Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126

Irene only felt as if her heart was hit hard, and forced a laugh, “Why?”

Jacob was very angry.

Why should he be restrained by his dignified seven-foot man when he tortured his wife when he returned late?

“Answer my question first. Why go home so late?”

Irene said: “The Company works overtime.”

Jacob’s lips curled up with a sneer, the girl’s excuse for lying was too low-level. “Then why don’t you answer my call?”

Irene said: “I didn’t hear it.”

Jacob stood up and roared in anger, “Irene, can you tell me the truth?”

Irene is weak and weak: “Then you trust me 100%?”

Jacob was furious and walked away. When he passed her, he heard his gritted teeth: “The seal I gave Silvia is fake.”

Then strode outside.

Irene was startled slightly, and suddenly took him by the hand.

“Let go.” Jacob ordered angrily.

Irene was captured by his aura and let go of her hand timidly.

“Brother Jie, listen to me and explain to you.” Irene said.

Jacob gritted his teeth and said fiercely: “If I f*cking believe you, I’m just a fool.”

After speaking, he left angrily.

Irene looked at Jacob Jue Jue’s back and sighed.

When will the crisis of trust between them be lifted?

Standing on the second floor, Faith saw that Daddy and Mommy quarreled, and a sorrowful expression appeared on his little face.

Daddy and Mummy finally got together again, she must not let Daddy and Mummy separate because of a misunderstanding!

Even though the night in the imperial capital was prosperous, there was a chill.

Jacob wandered outside for a long time, perhaps because he was cold in his heart, he felt as if his whole body was invading an ice cellar, and finally came to a bar to warm himself.

He is allergic to alcohol and sits dry in the bar with a handsome face and gloomy face, and the boss dare not talk to him.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated continuously.

Jacob was flabbergasted, took out his phone, and opened the screen.

He saw dense text messages on the screen.

All were sent to him by Faith.

“Daddy, where are you?”

“Don’t be angry with Mommy, okay?”

“Daddy, come back soon, I miss you so much.”


A touch of loss appeared in Jacob’s ice soul, so many text messages, none of them were sent by Irene. He had been out for a long time, and the woman didn’t care about him either.

However, Irene no matter how bad he is, at any rate he has a caring little padded jacket for him.

Jacob replied a text message to Faith, “Daddy will not go home temporarily.”

After sending this text message, put your phone aside. Suddenly, the phone rang again.

He turned on the phone absent-mindedly and saw a text message from Irene, his pupils suddenly dilated.

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