Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1177 – 1178

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Chapter 1177

The next day, Alyssa and Karl sent Grace to kindergarten first, and then went to the hospital.

Because it is a private hospital, she called in advance to make an appointment. The hospital is ready, and they will do the examination directly after they go there.

Both of them had a detailed physical examination.

“On the whole, there is nothing wrong with the lady’s body, but the physique is a bit poor. Exercise and proper food can improve her physique.” The doctor first gave Alyssa a physical examination report.

Alyssa was taken aback, turned her head and glanced at Karl.

Karl asked aloud, “Is there any problem with the legs?”

The doctor shook his head: “No, I also focused on a detailed examination during the examination, and there is no sign of disease or injury.”

Alyssa showed joy and pulled Karl’s hand.

Karl frowned slightly: “Check again.”

Alyssa knew that Karl was uneasy. To reassure him, she cooperated and performed another check. The check result was the same as last time.

Alyssa’s body is fine, but Karl’s body condition is not very good.

“The body suffered a lot, so you must take care of it. You can’t overwork anymore. It’s easy to accumulate overwork stress.”

In short, it is possible to die from overwork.


When she left the hospital, Alyssa’s complexion was still very ugly, as white as paper.

The two were sitting side by side in the car. Karl noticed her abnormality and turned his head to look at her: “Aren’t you happy when your legs are better?”

Alyssa pressed her lips tightly, watching him without speaking.

Her legs were healed, but Karl’s body was worse.

In the past two years, she and Karl hadn’t spent much time together, and there would always be situations like this. Although Karl was so clever different from ordinary people, he was just an ordinary person after all.

Even if he has a strong mentality, he still has only one body. If he boils too hard, he will naturally wear out.

Karl patted her on the head, stepped back slightly, raised his eyebrows and said, “Laugh.”

Alyssa squeezed a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Too ugly…”

Before the word “Too” came out, Alyssa suddenly plunged into his arms.

Karl lowered his eyes before reaching out to hug her after a pause: “It’s okay.”

Alyssa didn’t speak, just holding him like this.


The place to eat was still in the old place-Best Day.

By the time Best Day arrived, Alyssa’s mood had calmed down.

Peter was actually a little busy during this time, but when Karl and Alyssa asked him for a meal, he put everything down, and came directly to Best Day.

He even reached Best Day before Alyssa and the others.

“Where is Grace?” Peter looked behind them, then he patted his head and remembered: “It’s not the weekend yet, she has to go to school.”

Alyssa stood up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

When Karl heard the words, he also stood up: “I will be with you.”

“Just stay here and chat with Peter, I’ll be back soon.” Alyssa reluctantly pushed him back to the seat and turned around and went out.

When Alyssa went out, Peter immediately put on a serious expression: “Karl, do you know what Alyssa is doing recently?”

Karl did not speak immediately.

Peter was anxious: “You don’t know?”

“I know.” Karl said faintly.

Peter said angrily: “You know, you don’t care?”

After so many things happened, Peter knew that Karl was in a physical condition, so he arranged for someone to follow Clifford and Alvin. He naturally knew what Alyssa had done.

Chapter 1178

Karl glanced towards the door and said, “The doctor said that I am not in good health and should not be tired.”

Peter’s mouth twitched, “I know, but didn’t you let her touch these things before? Now you let her do these things?”

“She wants to do it.” As if thinking of something, Karl curled his lips slightly: “Those people have long been unable to become a climate, and what we have to do now is just to do something afterwards. She wants to do something for me, just let her do it.”

Peter frowned: “This is also OK?”

In his opinion, this kind of matter should be solved by men, but it is not that women should not be allowed to interfere, mainly because they are afraid of their injuries.

Karl glanced at him, and his tone was full of superiority: “The lonely family won’t understand.”

“You are attacking me personally!” Peter snorted coldly: “You are laughing at my loneliness now, then you continue to count the ants at home and come out to eat with me!”

“You are just jealous that I have a daughter to count the ants with me.” Karl’s tone was serious.

Peter rolled his eyes: “The whole world is jealous of you, let’s go!”

To be honest, he was a little envious in his heart.

When he was younger, he called friends, drag racing, drinking and playing all over the world, knew how to be happy.

But after playing for so many years, he found that what he used to be happy about is not happy anymore. Apart from work, he is not interested in many things.

When Alyssa walked in, she just heard the words of Karl and Peter.

She glanced at Karl helplessly, and whispered to him: “Just say a few words.”

“I’m telling the truth, you ask him if he is jealous.” Karl raised his chin, pointing at Peter.

Peter snorted coldly, ignored Karl, turned his head and smiled and said to Alyssa, “I met Clayton when I came before, and he may come back later.”

Alyssa nodded: “Yeah.”

When eating, the two big men were still holding grudges, naive enough to grab food.

Alyssa felt that she could not see, but fortunately Clayton came midway.

“Are you eating?” Clayton put a cigarette between his fingers, walked over and sat down beside Peter.

Karl’s gaze fell on his cigarette, he instantly understood, laughed, and prolonged the tone and said, “Yes.”

After speaking, he pinched the cigarette in his hand.

“Come on, drink.” Peter picked up the bottle to pour for Clayton.

Clayton stretched out his hand to cover the mouth of the cup: “I just drank it.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, drink together.” Peter pushed away his hand and poured a full glass of wine.

Clayton saw him look sullen and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

Peter picked up the wine glass and touched him, without talking, only drinking.

Alyssa also persuaded him: “Peter, you can’t drink it.”

Peter waved his hand: “It’s okay.”

Alyssa whispered to Karl, “I blame you! Tell him what they are doing!”

Karl turned his head to look at her: “Blame me?”

“No.” Alyssa couldn’t get angry with him.

Peter drank too violently, and soon went up, and hugged Clayton after he got up and howled: “Why does Karl have a daughter? My wife is still out of sight. We are too miserable.”

Clayton expressionlessly pushed Peter away, taking care of his clothes: “I am different from you, and I will soon get married.”

“Huh?” Peter stopped howling and looked startled: “The last time I saw you a week ago, you f*cking tell me now, you are getting married?”

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