Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 913

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Chapter 913

“Okay, don’t think too much!” Baishan’s brows curled into a ball, his face was full of bitterness:

“Let’s think about how to deal with the anger of the young master Bai Chen three days later!”

That’s it!

Not only Baishan.

Even the faces of Paula and Elvira were full of worry.


Regarding what Shaun said before, Jiangnan Bai’s were no more than ants, they didn’t listen to them at all, they just thought that Shaun was comforting them, nothing more.

At the same time!

The white house is brightly lit.

In the lobby of Bai’s house, there are tables of the party, pushing and changing cups, cheering, and laughing.

In particular, almost all the senior leaders of the Bai family looked at a young man in the main seat one after another, and their eyes flashed with deep awe and deference.

Because this young man is a direct descendant of the Bai clan in Jiangnan-Bai Chen.

“Hahaha…Master Bai Chen, on behalf of our Jiangshi Bai family, I welcome you!” Old Man Bai said to Bai Chen with a thick enthusiastic smile on his face.

Although he is much older than Bai Chen.

But there is a difference between primary and secondary, Bai Chen is the primary family member, and he is from secondary.

In terms of status, it cannot be compared with Bai Chen.

Not only him!

Haibai, the second master Baichuan, and the younger Harper and others also raised their glasses and said to Bai Chen:

“Hahaha… When Master Bai Chen came, I only felt that our Bai family was flourishing!”

“Yes, young talents like Young Master Bai Chen will be able to lead the Jiangnan Bai family and become more prosperous in the future!”

“Come on, Master Bai Chen, I toast you a drink!”


One after another, flattery, one after another.

Almost every Bai family has shown the most respectful side to Bai Chen.

Feeling the enthusiasm of everyone, Bai Chen curls up slightly, and his heart was extremely proud.

This is the status of the hidden giants.

Even if he is only a direct descendant, he is beautiful outside, and he can suppress the existence of any big master in Jiangnan.

“Everyone, do it!”

Bai Chen didn’t mean to stand up at all, just picked up the wine glass, gestured to the crowd, and then drank it all.

Seeing this scene.

The expressions of the crowd were a bit embarrassing, but they all drank one after another.

When everyone is seated again.

Mr. Bai said:

“Master Bai Chen, don’t you know how well your mistress is?”


It is the controller of the Jiangnan Bai family.

It is also one of the loftiest in Jiangnan Province.

Hearing this.

Bai Chen shook his head before saying:

“My mistress is suffering from illness nowadays! This time I came to Jiang City to include your Bai family and New Bai Group in the Jiangnan Bai family’s property, but it is only one of them!”

“Secondly, to find the genius doctor Zhang! Ask him to go and treat the mistress!”

Doctor Zhang?

Hearing this word, the eyes of everyone around suddenly lit up.

“Master Bai Chen said that the genius doctor Zhang, but Zhang Tianyi?” Harper asked curiously.

When he heard it, Bai Chen nodded.

Harper said excitedly:

“Master Bai Chen, I have heard a piece of news recently about the genius Doctor Zhang!”

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