Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1124

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Chapter 1124

“What should I do?” Irene sighed in frustration.

“Brother Jie, I never dreamed that you would be the one who would break me one day.”

Her body suddenly began to tremble, and the strength of her whole body began to flow away.

Realizing that it was not good, Irene hurriedly called Irene, “Brother, take me to the hospital.”

Irene hurriedly carried Irene back to the opposite medical department of Media Asia.

The medical department asked Irene to stay in the hospital for treatment, because considering that Media Asia was a troubled time, Irene asked the hospital to make a decision of absolute confidentiality.

Irene asked Irene, “Would you like to inform Zhan Shao about your situation?”

Irene shook her head, “That’s fine. His heart is not on me now. If he knows that I’m sick, I’m afraid he will reveal it to the eldest lady. When the Bai family comes in, Media Asia will be in jeopardy.”

Irene sighed depressed.

After Jacob accompanied Faith to the school’s parent meeting, he took Faith back to the Calendar Garden.

However, back to the Calendar Garden, and did not see Irene, both father and daughter felt a little lost.

Jacob called Irene, but the call kept prompting the other party to be busy.

Jacob suddenly threw the phone on the sofa.

Looking at the darkening sky outside the window, Jacob’s face also darkened.

“Faith, does Mommy often come home late?”

Faith thought for a while, and said: “Mummy will either go home on time or stay overnight. If she never returns, she must stay with her aunt. The two of them have a very good relationship. They sleep on the same bed. Unfinished whispers.”

The expression on Jacob’s face became more and more embarrassing…

Sleeping in a bed, whispering endlessly?

When Irene slept with him, there was nothing to say.

This makes him feel depressed inexplicably.

“Faith, you call Mommy.” Jacob deliberately asked Faith to call, hiding his plan to test Irene.

Faith raised her wrist, dialed her phone watch, and then heard Irene’s bright voice. “Baby, is there anything going on with Mommy?”

Jacob’s pupil sank, and he couldn’t get through so many calls. Faith got through with just one call!

Faith asked timidly: “Mummy, won’t you go home tonight?”

“Oh, Mommy won’t be back today. You go to bed early and goodbye.” Irene hung up the phone in a hurry.

Faith looked at Daddy, “Mummy said she will not go home.”

Jacob picked up the phone on the sofa and called Irene again.

But the phone still emits the same prompt tone: “The number you dialed is busy—”

Jacob finally confirmed that Irene had set his phone to reject calls. He was so angry that he smashed the phone to the ground, “Irene, dare not answer my call, what do you mean?”

Faith walked over and held Jacob’s head, and comforted: “Daddy, don’t be angry with Mommy.”

Jacob was furious, “Your mommy is a liar. She lives in lies all day long. What does she want?”

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