Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 827 – 828

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Chapter 827

Smith took the newspaper to Alyssa to read.

Alyssa took the newspaper with a calm face, and put it aside after only one glance: “I have read it on the Internet before.”

Even if she didn’t read it, she knew what was written in these newspapers.

Smith didn’t say anything when he saw it.

As if thinking of something, he said to Alyssa: “There may be a press conference soon.”

“I see, you can just notify me after you arrange it.” Alyssa knew in her heart that this kind of thing must be arranged in advance.

The time of the press conference is mainly scheduled in three days.

When she went out, Grace was still sleeping.

She went to Grace’s room and took a look, came out and told the aunt, and then went out.

Smith drove to pick her up. The car drove into the community and stopped downstairs.

As soon as Alyssa passed, Smith walked out of the car and opened the door for her.

Alyssa noticed that Smith had stepped down from the passenger position.

Isn’t the car that Smith drives?

Originally, she thought Smith was driving.

But when she got in the car and saw who was driving, she froze for a while before she said: “Long time no see, Dave.”

The driver is Dave who she hasn’t seen for a long time.

After Alyssa moved, Dave naturally did not move over.

Although Dave said he was willing to be her bodyguard, the two did not sign a formal employment contract.

Afterwards, she was busy with her own affairs, and Dave had no news.

Unexpectedly, he would be with Smith.

Dave still looked unsmiling, he nodded to Alyssa from the rearview mirror and started the car.

At this moment, Alyssa suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Smith.

At the place where the press conference was held, Alyssa called Smith aside while Dave was parking.

“Dave will agree to be my bodyguard, is it related to Karl?”

“Yes.” Smith explained: “Boss used his sister to make a deal with Dave. He persuaded Claire to go abroad for treatment, and Dave will come to you to protect you.”

Alyssa looked at Smith blankly: “Is there anything else you are hiding from me, tell me everything.”

Smith hesitated for a moment, and said, “You can go back to the villa when you have time.”

He was talking about going back to the villa to let Alyssa go back to Karl’s villa?

Alyssa wanted to say a thing more, and found that Dave had already parked the car and had to give up, without saying more.

The press conference was overcrowded.

The entire Rostenvel and even the entire business community are paying attention to Adams’ situation. The reporters who can attend the reception today are also selected.

It is not easy to get in.

“Hello everyone, I am Alyssa. The purpose of this press conference today is to answer some questions about me taking over Adams Group…”

As soon as Alyssa spoke, the audience fell silent.

In the beginning, reporters would ask some questions about Adams’.

Smith told Alyssa about these issues in advance, and she knew them all.

But when she got to the back, she didn’t know which reporter suddenly asked, “I would like to ask Miss Alyssa. When you divorced Karl, it was not a peaceful divorce. He was able to hand over this to you, enough. Explain that he trusts and values ​​you, but why did you get divorced again, and why did he want to marry another person? Is there anything in the middle that everyone doesn’t know?”

Alyssa glanced at Smith and said, “Mr. reporter, today I only answer questions related to Adams’ Group.”

Chapter 828

Alyssa didn’t let the reporter end the topic, but he continued: “I think this is also a problem related to the Adams’. You are now taking over the Adams family. We just want to understand why.”

Alyssa said: “Private questions cannot be answered.”

The man wanted to say something, but Smith had ordered someone to go down and get the reporter away.

Adams is the leader of the business world. Even if Karl is missing now, his status is still there. It’s not just a little reporter who wants to be presumptuous.

The reporters afterward asked mediocre questions.

The press conference was relatively smooth.

The press conference was edited before the video was released.

As soon as this video was released, it caused a lively discussion among the people eager to know.

But these have nothing to do with Alyssa.

After the press conference, she went home and walked to the door of her house, and she found Tina was blocking her door.

Tina hugged her arms and said with a smile: “Mrs. Adams, the scenery is amazing.”

Alyssa knew that Tina was angry, and Alyssa didn’t tell her these things.

There are too many things these days, and Tina took the ad and was shooting, so she didn’t have time to say.

Since Tina injured her leg, her workload has been greatly reduced, and she only took on some lighter tasks.

Alyssa nodded, and said solemnly: “It’s okay, I just almost became your big boss.”

According to Smith’s statement, all the assets in Karl’s name belonged to Alyssa.

It’s just that Karl has directly transferred AdamPic Media to Peter, otherwise she really wants to become the big boss of AdamPic Media.

Tina glared at her, “cut” and said, “If you don’t say anything about such a big thing, you will scare me to death when I see the news.”

“Come in first.” Alyssa took out the key and opened the door.

Tina followed behind her and entered the door.

Tina had a lot to say, but Grace was at home, she could only bear with it for a while, and then talk about these things later.

Grace was very happy when she saw Alyssa come back.

On the way back, Alyssa brought Grace cakes.

She hugged Grace, watched her finished the cake, and let her go play by herself.

After Grace left, the two of them were left.

Tina didn’t talk about the press conference anymore, instead she talked about another thing.

“I went to the hospital for a review today. Guess who I saw in the hospital?” Tina asked Alyssa mysteriously, with an expression of “just ask who I am”.

Alyssa asked cooperatively: “Who?”

Tina said, “People from the Hunt family!”

Alyssa glanced at her: “Oh?”

She wasn’t very interested in this matter, but seeing Tina still talking, Alyssa said, “Mr. Hunt was a bit sick before. It’s okay for them to go to the hospital often.”

“No!” Tina said, “I inquired about it. They went to the hospital to see a female patient. They heard that she is very sick.”

Alyssa’s complexion had a halt.

People in the Hunt family are not so good.

They can’t be kind to someone who matters for nothing.

Being able to run to the hospital repeatedly only shows that the person in the hospital is still important to them.

For the Hunt family, who can be considered a more important woman?

It can only be one person.

That is, Isabel.

When Tina saw Alyssa’s expression, she knew she had guessed who it was. Tina asked her, “Who are you guessing?”

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