Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1127

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Chapter 1127

Irene wrote: “Brother Jie, I was wrong. Durian, keyboard and abacus are ready, I beg you to go home.”

Jacob’s eyes melted.

“This girl.”

Obviously there is still anger in his heart, but this curse is gentle and petting.

As soon as the sky fell the next day, Jacob returned to the Calendar Garden.

Only saw Faith eating breakfast in the dining room alone.

Jacob looked around, did not see Irene, and asked very disappointed, “Where is Mommy?”

“Uncle took her to work.” Faith said.

Jacob frowned anxiously, his attitude was so pious last night, but he still went out early and returned late today, his life unchanged.

Seeing Daddy’s unhappy face on the iceberg, Faith quickly took out a pack of medicine boxes from the drawer of the cabinet and threw it to Jacob, saying: “Daddy, the company must have been in big trouble recently, which caused mommy Anxiety recurrence. Mommy used to rely on her own willpower to resist the past, but yesterday Mommy asked the doctor to prescribe medication.”

Jacob looked at the instructions of the drugs and saw the intensive side effects, Jacob’s face became gloomy.

“Is Mommy’s anxiety serious? Why would a doctor prescribe drugs with such strong side effects?”

Faith said, “Mummy has suffered from a physical disorder since your accident three years ago, Daddy. However, it used to be only a momentary blindness of the eyes, but it seemed to stretch to the limbs last night. I saw Mommy’s hands were shaking. Hey.”

Jacob was slightly startled…

Suddenly a touch of guilt rose in his heart, Irene fell ill last night, but he still had a temper with her, really shouldn’t.

Jacob looked at Faith, “Faith, do you know why Mommy suffers from anxiety?”

Faith’s eyes were full of tears, “Daddy, Mommy’s illness is caused by you. You disappeared three years ago. Do you know how sad Mommy is? Mommy cried for days and nights, and almost bit herself. I’m looking for short-sightedness in her wrists. If it wasn’t for Uncle Irene to tie her up, I would have no dad’s love and no mom’s love.”

Jacob was shocked!

Irene loves him so much that she will make a life-and-death decision.

Jacob put the medicine in the drawer, took a few mouthfuls of dumplings, and said to Faith: “Daddy will go to Huanya to see Mommy. Do you have a problem at home alone?”

Faith said coquettishly: “You call Ye Feng’s brother to accompany me.”

Jacob said helplessly: “Okay.”

Jacob drove quickly to Media Asia.

Media Asia, President’s Office.

Irene’s eyes recovered slightly, and she sat in front of the computer, repairing the data that had been tampered with by hackers.

But this time, no matter how hard she tried, she seemed unable to decipher the other party’s password.

If even Irene can’t deal with a hacker, then no one in Media Asia can deal with him.

Irene felt extremely frustrated, and finally sighed: “There are talented people from generation to generation, and each has been leading the way for decades. It seems that we at Media Asia have really met an opponent this time.”

Guan Xiao suggested, “How about letting President Zhan try?”

Irene said: “He has not recovered his memory. I am afraid that his hacking skills have not been explored to such an exquisite level. What’s more, he is physically ill, so why tell him and let him disturb himself!”

Irene stood up from her seat. Suddenly, her body staggered, and Irene hurriedly helped her, “Irene, don’t worry. There will always be a solution to the matter.”

Irene lost her voice and said: “I helped Brother Jue guard Media Asia, and finally waited until he came back. As long as he recovers his memory, I will return Media Asia to him. It is considered that he did not live up to his high hopes of me. God is afraid to make my wish shattered.”

Irene helped Irene to sit on the president’s office chair, Irene showing desperation.

At this moment, Jacob pushed in.

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