Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159


The Baishan family’s expression changed wildly!

They never thought that Mr. Bai was so anxious to force her to divorce Shaun!

At the moment, Elvira’s face became extremely ugly:

“Grandpa, I will not divorce Shaun!”

“How you dare to rebel against me?”

Mr. Bai suddenly slapped the table, with an angry expression on his face:

“Elvira, listen to me, I am not asking for your opinion, but formally letting you know!”

“What my Bai family needs is a backer who can help us rise to the top, not a waste that will only drag us back!”

“You and Shaun must be separated!”

Upon hearing this, all the Bai family members sneered, and then cast contempt at Shaun!

And now!

The Baishan family’s faces are full of disbelief!

They didn’t expect that Mr. Bai wants to sacrifice Elvira’s happiness for his own selfish desires.

For this family, they are extremely horrible!

However, when Elvira refused, Aunt Lisa sneered:

“It’s not that easy to enter into my Zhu family! The daughter-in-law of my Zhu family must obey the four virtues. After you pass the door, I don’t want you to continue to show your face, so you give all the properties under your name to my family Zhu Yun So, so that you can help us at home after the marriage!”


Aunt Lisa’s words are full of arrogance and contempt as if being able to marry Zhu Yun is the blessing that Elvira has cultivated for eight lifetimes!

These brazen words directly caused shameful anger in the eyes of the Baishan family.

Shaun sneered, and stared at Aunt Lisa:

“So, when Elvira marries your son, he will not only bankrupt his family but also will become a horse, to work hard?”

“Not bad!”

Aunt Lisa’s face is still full of arrogance, and she puts on a high posture:

“My son is a three-star warrior. He belongs to the Dragon and Tiger Corps. He has a distinguished status and a bright future! Every day, I don’t know how many famous ladies break the threshold of my house, begging to marry him!”


The smug look on her face is even stronger:

“If it weren’t for the fact that Mr. Bai had some friends with me, who would think that my son will marry a loose woman who is already married.”

Loose woman?

These words caused the color in Shaun’s eyes to become red!

It’s more than that!

When that Zhu Yun heard Shaun words, his face suddenly showed a deep contempt:

“Is there any place for you to speak here? She’s following me, so many times better than following you like trash!”

“At least, she will not be looked down upon!”

Mother and son seemed to have written the word “superiority” completely on their faces!

These successive insults directly caused the Baishan family to tremble with anger.

At this moment, Elvira was about to step forward and scold him but was stopped by Shaun.

Shaun looked calmly, with a weird smile on his lips:

“You said, you are a three-star warlord and you are under the Dragon Tiger Army?”

“So what?”

Zhu Yun snorted coldly, and looked at Shaun contemptuously: “My level is so high that you can’t reach in this life!”

“Miss Elvira is such an excellent woman, and how she has married to you, it is simply a kind of blasphemy to her!”

“Marrying into my Zhu family is her only choice!”

Zhu Yun’s words are arrogant to the extreme!

It seems that Elvira must marry him!

Shaun was extremely angry and laughed.

He shook his head and sneered:

“Then if I tell you, starting today, you will be kicked out of the Dragon and Tiger Corps and be demoted to a one-star!”

“Can you still be arrogant?”

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