Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125

Faith said with tears: “Mommy is not a liar. Mommy must have her problems.”

Jacob looked at Faith, melted by the child’s soft and cute expression. He realized that he shouldn’t lose his temper in front of the child.

After a moment of silence, Jacob stood up from the sofa. Said: “Faith, let’s get Mommy back. You immediately call Mommy and ask where she is?”

Faith followed Jacob’s instructions and called Irene out. But this time, Irene could no longer get through.

You can imagine how ugly Jacob’s face is.

Media Asia Hospital.

Irene is lying on the instrument testing bed, undergoing a whole body test. In fact, the result is exactly the same every time: “There is no organic damage. It is an emergency response of physical anxiety when you are nervous and panic. Resting for a few days may be relieved.”

The doctor knew that Irene was very resistant to taking medicine, so I skipped taking medicine. However, Irene unexpectedly took the initiative to bring up this time, “Prescribe me some medicine. Increase the dosage and I must recover as soon as possible.”

The doctor was startled slightly, “President, haven’t you been worried about drug dependence and side effects?”

Irene said: “Haiya has internal and external troubles. It is more important to hold Huaya than anything else.”

The doctor prescribed anti-anxiety drugs to Irene.

Irene took the medicine and, accompanied by Irene, returned to the Calendar Garden.

It is already one o’clock in the morning.

When Irene opened the door of the villa, she felt a blur of light in his vision. Intuitively, she knew that the light in the living room was still on and there was someone in the living room.

“Faith!” She cried tentatively because she couldn’t see it.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa with his legs folded together. He wore a well-cut white shirt, black trousers, and a cold expression, which made him look proud and arrogant like an emperor.

Irene gently pulled Irene’s hand, “Irene, it’s Shao Zhan.”

Irene straightened her spine immediately, and her pupils became bright. Then she let go of Irene’s hand and walked forward with her head high.

She is very familiar with home furnishings. After taking the medicine, the field of vision is not completely black, and the outlines close up can barely be seen. Coupled with her strong aura, it is impossible to find out that she is almost blind.

“Where did you go?” Jacob asked gloomily.

Irene walked to the sofa area, not wanting to reveal the flaws, and quickly sat down nearby. This position, far away from Jacob, made Jacob frown in dissatisfaction.

Irene walked over slowly, her fists in her sleeves clenched tightly, and she wanted to fight with Jacob. But seeing the appearance of Irene guarding against Jacob, she couldn’t let Jacob discover Irene’s abnormality.

Thinking of being unbearable, Irene forced herself to dispel her anger.

“Brother, go back. Come and pick me up early tomorrow.” Irene deliberately emphasized that he should be early, and Irene knows, nodding and leaving.

“It is good.”

After Irene left, Jacob looked at Irene with an icy face, “I don’t like my wife coming home late, and I don’t like my wife setting my calls to blacklist.”

After the battle, the alveolar bite.

Irene sighed almost inaudibly. She was undergoing a full physical examination in the hospital today. Most of the time, she lay in a place where there was no signal, but she happened to receive a call from Faith, which must have made this guy suspicious.

Irene didn’t want to tell him about her illness. Because he can steal her personal seal, it shows that he and the Bai family of Zhan are in the same group.

But Irene’s silence would only make Jacob misunderstand her even more. “Why don’t you speak?”

Irene’s eyes were tearful.

“I do not know what to say.”

Jacob was annoyed, “I just want to know the truth. As a wife, you go home early in the morning, won’t you explain to me where you went?”

Irene thought for a while and said, “Brother Jie, before I answer your question, can you answer my question honestly?”

“Say.” Jacob was irritated.

“Today Silvia came to me holding Zhan’s documents. The documents are covered with my seal. I want to know, did you give the seal to Silvia? Did you go home last night for the seal?”

“Yes.” Jacob replied openly.

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