Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 915

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Chapter 915


This sentence shocked everyone even more like a blockbuster, making everyone completely dumbfounded.

Medicinal diet!

Forging bones?


This… how is this possible?

Even Bai Chen got up from his seat in horror, and he tremblingly asked Harper:

“What you said is true? That genius doctor Lin is really so superb?”

“Yes!” Harper vowed:

“I also just heard the news in the evening. Many residents of Jiang City witnessed Doctor Zhang’s apprenticeship with Doctor Lin! Absolutely right!”

Hearing this.

Bai Chen became excited instantly, and his face was full of a smile to the extreme:

“Hahaha… good! Great! This time, I will not only invite the genius doctor Zhang, but I will also invite his master, the genius doctor Lin, into our Jiangnan Bai family!”

“If it’s like what you said, the medicated diet of the great doctor Lin has the effect of forging muscles and bones, rejuvenating the old! Then the white angels of our Bai clan, with this kind of medicated diet as a supplement, will absolutely powerful!”

Bai Chen flushed with excitement at this moment.

Great credit!

He thought that if the genius doctor Lin is so powerful, he would definitely make a shocking contribution to the Jiangnan Bai family.

At that time, even with this kind of credit, they will be eligible to compete for the next successor to the Patriarch.

Thinking of this.

Bai Chen turned his head to look at Mr. Bai and others, and said excitedly:

“Hahaha… If you can really get that genius doctor Lin, I will never forget you! There will be great rewards in the future!”


This is a promise.

Many Bai family members were ecstatic and thanked him.

Especially Mr. Bai, his trembling body stood up from the chair and said to Bai Chen:

“Young Master Bai Chen, don’t worry. After three days, when Dr. Zhang comes to the dinner, the old man will help you get Dr. Lin for whatever he says!”

“Furthermore, the genius doctor Lin is also my savior. I have never had a chance to thank him, and I’m ashamed!”

Hearing the words of Mr. Bai.

Everyone admired the genius doctor Lin more and more.

In their eyes, the great doctor Lin didn’t want to give back, his medical skills were superb, and his medical skills were extraordinary. This was nothing short of a god-man.

At this moment, everyone discussed it for a while.

Haibai looked at his watch, and then said:

“An hour has passed! Bai Yan should be back soon!”

Bai Yan!

Hearing this, everyone remembered that she and Bai Chen’s two bodyguards have gone to give letters to Elvira’s family.

Thinking of the Elvira family, the minds of many of the Bai family members thought of Shaun.

“Huh! That Shaun is extremely arrogant! I don’t know if he will make trouble this time?”

“Trouble? Is he looking for death! Two gentlemen, Bai Wen and Bai Wu are both quasi-grand masters!”


Many Bai family members were full of disgust and disdain for Shaun.

And seeing this scene.

Bai Chen smiled slightly before saying:

“Don’t worry, everyone! Although Bai Wen and Bai Wu are not members of the white messenger, they have reached the quasi-grand master!”

“Even in the south of the Yangtze River, they are at the level of the top ten national fighters! Besides, I don’t believe that Shaun and Elvira are so timid, they can’t dare to refuse our Jiangnan Bai family?”

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