Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128

The yin bird walked over with a face and said to Guan Xiao and Irene: “Go out.”

Guan Xiao dragged Irene and quickly left.

Jacob condescendingly stared at Irene, and interrogated, “Did you go to the hospital last night?”

Irene had already tasted the price of lying, so she didn’t dare to lie to him again, and nodded obediently, “Yes.”

The hostility in Jacob’s pupils diminished, replaced by intense concern.

“What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said it’s okay, as long as you take the medicine on time.” Irene tried to speak calmly.

Jacob sternly ordered: “Stop the medicine immediately, there is no need to take medicines with such strong side effects!”

Irene’s eyes were moist, “But without taking medicine, my eyes won’t work well. Recently, Media Asia needs me…”

Jacob roared: “Compared with your body, Media Asia is not important at all.”

Realizing that she might be scaring her, she said softly, “Irene, as long as you are good, it’s fine.”

Irene smiled and nodded. “Ok.”

Jacob pulled her into his arms, and the furious question turned into a gentle whisper, “Why didn’t you tell me the truth last night?”

Irene touched his chin, and said, “Muni Asia’s senior management is sick. It is top secret. Last night I misunderstood that you were the spy of the lady, so I dared not tell you the truth.”

Jacob frowned and said sourly: “Media Asia is more important than me?”

“As important.”

Irene said: “Brother Jie, I have never done anything for you in my life. Media Asia is entrusted to me by you. In my heart, Media Asia is not a symbol of wealth. He is your glory. I guard the world. Ya, it’s like guarding the glory that you had when you were young. I hope that when you come back, you will still be that glorious young man.”

Jacob was slightly startled. “Fool. Whether it is wealth or glory, in my heart, it is not as good as you.”

Irene’s eyes were tearful.

Jacob said: “From now on, I will be your eyes.”


Jacob gently held up her face and offered a gentle k!ss.

Bai’s, Heyuan.

Silvia happily reported her record to Bai Shuwu.

“Dad, good news. Mom successfully lobbied Jacob to steal Irene’s seal this time. This is the best of both worlds. Irene has not only been hit hard, but the old disease has relapsed. And our Bai’s enterprise has also signed an agreement to leave Asia Pacific.”

Bai Shuwu became more and more satisfied with this daughter, “Silvia, good job.”

Silvia’s eyes filled with weeping cold light. “Irene’s taboo is Jacob. As long as we continue to separate their relationship, Irene will inevitably follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Yan-that is, the whole body is paralyzed.”

Bai Shuwu said with a sullen look: “Notify our hackers to transfer Media Asia’s funds to our Bai’s account. What we need to do is unknowingly. In this way, Media Asia only has an empty shell. The end of Irene is here.”

The attendant said: “Good.”

Bai Shuwu laughed triumphantly, “Haha, Feng Shui takes turns, our Bai family will eventually replace Media Asia. It will become the most brilliant enterprise in the imperial capital.”

“Congratulations Dad.”

“Congratulations too, I will soon become the powerful female president of the imperial capital.”

There was a touch of ecstasy in Silvia’s eyes.

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