Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 829 – 830

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Chapter 829

Alyssa chuckled, and the expression on her face followed: “Before, Rachel had been looking for Isabel. I guess they found Isabel.”

“Sure enough, I guessed it. I also guessed that they found Isabel, but I’m not so sure.” Tina immediately patted her hands, very excited.

“I know the people in the Hunt family best. They can’t care about strangers for no reason. The ones who can let them take care of them so carefully are either people who have an interest in the Hunt family or Isabel.”

Alyssa recalled the past with a cold expression.

Everyone knows what kind of family the Hunt’s is.

“Didn’t Isabel disappeared before? Where did she go? I asked the doctor on the side. Anyway, the doctor vaguely said that she was very sick!” Tina obviously felt very particular about Isabel’s affairs. interest.

“If you have a chance to look back, don’t you know what happened?” Alyssa’s eyes had a chill: “They will contact me soon.”

Tina didn’t respond for a while: “What would they contact you for?”

“I just held a press conference today, and the people in the Hunt family should also know. They never let go of any opportunities to use me.” Such things happen often before, and it is not unusual.

Tina heard this and sneered: “There is nothing good! If you want me to say, if they want to come to you, you just kick them out. You are now the big boss of Adams’, powerful and rich, you Do what you want!”

Alyssa smiled and said, “I know in my heart that they don’t dare to mess with me casually now. Are you curious about Isabel? Then you will go to the hospital with me to see her.”

Facts have proved that Alyssa’s idea is correct.

Because that night, Alyssa received a call from Hunt’s family.

Rachel called.

“Alyssa, how are you doing lately?” Rachel didn’t go straight to the subject, but first exchanged greetings with Alyssa.

Alyssa’s voice is not emotional: “If you have something to say, don’t care about me like this. You are making me uncomfortable, and I am fully uncomfortable to listen to it.”

“Alyssa, I’m not…” Rachel’s tone was embarrassing that she was poked.

Alyssa said coldly: “You don’t say it, I’m hanging up.”

Rachel hurriedly stopped her: “Wait a minute, Alyssa… listen to me.”

Alyssa did not hang up, waiting for Rachel to speak.

Rachel was silent for a moment, and said, “Alyssa, Isabel is found. Anyway, she is your sister. You…you should come back and see her.”


Each is this sentence.

——Anyway, you are from the Hunt family.

——Anyway, she is your sister.

——Anyway, you can’t ignore the Hunt family.

Alyssa snorted: “Anyway, I don’t want to go back to Hunt’s house to see your disgusting faces.”

“Don’t say that!” Rachel’s tone changed slightly: “I don’t think that you are the boss of Adams now, so you don’t put us in your eyes. You have to know that the boss of a big group, the more personal image Important, if you let others know…”

Alyssa interrupted Rachel’s words lightly: “Okay, isn’t there something new? It’s all this every time, you don’t think it’s annoying to say it, I’m tired of hearing it.”

Chapter 830

Early the next morning, Alyssa went to Adams’ Group.

This is the first time she officially came to Hunt’s after the news about her taking over Adams’ was released.

The people of Adams’ Group are not unfamiliar with her. Even those who don’t know her, must have found her information to understand her.

Smith went to Alyssa’s house to pick her up to work at the company.

As soon as she entered Adams’ door, she received gazes from all directions.

There is curiosity and contempt.

Alyssa walked toward the elevator entrance without squinting.

Karl had his own elevator, and Alyssa was standing in front of her own elevator, but her mind suddenly shook the scene when Karl went to work.

Counting up and down, she and Karl have been together for more than four years, but they rarely come to the Adams’ family with Karl upright.

She also didn’t see Karl coming to work, walking from outside to wait for the elevator.

She could still imagine scenes she hadn’t seen before.


The elevator doors opened.

“Mrs. Adams.” Seeing her not moving Smith behind her, reminded her aloud.

Alyssa listened to what Smith said to her, froze for a moment, then looked up and entered the elevator.

Because it is an exclusive elevator, she and Smith are the only people in the elevator.

Alyssa stared at the constantly changing floor numbers, and asked Smith coldly, “Is there any news about Karl?”

Smith gave Alyssa’s expected answer: “Not yet.”

Alyssa curled the corners of her lips, without a smile: “Oh.”

When the elevator reached the top floor, Alyssa took the lead and walked straight to Karl’s office.

Smith followed her closely and helped her open the office door.

Alyssa is still very familiar with the layout of Smith’s office, and it has not changed at all.

She paused, walked to the desk and stood still.

Pushing two piles of papers on the desk,

Smith did not urge her, but reported today’s itinerary behind her: “There are three meetings in the morning, one of which is a video conference. Some documents are to be signed in the afternoon, and there are two meetings in the evening…”

Alyssa had a headache listening.

She bypassed the office and sat on the boss chair, reaching out and pressing her eyebrows: “When will the meeting begin?”

“Ten minutes later, I will show you the information.” Smith went to get the information after speaking.

Smith brought the information to her.

There was almost no place to put it on the desk, so he had to pass it directly to Alyssa’s hand: “Mrs. Adams.”

This new name sounds awkward.

Alyssa took the information, and on the way there, Smith probably talked to her about several recent key projects of Adams’ and the theme of today’s meeting.

She flipped through the information at random, then pointed to the piles of documents on the desk in front of her, and asked: “These are all the documents to be signed in the afternoon?”

Smith nodded: “Yes.”

“Do you think I can finish signing this afternoon?” Alyssa twitched her lips, feeling that she could never finish it.

Smith lowered his head slightly and said, “These are the documents that I have screened, and most of them are not particularly urgent and have not been delivered yet.”

Hearing this, Alyssa paused for a while, and then asked seriously, “Have Karl said that when this company is in my hands, I can deal with it at will?”

Smith glanced at Alyssa: “In principle, this is the case.”

Alyssa put down the documents in her hand, wrapped her arms and said, “Then how about I sell Adams’s Group?”

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