Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 645 – 646

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Chapter 645

Dave’s rhetorical question made Claire feel reasonable.

Karl was a person with many opinions and arrogance, how could he change his mind only with Dave.

Thinking about this, she was even more puzzled, how could Karl suddenly tell her this.

After thinking about it, she still can’t figure it out.

Claire has lived the life of the eldest lady in recent years. Everyone treats her respectfully, and her friends are only sincere.

She will always remember that when she first got the medical report, her first reaction was whether she wanted to tell Karl.

Because Karl is the only relative in her world.

As for Trevor, she had long lost hope.

It’s just that it is impossible for her to call Karl to tell him, and Karl would not take care of her at all.

However, apart from Karl, she didn’t even know who to tell.

At that moment, she felt desperate.

She is so beautiful on the surface, but there is no one who treats her sincerely.

Claire’s chest was a little tight. After taking two breaths, she spoke to Dave again and said: “Get ready, let’s go tomorrow.”

Dave’s eyes flashed slightly, and the emotions on his face were a bit complicated: “I’m not going with you.”

“What?” Claire suspected that she had misheard, Dave said not to go with her?

“I would be by your side to protect you, because you saved me once.” There was no extra expression on Dave’s face: “We, we are already clear.”

Claire’s complexion changed slightly, and then returned to normal again: “That’s fine, then…where are you going to go?”

Dave didn’t speak.

Claire asked and answered: “That’s right, there is no need to tell me where you are going. But no matter where you want to go, I still have to thank you.”

If there was no Dave, she would not live now.

Dave looks cold and scary, but he is actually a very bloody man.

He has principles and a bottom line, and he lives more magnanimously than most people who are superficial.

He would agree to be her bodyguard, just because she helped him once.

Now the two clearings are irrelevant.

“Then I will go back to the room first.” Seeing that Dave was still silent, Claire didn’t seem to mean to speak.

Claire’s eyes were dim, and she turned to leave.

However, when she turned around, she felt that her wrist was caught by someone.

The force holding her wrist was so strong that it pulled her over, and her whole body slammed into Dave’s solid chest uncontrollably.

All this happened too suddenly, Claire exclaimed and looked up at Dave: “Dave, you do…”

Dave didn’t give her a chance to say the following words, so he lowered his head and covered her l!ps.

Dave clenched her wrist with one hand, and tightly clasped her waist with the other, preventing Claire from having a chance to break free.

Claire was held in his arms by him, unable to break free, her lips tightly closed in anger, not giving him a chance to invade.

But how can she control this?

Dave’s strong offensive quickly opened her teeth and went in.

The k!ss was urgent and fierce, just like his people.

The person who licked the blood with the knife head always carried an unspeakable bitterness and determination in his bones.

It’s the same when k!ssing.

Claire was forced to accept Dave’s k!ss and couldn’t refuse.

This made Dave more comfortable, his hand holding Claire’s waist involuntarily tightened a bit, bit her lip lightly, squeezing in inch by inch, not letting go of any place.

He didn’t leave her l!ps until he felt that the woman in his arms was almost out of breath.

But as he just left her l!ps, his hand still clasped her waist tightly, not loosening her.

Claire had just been k!ssed by Dave, and there were some water stains on her l!ps, which made her look more ruddy than usual. Because she couldn’t gasp and held her breath just now, there was a trace of blood on even the bloodless face.

Dave’s complexion eased slightly, and he let go of the hand holding Claire’s wrist, and rubbed Claire’s l!ps with his thumb, his voice was still a little dull: “Here, I did it. Mark, even if I don’t accompany you to the doctor, you still have to remember who you are!”

While he rubbed her l!ps, his mouth also pinched her chin, so she had to look up at him.

When Dave spoke, his eyes glowed like a wolf.

Claire’s heartbeat seemed to have stopped for a while, and she couldn’t say a word in a daze.

When she reacted, Dave had already let go of her: “Come back alive.”

Abandoning this sentence, he turned and left, and walked away, his back is determined, without a trace of stay.

He couldn’t see any traces of k!ssing a woman a second before.

Claire touched her somewhat red lips, watched Dave disappear in the corner, and looked at the empty corridor, wondering if she had just had a hallucination.

What do those things Dave said… mean?

After Alyssa returned, she began to check the “organization X” online.

But what is puzzling is that she has searched the Internet for a long time, but no relevant information has been found.

She changed several browsers, mobile phones, and tablets, but she didn’t find any information about the organization X.

Is Dave lying to her?

But Dave didn’t seem to be lying to her like that.

If Dave was really a killer, if what he said was true…

Then, it is normal that she could not find the so-called “organization X”.

——Can buy human life, can buy all information, as long as you can afford the price, you can buy what you want.

This is simply a criminal organization!

If such an organization really exists, it must be hiding in the dark.

Such criminal organizations find employers who are either rich and influencial, so the organization’s secret protection must be exceptionally good.

Therefore, it is difficult for Alyssa to find relevant information about this organization even on the Internet.

Alyssa’s heart turned fiercely.

If Dave is a member of Organization X, does Karl know about it?

Alyssa’s gaze fell on the mobile phone lying aside.

She reached out and took the phone, found Karl’s number, and just dialed out, she immediately hung up the phone.

Karl was not a fool, he was so cautious, he would first check the details of this person clearly before hiring someone.

Karl knew Dave’s identity early in the morning.

However, if he knew Dave’s identity, why would he keep Dave by his side?

Dave is not good at doing things. He takes money to do things, and he has the blood of many people in his hands. Such people are very dangerous!

After much deliberation, Alyssa dialed the phone.

While waiting for the call to be connected, Alyssa held her hands nervously.

Chapter 646

She didn’t know if Karl would answer her call.

In her opinion, based on her understanding of Karl, after he had said so many unfeeling words, it was very likely that he would not answer her calls again.

After the call was made, Alyssa never let go of her hand.

As she expected, Karl did not answer her call until the phone was automatically hung up.

After the phone hangs up automatically, you return to the contact page.

Alyssa stared at the few contacts above, and went through it in her heart.

Among these people, does anyone know about Organization X?

With Mattie’s contacts and experience, is it possible to know Organization X?

Where is Peter? Will he know about the organization X?

Thinking of this, Alyssa picked up the phone again and dialed Peter’s number.

When the phone was connected, Peter’s voice rang: “Alyssa?”

Regardless of the time, Peter seemed to be a hundred times more energetic.

“I have something to ask you.” Alyssa and Peter are also familiar with each other, so they don’t want to circumscribe.

Peter hesitated for a while before he said aloud: “Are you going to ask Karl about it? I haven’t seen him much recently, but don’t know what he is doing recently…”

So eager to distinguish, really…

Alyssa didn’t know Peter’s thoughts, Peter was scared by Karl.

“The thing I want to ask has nothing to do with Karl.”

After listening to Alyssa’s words, Peter immediately changed his voice and said with a sigh of relief: “You said it isn’t related to Karl. It scared me to death…”

“Do you know Organization X?” Just as Alyssa’s voice fell, she heard Peter coughing on the other end of the phone.

“Cough cough cough…” Peter rustled for a while, probably knocking over the water glass and wiping the water.

Alyssa didn’t urge, but quietly waited for Peter to get it right.

After a while, Peter’s voice rang again on the other end of the phone: “Alyssa, you say it again, what did you just say?”

Alyssa had to repeat it again: “I ask you, do you know Organization X?”

Peter’s tone suddenly became very serious: “Alyssa, how about many things? In fact, there are many solutions. You may just be unable to figure it out for a while, but don’t go the wrong way! Take a step back. There are some things… “

Peter suddenly told Alyssa a lot of great truths.

Alyssa felt a little inexplicable, so she interrupted Peter: “Peter, what are you talking about?”

Peter took a deep breath, as if making a major decision, and said: “Alyssa, even if Karl fails you, he treats you badly, you can’t buy someone from Organization X to deal with him!”

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry: “What are you thinking in your mind? Did I say I want to buy someone to deal with Karl?”

Although she felt that Peter had something wrong with his brain, Peter’s tone might be audible. He knew about the organization X and had a good understanding of this so-called organization X.

“Then why do you ask about organization X?” Peter breathed a sigh of relief, his tone a little awkward.

Recently, the relationship between Karl and Alyssa has obviously dropped to a freezing point, because he has run into a wall when calling Karl in the past two days.

However, he didn’t understand what Karl was thinking, or what the two men thought.

He also felt that Karl had done a little bit unfeeling this time. Alyssa had just asked him about the organization X. He really couldn’t help but think of Alyssa’s revenge on Karl.

Alyssa asked, “How much do you know about Organization X?”

Peter was silent for a while, with a serious tone: “What are you going to do with this? If you don’t say what you are going to do, I won’t tell you.”

Just now she felt that Peter was unreliable, but she did not expect to become so cautious now.

Alyssa casually made up an excuse: “I recently wrote “Lost City 2″ in which there is a plot that is related to this organization, so I want to collect some material.”

Previously, Peter would think that Alyssa wanted to buy people from the organization X to deal with Karl, because he had no brains.

Calm down now, naturally know that Alyssa can’t do that kind of thing.

Hearing Alyssa said she was collecting materials, Peter didn’t think much about it, so he believed it.

“Hey, about this organization X, it’s a long story. It might be unclear for a while.” Peter seemed to hesitate for a while before continuing: “Or else, let’s meet and talk.”

Meet and chat?

Alyssa felt that Peter was a bit too enthusiastic.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

Sure enough, in the next second, Peter said: “It’s better to hit the sun than it is to choose a day. Let’s have dinner in Best Day and talk about the organization X by the way…casually, call Tina.”

Having said so much, it turns out that the last sentence is the point.

“Peter, your efficiency is too low. You and Tina have known each other since childhood, and I have known you for three or four years, and you and Tina have not gotten one step closer.” Alyssa said, feeling somewhat Incredible.

In fact, she still doesn’t know why Tina rejects Peter.

Peter and Tina grew up together as childhood sweethearts, but after Alyssa got to know Tina, she had a good relationship with Tina, and she never saw Peter appear next to Tina.

This shows that the problem between Tina and Peter may have appeared before she and Tina met.

That is what happened before Tina was nineteen.

“You should help me, Alyssa…” Peter’s tone stretched to the old, with a pitiful look.

Alyssa sighed, “I will ask Tina, if she doesn’t come, I can only forget it.”

“Okay, no problem!” Peter responded with joy.

Alyssa hung up the phone and called Tina.

Tina is currently recording a variety show, and it’s still early to close every day.

When Alyssa made the call, Tina happened to be playing with her mobile phone and answered the call quickly.

“Alyssa, why did you call me suddenly?” Recently, Alyssa and Tina didn’t have a lot of contact, but occasionally sent WeChat.

“I have something to trouble Peter. He said to have dinner together at night. He wants me to call you. If you want to join. If you don’t want to , he will definitely help me.”

Alyssa made it clear, whether to go or not to, it all depends on Tina.

Tina said nonchalantly: “Going, why not, just ignore him.”

Alyssa caught the subtle emotions in Tina’s tone, and said with a laugh: “Okay, the location is set at Best Day, and we will go there together.”

“That’s it. I’ll stop work early today.” Tina hung up the phone happily.

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