed the case.

It’s just that Smith was too busy with him. After a few years of marriage, he divorced because of conflicts between husbands and wives, and later remarried.

“Yeah.” Karl nodded, “I remember it was a sunny day.”

Smith nodded, feeling a little touched. After so many years, Karl actually remembered it.

Smith’s wife had already entered, and Karl was worried about Alyssa’s condition, and after speaking, he turned and walked towards Alyssa’s bedroom.

When the two of them went in, Smith’s wife Hania was looking at Alyssa intently, and the medicine kit she brought was set aside.

Karl didn’t say a word either, and stood quietly waiting for the inspection to end, but his gaze was fixed on Alyssa.

She was so behaved when she fell asleep. Maybe the wet towel on her forehead made her feel comfortable. She is still asleep now.

After Hania checked Alyssa, she saw Karl’s focused gaze as soon as she turned her head.

She didn’t make a sound immediately, but turned her head and glanced at Smith.

Smith knows: “How is the young lady?”

Karl heard Smith’s voice, and then looked back at Hania.

“She is too tired, lack of sleep, can’t keep up with nutrition, too much psychological pressure, which leads to decreased immunity, viral infection, and fever. She is in a serious condition and needs an infusion.”

When Hania spoke, she also turned her head and looked at Karl.

She has always known that Smith’s boss is Karl. Smith has worked under Karl’s hands for so many years. He has stayed with Smith not thin. There are many rumors about Karl, but this is the second time. , She looked at him so close.

The first time, when she married Smith, she toasted Karl.

It is often said that Karl is their nobleman.

Without Karl, there would be no today.

Back then, she and Smith were just ordinary college students, and Smith was in a bad family situation, and her family objected to them. Later, Smith followed Karl, and his salary was getting higher year by year, and the situation of their family gradually improved.

In that case, Karl was indeed their nobleman.

Karl just watched her for a moment when Hania said about Alyssa’s condition. As soon as she finished speaking, he turned his gaze to Alyssa again.

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