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Chapter 825

Alyssa contacted the nanny introduced by Smith.

The nanny is a native of Rostenvel, but lives in the suburbs of the city.

A very simple aunt.

Alyssa believed that she was looked at by Smith, and after chatting with the nanny, she decided on hiring her.

The nanny moved into Alyssa’s home.

Grace didn’t reject the new aunt, which was much better than Alyssa expected.

The rear-end collision continued to make headlines for several days.

After the casualties were finally confirmed, two more people were missing.

One of them is Karl.

Grace gradually got along with the new aunt, but it just didn’t exclude it.

Karl has not been found, and someone on Adams’ board of directors cannot sit still.

Can’t stand the pressure Smith came to Alyssa.

He sat on the sofa in Alyssa’s living room, and she sat opposite him.

“Miss Alyssa, you also know that Sir has been missing for so many days, Adams’ board of directors can’t hold it down.”

Smith was a little more haggard than when Alyssa saw him last time.

Maybe he’s too busy and tired recently.

Alyssa stared at Smith for a moment, and said with a serious expression: “Mr. Smith, tell me the truth, is the rear-end collision a part of Karl’s game.”

Smith was stunned for a moment and said, “No.”

Alyssa just watched him without speaking.

After a long while, he took a deep breath and said: “For a long time, Clifford was in the dark, and Boss was in the light. He originally planned to withdraw from the public line of sight and go to the dark to solve Clifford’s matter, but this accident is not Within the plan.”

Speaking of this, Smith gave a slight pause, and said: “This accident is most likely because Clifford detected Boss’s intention and took the initiative to attack, wanting to get the upper hand.”

Alyssa paused and asked, “Why does Clifford want to deal with Karl?”

Smith did not hesitate this time: “I don’t know.”

He also asked Karl before, but Karl said nothing.

Alyssa remembered that the final report of the accident showed that two people were missing.

“Except for Karl, who are the two people missing in this accident?” Alyssa asked Smith.

Smith heard this and looked at Alyssa with a shocked look: “You mean, the person who disappeared with Boss, is it possible that it is Clifford?”

“It’s just a guess.” Alyssa narrowed her expression: “I heard Alvin say that after Karl’s car accident, Clifford has disappeared.”

“Although the terrain below the cliff is a bit steep, there is no river, no sea, nor no man’s land. It is impossible for a living person to live without seeing people or corpses…”

After listening to Alyssa’s words, her expression changed slightly.

Alyssa continued, “There are two possibilities. First, Karl did not fall down the cliff with the car at all. Second, after Karl fell down the cliff, he was taken away by Clifford.”

“If it is the second possibility, it means that Karl must be still alive. If Karl…has something short and long, Clifford will not disappear with him, because his original purpose was to fight Karl…”

If Karl was gone, Clifford naturally didn’t have to do these things.

After listening to Alyssa said so much, Smith’s expression changed for a while, and finally frowned and said: “If we want to find Boss now, unless he contacts us himself, or we find Clifford.”

Alyssa nodded: “That’s right.”

Chapter 826

But the problem is that they haven’t heard of Karl yet, and Clifford hasn’t been there yet.

Judging from the current situation, they have no news of Karl.

It is difficult to say whether Karl will contact them actively.

But the most pressing problem before them is that Adams has no leader, and with Karl’s disappearance for one more day, the business and its employees are even more panicked.

The two of them fell silent after speaking.

After a long while, Smith said aloud: “Miss Alyssa, please think about it.”

What he meant was to let Alyssa think about taking over Adams’s.

Alyssa’s complexion faded a lot: “I can’t do business.”

Smith’s eyes flashed a touch of joy: “It doesn’t matter, I will help you.”

Emotionally, Smith was actually a person who came by compared to Karl.

He and Hania were in love together when they were in college, and finally got married. Their life stabilized, and their children got older but they divorced.

Later, he went around and remarried.

Good relationships can make people grow up, but also make people feel happy.

In other abilities, he was no better than Karl, but in terms of emotions, he felt that he was more transparent than Karl.

Karl was a little bit paranoid about feelings.

From the very beginning when Karl had to do this round, Smith didn’t agree with it.

Karl tried his best and finally let Alyssa give up completely, but now he is missing again and wants to throw the huge Adams’ Group to Alyssa.

Where does this put her?

As Alyssa said, how would she deal with herself?

Smith had actually thought about it, even if Alyssa didn’t stand up, he had no reason to be strict with her.

At that time, only the documents can be published, but it may not be so convincing.

After a long time, Alyssa said, “I will think about it again.”

Smith respected her thoughts and nodded slightly.

Although Adams’ people are panicking now, there won’t be any major problems in such a short period of time.

But after all, this kind of time is handled as soon as possible.

Adams’ Stocks has already begun to fall.

After Smith left, Alyssa went to see Grace in the room.

She is still taking a nap.

Alyssa sat by the bed and looked at Grace for a while, then opened the door and went out.

The aunt who was taking care of Grace happened to come over, and Alyssa called her to stop and said, “Auntie, please take care of her. I am a little uncomfortable. I go back to my room and rest. I don’t need to have dinner.

The aunt asked Alyssa: “Miss Alyssa, what is wrong with you?”

Alyssa shook her head: “I am okay.”

She went back to the room and lay on the bed looking at the ceiling with her eyes open, without a trace of sleepiness.

There was some emptiness in her mind, and she thought about many things.

Some anger, and a feeling of “it is so”.

She and Karl are destined to entangle in this life- are these not confusing times?

A week after Karl’s disappearance, a relatively authoritative financial media reported a piece of explosive news.

“According to reliable sources, when Karl had divorced his ex-wife, he had gone out of the house and transferred Adams’ to the name of his ex-wife. His ex-wife is the real boss of Adams.”

When this news came out, it shocked the entire Rostenvel.

The identity of Karl’s ex-wife is not a secret in Rostenvel.

After all, some time ago because of the injury at the restaurant, she only went on a trending search.

However, everyone was shocked that Adams had already been in the name of a different boss.

And Karl was so willing to give it to his ex-wife!

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