Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1121

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Chapter 1121

“Congratulations, dad, you will be the richest man in the imperial capital by then.” Silvia said.

Bai Shuwu smiled particularly proudly, “Silvia, you are indispensable. From now on you will be the heir of the Bai family.”

Silvia imagined the prosperous situation after the Bai family annexed Media Asia, but she was the righteous successor of the Bai family, and she felt that life was suddenly open.

When the time comes, she must go to visit Irene proudly, and she will be even happier seeing her down and down.

After coming out of the Zhan’s house, Jacob drove the Ferrari straight to the imperial capital.

The sudden mood became brighter because he was about to see his daughter.

When he rang the doorbell of the villa, Ye Feng opened the door. Jacob was slightly stunned, thinking of Ye Feng and Faith staying together, a touch of displeasure rose in his heart.

“Mr. A Yue!” Ye Feng was surprised.

“Where is Faith?” Jacob asked with an unsalty expression.

He used to like Ye Feng and thought he was both talented and handsome. But now knowing that this boy is likely to covet his family’s cabbage. Jacob saw that he was not pleasing to the eye.

At this time, Faith ran down from upstairs, wearing a tight-fitting vest and miniskirt. The girl’s immature figure looks bright and vivid.

Seeing Jacob’s spirits flying, he shouted happily from afar: “Uncle A Yue.”

Faith naturally fell into Jacob’s arms.

Jacob’s eyes were grinning. At this moment, he finally understand why he has such a strong like after seeing Faith.

It turns out that Faith is his biological daughter.

However, when Jacob’s and Ye Feng’s eyes fell on Faith’s long, slender, white legs exposed outside, the eyes of the two of them became gloomy involuntarily.

“Go and change.” Ye Feng ordered with a dark face.

Faith muttered with her buns face, “The female students in our class wear miniskirts, why can’t I? Brother Ye Feng, you are not old, why are you so feudal and pedantic?”

“Because other people’s legs are not as good-looking as yours. Exposing your beautiful legs will cause evil thoughts of bad men.” Ye Feng flattered.

Faith, this little girl, is not convinced.

Faith said: “With you protecting me 24 hours a day, even a male flies can’t approach me, let alone those bad men.”

Ye Feng stretched his face and said, “If you want to change it, don’t make so many excuses.”

Faith sighed and went upstairs. Soon she changed her dark blue jeans and loose-fitting shirt and went downstairs.

Jacob and Ye Feng moved to sit on the sofa, and Faith sat down next to Ye Feng, holding Ye Feng’s arm with both hands like an octopus.

Ye Fengjun’s face was dark, and he wanted to get angry, suffering from the presence of Jacob, he could only silently take out his hand.

Then moved to Jacob’s side.

Jacob looked at Ye Feng’s unlovable face, and suddenly remembered Irene’s instructions: If you see something you shouldn’t see, don’t scold Ye Feng, because the active party is definitely Faith.

Jacob frowned, Faith, this girl has never drunk inferior milk powder, why is it so precocious?

Faith cheekily leaned toward Ye Feng’s side, holding Ye Feng’s arm with both hands again.

Ye Feng jumped up anxiously and reprimanded Faith: “Faith, men and women are not getting married.”

Faith patted her chest and said, “Don’t think of me as a girl. Just think of me as a buddy. I’m a girl!”

Ye Feng looked at Jue Jacob with help.

The atmosphere became strange inexplicably.

Jacob cleared his throat and said, “Faith, let go of Uncle Ye Feng.”

He deliberately emphasized the word uncle. It is designed to remind Faith not to think too much.

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