Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1123

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Chapter 1123

There was a sneer in Irene’s black eyes. “Who told you that the Asian War Clan is to stand on its own? I can’t make such a stupid decision. Go away.”

Silvia was not angry but smiled: “President Yan doesn’t look at what file I am holding?”

Irene arbitrarily took out a document from Silvia’s arms and flipped through it. When she saw her personal seal on the contract, her pupil shrank.

“Who wrote this chapter?” Irene roared.

Silvia smiled particularly evil, “President, don’t you know? This seal was given to me by Brother Jie himself.”

Irene immediately loaded the picture of Jacob coming home last night in her mind. He forced her to return the fierce appearance of Zhan’s Enterprise… suddenly felt a chill in her back.

Silvia smiled proudly when she saw Irene’s hard-hit appearance, “President Yan, people’s fate will change. Just like you, you won a trump card at the beginning. But after Zhan Shao lost his memory, he was right. If you don’t feel it, your trump card is invalid.”

Irene tried her best to suppress the surging in her heart, and said: “Silvia, you are just the illegitimate daughter of the old lady and Bai Shuwu. You have nothing to do with the Zhan Family’s dime, and the Zhan Family’s enterprise is still not your turn to tell. .”

Silvia sneered softly, “President Yan, Brother Jie helped me deal with you, do you feel very sad? Sad?”

Irene’s sullen anger filled her whole body. She had to admit that Lord Zhanhan stole her private seal, but defeated her.

She was so disappointed in him.

Silvia laughed wildly when she saw her angry and angry. “Irene, even your favorite man won’t help you anymore, I want to see how long you can be arrogant.”

After speaking, Silvia walked away.

Guan Xiao watched Silvia’s back leave with a solemn expression, and said anxiously: “President, Silvia has a special status. She is the daughter of the Zhan Family eldest wife and the daughter of Bai Shuwu of the Bai family. She has been in and out of the Zhanbai House frequently these days If she persuades Zhan Bai to cooperate, it will be extremely detrimental to us.”

Irene groaned: “This lady and Silvia are embarrassed, and the master of the Zhan family may not know it. Guan Xiao, looking for the paparazzi squatting at the Zhan’s house, and filming the whereabouts of the lady throughout the whole process. Once the evidence of the lady’s contact with the Bai family is captured, he immediately Send the evidence to Master Zhanjia.”

Guan Xiao was startled, President Yan was trying to divorce the relationship between Mrs. Zhan and Mrs. Zhanjia. He was afraid that President Zhan would be angry when he knew it.

However, he still adopted a posture of absolute obedience to President Yan: “Yes.”

Irene looked at the pile of documents, pushing them all to the ground with anger. Angrily said: “Brother Jie, do you really want to help Zhou be abused?”

Guan Xiao calmed and said: “President, calm down. These documents are only related to the Asian War Clan. Fortunately, the current person in charge of the Zhan Family is Han Xuan. Han Xuan is a reasonable person. As long as he comes forward to destroy these contracts, Silvia’s strategy is It fell short.”

Irene’s face was solemn, “I’m worried that this personal chapter is not only used for the Zhan enterprise, but also the Bai family and Tian family…”

Guan Xiao said aloud, “If this is the case, the company that Media Asia has finally acquired will face disintegration.”

Irene fell into a chair.

At this moment, the vision in front of me has become blurred.

She blinked her eyes vigorously, and her blurred vision recovered for a moment, and then fell into the blur again.

“President, your eyes?” Guan Xiao panicked.

Media Asia is already suffering internally and externally. If the president’s body is in trouble at this time, it will be even worse.

“It’s okay.” Irene said.

Guan Xiao’s worries remain unabated. If the president’s eyes are really okay, she will be eager to turn on the computer at this moment to repair the data infringed by hackers in Media Asia.

Rather than just sit and wait like this.

“Hey.” Guan Xiao sighed weakly and left.

Irene forced herself to relax, but she felt very uncomfortable as long as she thought of how good Jacob was to her last night.

The more anxious and uncomfortable she is, the vainer and weak her body is.

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