Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 918

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Chapter 918

A small road to Jiang City.


A full four black Range Rovers galloping fast.

Domineering and violent!

These four Range Rovers, like four ferocious beasts, roared ferociously in the dark night, giving people a sense of horror.

In particular, the license plates of these four vehicles are all in the early years of Jiang A, but they are from Jiangnan City.

Not only that!

If anyone knew the identity of the people in these four vehicles, they would be horrified.

Because in these cars there are four hidden world giants, a member of the mysterious organization of the Bai family, the White Angel.

The total number of people in four cars is 13, but they are the three white groups that make the Jiangnan area frightened!

The three white groups are the most active group of white angels.

Thirteen team members, all are masters and strongest.

They have executed 36 assassination and massacre plans for the Bai family, wiped out more than a dozen hostile forces in Huaxia, and cut hundreds of enemies!

No failure!

At this moment, perhaps no one could have imagined that the Bai family would dispatch such an elite team to this small place in Jiang City to perform a task.

On the front black Land Rover.

A brawny man with a scar, sitting in the back row, is sleeping on a fake day.

He is the leader of the three groups-Bai San!

A pinnacle master.

“Brother, why did the family send us to a small place like Jiangshi? This mission is really boring!” The man driving the car said with a grimace at the moment.

Obviously, in his eyes, none of the people in a small place like Jiangshi is worth his shot.

And hearing this.

Bai San slowly opened his eyes, a faint light flashing in his eyes:

“Don’t underestimate Jiangshi! According to the news from the family, Jiangshi has a great master figure!”

Grand Master?

Hearing this, the man who was driving the car frowned, and then said in confusion:

“Third brother, it’s right! Then we will kill him!”

“After all, our thirteen members are all grandmasters!”

The gap between Grand Master and us is too great.

Even if the 13 of us join together, we may have a chance to defeat the Grand Master, but it is almost impossible to kill him.

Bai San smiled slightly, then shook his head:

“Don’t worry, this time our target is not the Great Master! He is a Grand Master!”

The smile at the corner of Bai San’s mouth gradually became colder:

“This grandmaster’s surname is Lin, and his name is Shaun! He is the son-in-law of the Bai family in Jiangshi, and he unknowingly controlled the big and small forces of the black and white Dao of Jiangshi and became the uncrowned king of Jiangshi!”

“Tsk tusk… it’s incredible!”

The uncrowned king?

Hearing thesE words, whether it was the driver or the man in the front seat, they smiled.

Their smiles are full of contempt and disdain.

Obviously, an uncrowned king of Jianshi City would not be in their eyes at all. As long as they appeared in three white groups, it would be enough to punish all forces in Jiang City.

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