Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 919

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Chapter 919

Thinking of this.

The driver sneered and said:

“Hahaha… Third Brother, it seems that this time the task is too simple! He is just a grandmaster, we are thirteen grandmasters. We can kill him in minutes!”

“As for his subordinates? Humph, it’s more of a group of chickens and dogs, they can be destroyed in minutes!”

The words of the driver were arrogant.


Just when his words fell!

He suddenly saw an old and a young, two figures appearing on the path ahead, which made his complexion greatly changed!

“Damn, someone is ahead!”


Hearing this, the man in the front seat and Bai San were taken aback, and the two of them quickly turned around.

Suddenly, under the shining of the Land Rover’s high beam, there were two figures, one old and one young, on the road in front, slowly coming from the direction of Jiangshi.

To know!

This is the quickest path to Jiangshi. The road is so narrow that it can only accommodate bicycles.

In particular, the Land Rover’s body is extremely wide, almost filling the entire road.

The old and the young who came in front seemed to have not seen the speeding vehicles. They were still in the middle of the road, moving slowly as if walking in a leisurely courtyard.

“Are these two looking for death?”

The driver yelled angrily and then kept honking his horn frantically.


What surprised him was that even if it was his crazy whistle, the young and old walking in front of them as if they hadn’t heard, still walking slowly.


“Since they are not giving us the way that means they are seeking death!”

That’s it!

The driver did not step on the brakes but slammed the accelerator pedal with the sole.


This Land Rover was at a terrifying speed, rushing crazily towards the old and the young in front.

Hurry up!

The speed of Land Rover soared in an instant, like a mad beast, rushing towards the two figures of the old and the young.

100 meters!

Fifty meters!

Thirty meters!

Almost in the blink of an eye, this Land Rover was getting closer and closer to the people at the front.

The only thing that stunned the driver was that even if he almost bumped into the front, the old and the young who were walking still seemed to be silent, walking slowly.

“Huh! Can’t see? Then die!”

The corner of the driver’s mouth showed a brutal arc.

This giant Land Rover rushed to the front of the old man and the young man in a flash and slammed into their bodies.

Just at this moment.


The driver suddenly saw that when the Land Rover was about to hit the old man, the old man’s head was slightly raised, and an extremely ugly face appeared under the high beam.

Ugly and vicious!

The old man’s face was very scary.

But this does not stop.

Seeing Land Rover rushing, the old man didn’t even panic at all on that ugly face. Instead, he raised his fist and waved at the rushing Land Rover.


This scene frightened the driver.

Punch, smash the car?

This is so crazy, right?

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