Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 831 – 832

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Chapter 831

Smith was taken aback.

He looked at Alyssa with a complicated expression: “I asked him this question when Boss was still here, and he said it’s up to you.”

Alyssa couldn’t see what her expression was like at this time, but she knew that her expression must be very surprised at this time.

After a long while, she sneered coldly: “He expected everything.”

Smith didn’t continue the topic, he changed the conversation and said, “The meeting is about to begin.”

When Alyssa followed Smith, the two entered the meeting room one after another.

Smith put down the information and pulled out the chair for Alyssa. After she sat down, she looked around.

Those who came to the meeting were all highly experienced management personnel from Adams’, and each of them seemed to be experienced and sophisticated.

They also looked older than Alyssa.

Although they hadn’t spoken yet and their expressions were not very obvious, she could feel their dissatisfaction.

Alyssa is a woman who doesn’t know anything about business. Naturally, these people cannot convince her.

She knew this in her heart.

Smith stood behind her, bent over and whispered and said, “It’s time to start.”

Alyssa leaned back in the chair, her expression half lazy and solemn: “Introduce myself, I am Alyssa, and everyone in the room already knows me.”

Speaking of posting here, she paused slightly, paying attention to their reaction.

No one spoke.

They are quite calm.

She sat up slowly, with a serious tone: “Yes, my ability is indeed inferior to Karl. However, I am now Adams’ boss, holding Adams’ life and death power. This company has put in countless efforts, and I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, Adams’s will continue to shine.”

She knew that it was not for business, and even if she worked hard to learn, it would not be possible to straighten out the affairs of a multinational group as large as Adams’ in a short time.

Although these management people will not be convinced of her, but Adams’ annual salary is high.

Alyssa is now Adams’ highest executive CEO, and Adams’ life and death are in her hands. She is not threatening them, but because she has never had ambitions for Adams’.

She didn’t care about Adams’ life or death.

But these high-levels are different. They can only get such a high annual salary in the company.

Here, it is famous and advantageous.

As long as they are not chaotic, Adams’ can operate normally.

A word made the conference room fall into a deadly silence.

The high-level people looked at each other, originally thinking of giving Alyssa a little bit of power, but Alyssa knew everything clearly, and she didn’t really care about Adams’ life or death.

There is no use for them to get off the horse.

A middle-aged man sitting at the corner of Alyssa’s right-hand side: “Ms. Alyssa makes sense.”

The middle-aged man looks ordinary and his age is not the oldest, but as soon as he speaks out, people continue to follow him.

This shows that this middle-aged man is also extremely prestigious.

The first meeting went smoothly.

Alyssa didn’t understand this, but Smith explained to her by the side, she barely knew what was going on.

Finally, a decision was made under Smith’s proposal.

The first meeting is over, and the second meeting is about to begin.

Smith had been with Karl for so many years, and he understood everything under the influence of ears and eyes.

Chapter 832

At twelve o’clock at noon, Alyssa was still listening to Smith to analyze the documents, which proposals can be passed directly, which are feasible, and which should be directly called back.

As Alyssa listened, she suddenly asked Smith: “It feels too awkward to be a special assistant. Otherwise, how about I hire you as a professional manager?”

When Smith heard this, he just smiled.

At this moment, Alyssa’s cell phone rang.

She took a look and saw the caller ID on it. She narrowed her eyes and let the phone ring without answering.

Smith straightened up: “What do you want to eat Mrs. Adams? Go out to eat or order food?”

Just after the phone automatically hung up, the call came again.

“No need to order food.” Alyssa finished speaking and answered the phone.

Travis’s voice rang on the other end of the phone: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa turned on the speakerphone, leaned back in the chair, and then lazily continued the call: “I was busy just now.”

She didn’t ask Travis what was wrong, she just waited for Travis to take the initiative to speak.

In fact, even if Travis didn’t say it, she could guess it.

Travis and Rachel should have the same purpose.

“Then you haven’t eaten yet? Come out for a meal?” Travis’s tone sounded gentle and relaxed.

Alyssa did not refuse: “Okay.”

She also just wanted to know something about Isabel.

After hanging up the phone, she looked up at Smith: “I want to go out and eat.”

Just now Alyssa answered the phone and did not ask Smith to go out, but Smith stayed by her side and did not leave.

Smith nodded slightly, indicating that he understood.

The place where Travis invited her to eat was a restaurant not far from the Adams’.

It was almost one o’clock by this time, the peak dining period had passed, and there were not so many people in the restaurant.

In the secluded box, Alyssa and Travis sat face to face.

“Alyssa, you are a lot thinner than last time.”

At this time, the food had been ordered, and Travis looked at her with emotion.

Alyssa replied indifferently: “So busy.”

“No matter how busy you are, you must pay attention to your body.” Travis did not reply after saying this.

Something cold.

Alyssa didn’t take the initiative to speak either, and leaned back in the chair calmly, looking at ease.

She is indeed a little tired these days.

Tired of physical and mental exhaustion.

Fortunately, the person who came this time was Travis.

At Hunt’s house, only Travis was a little normal, so Alyssa was willing to deal with him.

After a while, Travis said aloud: “We have found Isabel.”

“Oh?” Alyssa showed a hint of interest, raising her eyes to Travis.

Travis was a little surprised to see that Alyssa was interested: “But her condition is not very good.”

“How did you find her?” Alyssa had heard Tina say that Isabel was not doing well.

She doesn’t care about how Isabel is, just wants to know how Isabel was found and if she was controlled by Clifford…

“I found her in an advanced nursing home…” Travis frowned fiercely as if thinking of something unacceptable: “I couldn’t believe it was Isabel!”

Rachel once said that she saw Clifford often go to a nursing home with flowers, but it was not easy to get in there.

Alyssa guessed at the time that Clifford’s sister Muffi might be there.

If Isabel was found in that nursing home, it means that Alyssa’s guess was not wrong.

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