Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 911

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Chapter 911


This bloody scene made Elvira’s family stunned, and Bai Yan was even more scared.

“Lin…Shaun, you, you dare to beat Jiangnan Bai’s people! You’re finished!”

Bai Yan watched with her eyes. Shaun slapped Bai Wen and Bai Wu from the living room to the outside door.

This made her horrified.


Bai Yan turned her head and screamed bitterly at the Elvira family:

“Uncle! Elvira! Look at what Shaun has done with them?”

“You know, Jiangnan Bai’s people should not be humiliated, even if they are bodyguards, your family can provoke!”

“Shaun is going to die, your whole family is going to die!”

In Bai Yan’s words, there was a deep sense of emotion.

What she feared the most was to hurt herself and Bai’s family. She didn’t care about the life and death of Shaun and Elvira’s family at all.

“Elvira, wait! I’ll report to Master Bai Chen when I go back, saying that your family not only disobeyed the order but even became an enemy of Jiangnan Bai!”

“Your family…”

Bai Yan scolded Elvira with excitement.

It’s just that her words haven’t finished.


A sharp voice suddenly resounded in her ears, and then a huge palm slapped Bai Yan’s face fiercely.


This slap in the face, like an iron plate, staggered Bai Yan’s whole body backward.

When she steadied her steps, she felt her cheeks swell up.

The hot pain left Bai Yan’s head blank:

“Shaun…you hit me?”

Bai Yan couldn’t believe it.

After all, in her eyes, although she had humiliated Shaun many times, he had never done anything to her.

And now…

“Beat you?”

Shaun’s eyes stared at Bai Yan, his eyes flashed with murderous intent:

“If you were not Elvira’s cousin, then I would have killed you!”


Senran words, cold eyes.

Bai Yan was struck by lightning, and a deep fear filled her heart.

She could clearly feel Shaun’s murderous intent.

“Go back and tell that Bai Chen! After three days, our family will come to the Bai’s house!”

“However, we are not surrendering to them, but to annexing the Bai family!”


After hearing these words from Shaun.

Whether it was Bai Yan or Elvira’s family, they were all confused.

Not surrendering?

Not being annexed?

But… to annex the Bai family?

This, how is this possible?

Everyone around him felt that Shaun was crazy at this moment.

Violating Bai Chen’s order is equivalent to offending the Jiangnan Bai family.

After hitting Bai Wen and Bai Wu, he became an enemy with the Jiangnan Bai clan!

In this case, it is enough not to worry about Jiangnan Bai’s revenge. Shaun is so bold and wants to annex the Bai family in Jiang City. This is simply a dream.

“Okay! Shaun, you are ruthless!”

Bai Yan was completely amused by Shaun’s arrogance.

With disheveled hair, she held her red swollen cheek, and glared at Shaun’s family resentfully:

“Then I’m going back and will report it now! Three days later, we will be waiting for you at the Bai’s house! When the time comes, it will be up to whoever lives!”

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