Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 920

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Chapter 920

However, the scene that made him embarrassed soon appeared.


Almost instantly, the fist of the old man slammed into the Land Rover front cover.

Bang! !!

A terrifying explosion suddenly resounded.

The faces of the Bai san, the man in the front seat, and the drive in the car changed greatly at the same time.

They only felt that the entire Land Rover car seemed to hit a concrete pillar, and the forward momentum came to an abrupt halt, and the entire car body was almost about to crash into flight under inertia.

Squeak… Squeak!

In particular, with the violent rubbing of a tire, the front cover of the entire Land Rover car was completely sunken and scrapped.

The vehicle stopped abruptly.

Punch, stop!

Stop… Stop it?

At this moment, the first Land Rover was forced to stop.

The three cars behind, also rushed to the emergency brake one by one and stopped one after another.

On the first Land Rover.

The atmosphere was dull and depressing, and dense cold sweat rushed down from the foreheads of Bai San and the other two men.

At this moment, the three of them stared at the front of the car, but they found that the entire front of the Land Rover had been completely sunken and scrapped.

Those parts are messy.

A deep pit appeared above the front of the car.

In front of the entire Land Rover, the figure of the old man seemed to be unmoving, as firm as a rock.


Looking at the ugly old man in front of them, whether it was Bai San or the two white angel members next to him, they took a breath.

“How…how is it possible? He…he actually stopped our car?”

At the moment, the driver of the car almost fell out of his eyes, as if he had seen a ghost.

And Bai San has a tingling scalp:


“Only a top-level master, it can be possible that under such a strong collision force, there is no harm in the slightest, and it may even intercept the vehicle!”

“And this person in front of them is definitely a great master!”


TAs these words came out.

Driver and the man in the front seat suddenly felt a cool breath from the soles of their feet.

This is more than that.

Bai San’s eyes kept looking at the ugly old man’s face, until a name appeared in his mind, which almost scared him to pee.

“Blood…Bloody Buddha! He is Bloody Buddha!”


This sentence was even more like a thunderstorm, making the two men next to him completely frightened.

Bloody Buddha?

That super murderer that shook the Northwest for five years and no one dared to provoke?

How can this be?

“Quick! Get out of the cars!”

Bai San didn’t have time to explain, after shouting at the moment, he quickly opened the car door and walked on.

Not only him.

At this moment, after this sudden situation occurred, ten members of the white angels also walked down from the three cars behind.

Their eyes, staring at the old man and the young man, one after another like a big enemy, they touched their palms to their waists, as if they would pull out their weapons at any time to start a battle.

“Stop it! Stop it all!”

As soon as he got out of the car, he yelled to his men.

After speaking, he hurried to the front of Land Rover and bowed deeply to the old man:

“Old sir, I’m extremely sorry, our car was so fast! Please forgive us!”

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