Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1122

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Chapter 1122

Faith immediately corrected him, “No, he is Brother Ye Feng, not Uncle Ye Feng.”

Jacob said: “Then let Brother Ye Feng go.”

Faith flattened her mouth and let Ye Feng go.

Ye Feng felt relieved.

After Faith tortured Ye Feng, he began to torment Jacob again.

“Uncle Ayue, our school is going to hold a parent conference, but my mom is not available, nor is Ye Feng’s brother. Can you pretend to be my daddy and hold a parent conference for me?” Faith begged.

Ye Feng, afraid of being embarrassed by Jacob, took the initiative to make a relief: “I am free!”

Jacob’s face is gloomy-Faith is lying, which is not a good phenomenon.

Faith began to sell miserably: “Every time there is a parent meeting, other students laugh at me as a wild child without daddy’s pain. Uncle, you can help me once, if the students know that I have such a handsome daddy, I won’t laugh at me anymore.”

Ye Feng revealed his conspiracy: “The last time you asked me to attend a parent-teacher conference, it was also an excuse!”

Faith was ruthlessly dismantled by Ye Feng, her buns puffed up angrily, “Why do you want to say it, I just want my uncle to accompany me to a parent meeting.”

Ye Feng’s face was dark: “Don’t lie to Uncle A Yue.”

Faith murmured: “I’m a white lie.”

Jacob waved at Faith and said, “Faith come here.”

When Faith walked over, Jacob suddenly rubbed her head affectionately, but taught her very seriously: “Daddy will accompany you to the parent conference, but in the future-don’t lie.”

Faith and Ye Feng were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall off.

At this moment, he realized that Jue Zhan Han already knew his identity.

Ye Feng stood up abruptly, respectfully prepared: “President!”

As soon as he shouted, his eyes were red.

Jacob patted him on the shoulder, silently soothing.

Faith held Jacob’s neck and cried loudly. “Daddy-why did you come back so long? Do you know, I miss you so much?”

Jacob’s eyes were moist, “I’m sorry. Faith, Daddy won’t leave you anymore.”

Father and daughter recognize each other, the scene is touching.

Media Asia, President’s Office.

Guan Xiao hurriedly came to the president’s office.

“President, the big thing is not good. Our intranet was invaded by hackers and top-secret information was tampered with. The Cyber Security Department tried to repair the data, but it was too powerful!”

Irene’s face was pale. The recent events, one by one, sounded the alarm for her: the Black Hand behind the scenes had already laid down heavy overlaps on Huanya, so he waited for an opportunity to give Huanya the final blow.

Irene stood up and walked to the Cyber Security Department. She must solve the hacker herself.

But when she first went out, she met Silvia who was uninvited.

Silvia was holding a stack of documents, and the wounds on her face were not healed, making her expression even more terrifying.

“What are you doing?” Irene paused and asked in surprise.

Standing in front of her, Silvia grinned and said, “Elder sister, oh no, you and I are not sisters of the Yan family now. I have to honor you as President Yan.

“Stop talking nonsense. Talk about business.” Irene frowned.

Silvia said: “I am here today to go through the handover procedures of the Asia Pacific Wars enterprise.”

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