Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 643 – 644

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Chapter 643

Looking at Claire like this, Alyssa couldn’t harden her heart.

As long as she thinks of Claire, the first thing in her mind is the scene of seeing Claire for the first time.

It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that Claire was just an ordinary woman, and she would inevitably die.

Leaving aside the things that Claire had done, Alyssa felt a little regretful.

Claire is young, beautiful and has wrists.

Such a young and fresh life shouldn’t be extinguished like this.

Alyssa lowered her eyes and asked Claire, “Did you really give up treatment like this?”

Just now she was still talking about Karl, Alyssa suddenly turned the topic to Claire, and Claire was stunned for a moment before she could react.

“It’s the same if it’s cured.” Claire smiled, her expression a little reluctant.

Only then did Alyssa realize that Claire’s spirit was worse.

She felt sorry, but she had no standpoint to say anything to Claire.

Claire brought the topic back to Alyssa and Karl.

“Karl is not a half-hearted person. He believes that a person must last a lifetime. Is there any misunderstanding between you?”

Alyssa heard it out, and Claire tried her best to persuade her to get along with Karl.

Alyssa thought for a while, and said, “You know something about Karl’s character. The problem between me and him didn’t happen overnight. Although it was a little bit sudden this time, there was a sign that he would leave sooner or later. That’s it.”

Karl was too self-dominant, stubborn and paranoid.

In many things, he will not back down.

When he became overbearing, he would directly lock Alyssa away.

The way he acts is sometimes too extreme.

Now that she thinks about it, the trivial things that have happened are all the driving force that drove them to this step.

Feelings are sometimes hard to tell.

If Karl suddenly stopped loving her, she would not believe it.

She believed that Karl didn’t love her, he just wanted to separate from her.

As for why they are separated, maybe he feels… Tired?

Claire’s voice brought back Alyssa’s thoughts.

“Did you know? When Karl was very young, he was also a very cute little boy. Although we are a female compatriot, I am a girl, a little bit earlier than him, but…”

Claire swallowed, and said with some difficulty: “My mother had an accident, and Karl seemed to be a different person. At first, he ignored no one. One day he ran out and I saw him standing. In the middle of the road… he wanted to die, I will always remember the look in his eyes at that time, I think he is terrible, he is like a monster…”

Alyssa’s brows curled up fiercely: “He is not.”

“Yes, he is not.” Claire said with a mockery: “If I could care about him a little more and give him a hand, it would have been fine. But not only did I not do that. After he grew up, I wanted to take control. he……”

Afterwards, Alyssa also knew about these things.

Alyssa also felt sorry for the things that Karl had experienced.

She didn’t want to hear Claire say this anymore, so she stood up: “I have something to do, I’ll leave now.”

Claire sat still, and only said: “Dave, send Miss Alyssa out.”

Dave didn’t know where he came out, in a straight suit, his beard had been shaved off, revealing a whole face of firmness, unexpectedly heroic.

Alyssa couldn’t help but glance at him more.

Dave scowled and walked to Alyssa: “Miss Alyssa, please.”

Alyssa turned and walked out, Dave slowed down, and followed her behind her in a hurry.

She felt Dave was still following her until she got out of the gate.

She looked back at Dave, Dave stood straight, his eyes unceasingly, as if he had something to say to her.

Alyssa asked him: “Something?”

“I think her disease can still be cured.” Dave said these words without end, but Alyssa knew that he was talking about Claire.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes and asked, “What do you want to say?”

“You can see it too. She doesn’t want to be cured. She has no desire to live. Although Karl took her back, he only took her back. Karl doesn’t care about her.” Dave looked at Alyssa, his voice was calm and stable like Karl’s.

“What do you want me to do? Let me persuade Karl to take Claire for treatment? Claire is sick now, I feel sorry, but it’s just a pity, she doesn’t want to live anymore, no matter how many others do The matter is also a burden for her.”

Alyssa’s expression is bitter, and her tone can be said to be unsatisfactory.

There was no slight change in Dave’s face. He seemed to be thinking about the meaning of Alyssa’s words, and he did not see a trace of anger.

After a long while, Dave said: “No.”

Alyssa felt that Dave was a bit interesting, so she hugged her arms and listened to him.

“It’s not that she doesn’t want to live anymore, but that it’s meaningless to live. If Karl can persuade her… she will only listen to Karl’s words now.” Dave paused when he said that, his eyes were implicit. There was a slight expectation that was not obvious.

Alyssa suddenly laughed: “Do you like her?”

Dave’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and he did not deny or admit it.

Although don’t know how Dave and Claire met and what happened, Dave’s reaction is enough to show that he really likes Claire.

People who may have done wrong will have to wait until a major change has occurred before they will fully realize it.

Just like Claire, when time is running out, she begins to regret what she has done.

Alyssa could imagine Claire’s mood at this time, she owed Karl, if Karl could persuade her, she would definitely listen.

These, without Dave speaking out, Alyssa is also very clear about it.

Dave, this man, is unclear, but he feels like a tough guy, not an ordinary person.

Alyssa was silent for a moment and asked, “Dave, what did you do before?”

Dave’s eyes suddenly changed, becoming a bit vicious and violent.

Alyssa was shocked and suddenly became extra vigilant.

Dave was silent for a moment, and his voice became extremely low: “Miss Alyssa, have you heard of Organization X?”

Seeing Alyssa’s face with doubts, Dave knew that she hadn’t heard of it, so he explained to her: “Many powerful and senior officials know about Organization X. They buy lives and news. As long as they can afford the price, they will not buy it. Something less.”

Alyssa’s eyes widened: “Buying life? Then you are…”

Dave curled his lower lip, and the bitter murderous aura from his body was released.

“Kill…hand?” Alyssa added the last two words.

Dave lowered his eyes, the murderous aura on his body disappeared, and said sincerely, “Please also Ms. Alyssa for this favor.”

Chapter 644

Alyssa did not immediately agree, nor immediately refuse.

She only felt unusually shocked.

Since being with Karl, she has experienced many things she had never thought of before, but like Dave said, she had heard of it for the first time.

It turns out that there are really underground organizations that can buy human lives with money.

Dave watched Alyssa get into the car and turned back to the villa.

Alyssa was sitting in the car, her thoughts still a little erratic.

She buckled her seat belt slowly and put her hands on the steering wheel for a while before starting the car.

When she drove out of the villa area, there was a car coming over, and it looked familiar.

After getting closer, Alyssa realized that it turned out to be Karl’s car.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and continued to drive forward as if not seeing it.

But Karl blocked her way.

The two stood in a stalemate for a while, but Alyssa got out of the car first.

After she got out of the car, Karl followed.

Alyssa walked up to him, met his moist eyes, and moved away uncomfortably: “You are blocking my way.”

Karl saw her tiny movement in his eyes, with a serious tone: “You will come to see Grace in the future, don’t pay attention to Dave.”

Alyssa was slightly surprised, pursed her lips and said, “Why?”

“Dave is Claire’s bodyguard, Claire is a member of our Adams’ family, where do you stand, let me tell you why?” Karl’s voice is always low, without a trace of temperature, as if he really is talking to a stranger.

Alyssa opened her mouth slightly, feeling like something was stuffed in her throat, but she wanted to talk but couldn’t make a sound.

She still couldn’t get used to Karl talking to her in such an indifferent voice.

Even if Karl ridiculed her, it can only show that Karl still has emotions towards her.

What he said actually made sense, and Alyssa couldn’t refute it.

For a moment, Alyssa wanted to ask him, why on earth would he agree to separate? Why does he want to drive her out?

However, her self-esteem and reason do not let her ask.

Alyssa clenched her hands tightly, turned around and returned to the car.

Karl looked at Alyssa without expression and turned and left.

She has a slender figure and still looks thin and weak under the heavy clothing.

He kept watching Alyssa get into the car, then turned back to his car, drove the car away, and let Alyssa pass.

After Alyssa left, he drove back to the villa.

Karl got out of the car and walked into the villa. The servants and bodyguards passing by on the path all bowed their heads to say hello.

“Sir is back.”

Karl had a sullen face, and a cold breath radiated from all over his body. He strode inward without saying a word.

When the servants saw him like this, they didn’t dare to say any more, they all dare not say anything.

When he arrived in the hall, he saw Dave and stared at Dave coldly and said: “Come to the study.”

After speaking, he took the lead to go upstairs to the study.

He entered the study with his front foot, and Dave followed him with his back foot.

As soon as Dave entered, he was tightened by Karl.

Both men are tall and straight, and they feel like they stand together. But if you distinguish carefully, you will find that the whole body is still different.

Dave was a man with a knife head and licked blood. He made a living from this, and his murderous aura was heavy, but Karl looked deeper, stronger and more expensive.

Karl gripped Dave’s placket fiercely, with a cold face, gritted his teeth and said, “What did you say to Alyssa?”

Dave didn’t struggle and didn’t intend to fight back. He allowed Karl to hold him, without any ups and downs in his voice: “Miss Alyssa wants to know, I will tell her.”

“You just want her to help me persuade Claire to go to the treatment, I will do that! But…” Karl had a slight meal here, and the whole body was exuding a chill: “Don’t look again at Alyssa! You know, I have a way to clean up you!”

When Dave heard this, his eyes lit up and he nodded and said, “I know.”

Only then did Karl suddenly let go of Dave.

He straightened his sleeves and said slowly: “But I have the conditions.”

“I promise you any conditions.” Dave didn’t even hesitate, so he agreed directly.

At this time, Karl’s study door was pushed open from outside.

When the two people in the room heard the movement, they all turned to look at the door.

Claire hurriedly walked in, feeling that the atmosphere between the two of them in the room seemed to be normal, and her expression was a little surprised, and she explained: “I thought you guys…”

Karl glanced at Dave: “You go out first.”

Dave listened to Karl’s words, took a deep look at Claire, and went straight out.

“Karl…” Claire didn’t know what the two men said. She always felt guilty in front of Karl, and she didn’t know what to say for a while.

Karl glanced at Claire, walked to the sofa and sat down, and said with no expression, “Claire, how many years have we not sat together and talked?”

“It’s been many years.” Claire didn’t know how Karl would mention this suddenly, and she still sighed.

As soon as Claire turned her words, her eyes became cold: “I didn’t act on you for the things you did before. I already have kindness to you.”

Claire smiled bitterly: “I know.”

“You don’t have treatment right now, do you want to pay death with death? It doesn’t make any sense to me.” Karl’s tone was full of mockery.

Claire’s complexion changed slightly, and she shook her head again and again: “I don’t have…”

Before the ending of the word “you” fell, Karl said directly: “Then go and get medical treatment.”

Claire looked up at him fiercely: “You…”

“I will leave tomorrow. The sooner the better, it will be an eye-catching sight.” After Karl finished speaking, he opened the door and went out.

Claire stood alone in the study, emptying her mind for a while before reacting, Karl asked her to continue treatment.

But Karl didn’t care about her before, but now he suddenly came back and called Dave into the study, and asked to talk to her about treatment.

Claire is not stupid, she knows that Karl did this for a reason.

She also knew Karl’s temperament, he was principled, and he was not a kind person.

Claire walked out slowly, exited the door, and saw Dave standing at the door.

As before, Dave stood in front of her with his head slightly lowered, looking respectful, but actually not humble or arrogant, and more arrogant than anyone else.

Claire looked up at him: “What did you say to Karl?”

Dave raised his eyes, his voice was rigid: “What do you think I can say to Karl to influence his thoughts?”

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