Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 912

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Chapter 912

That’s it!

Bai Yan immediately looked like a rabbit that was scared to pee and left in a hurry.

Behind her, Bai Wen and Bai Wu also glanced at Shaun in horror and bitterness, then hurriedly got up and disappeared from the scene.

When they left, Elvira’s family still didn’t react to the shock.

“Shaun, are we really going to be enemies of Jiangnan Bai’s?”

“That is one of the four hidden giants in Jiangnan. The horror of their power is beyond our imagination!”

Beads of sweat slept from Baishan’s face and asked Shaun with a horrified face.

More than him!

Elvira and Paula, who were next to them, also woke up from the shock.

When the mother and daughter thought.

What my family is about to face is the shocking anger of the Jiangnan hidden world giants, and they both only felt a tingling scalp.

That’s it!

Even if their New Bai Group has the strong support of the Shengshi Group and a group of chaebols in the south of the Yangtze River, how can they be compared with the terrifying family that has stood on the south of the Yangtze River for a hundred years?

This is a pebble hitting a rock!

Even Elvira has sensed the destruction of her New Bai Group.

“Jiangnan Bai’s?”

Seeing the horrified look of the Elvira family, Shaun just smiled, and then said:

“Parents, wife, don’t worry! The so-called Jiangnan Bai’s are just bigger ants!”

“If they behaved well, then forget it. If they didn’t behave well, I will let this century-old family disappear!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, the Elvira family was taken aback.

Do not know why!

At this moment, they actually felt a terrifying aura of looking over the world from Shaun’s body.

That kind of feeling, as if everything in this world, was nothing but a cloud of smoke in Shaun’s eyes, waved away with him.

This is definitely the first time a family feels this kind of aura from Shaun.

“Lin…Shaun, are you really a master?”

Elvira looked at Shaun in disbelief.

Although she had seen Shaun’s force before, she had always thought that he would only be able to do some work, far beyond ordinary people.

But today!

Between the waves, the two quasi-grand masters, Bai Wen and Bai Wu had no strength to fight back, which was simply unimaginable.

It’s not just Elvira.

Baishan and Paula looked at Shaun with a strong shock.

Who can imagine that a son-in-law who stays at home every day, can’t fight back, will be a super master?

This is simply incredible.

To the surprise of the family, Shaun shook his head:

“Wife, I am not a master!”

Elvira frowned and asked suspiciously:

“Then how you beat Bai Wen and Bai Wu, how can you say that you are a master?”

“That’s because they read it wrong!” Shaun shrugged without explaining too much.


How could he be the King of Blood Prison a little grandmaster?

“Are they wrong?” Elvira hesitated.

She could tell that Shaun didn’t seem to be lying.

However, if Shaun didn’t lie and he was really not a master, then how could Bai Wen and Bai Wu be so miserable in his hands?

This is incredible.

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