Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1637 – 1638

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Chapter 1637

Stephanie leaned into Peter’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Cousin, why are you here?”

“Can you come and I can’t?” Peter gave her a blank look.


Stephanie glanced at Tina and felt that Peter was quite concerned about chasing Tina.

Because Peter and Stephanie arrived, the breakfast table was very lively.

Tina ate less and put down her chopsticks first.

“Ms. Tina, you don’t eat anymore?” Stephanie also felt that Tina had eaten too little.

“Yeah,” Tina replied and took out her mobile phone to scan Moments.

Everyone was still eating, she put down her chopsticks alone, and she should wait for them again.

In the circle of friends, life is all sorts of things, eating and drinking, complaining about work, there is nothing interesting.

Tina brushes quickly, and there is no particularly interesting circle of friends.

Until, she brushed a circle of friends with a certain hair.

There is nothing special about this circle of friends who posted this small friend. The special thing is that there is Cody in the photo posted below.

Colors are also hanging on Cody’s body.

Tina thought for a while, sent a small message, and asked him: “What’s wrong with Cody?”

He first replied: “You don’t know about that?”

Then he said: “He attempted suicide yesterday. Mr. Grant also visited him and chatted with him for a long time.”

Tina: “Suicide?”

Cody doesn’t look like a suicidal person.

The Scott family had such a big incident this time, and the dust has basically settled now. Even if they really want to commit suicide, they will not wait until now…

“You can comfort Mr. Scott when you have time. He is also in a very difficult situation. Although it is also self-inflicted, we still feel a little unbearable if we look at it.”


Tina put down the phone, lost in thought.

After eating breakfast, Peter dismissed Stephanie, and Alyssa also left with interest, and she had the opportunity to get along with Tina alone.

When he was still thinking about how to speak, Tina took the lead and asked: “Cody…what’s the matter with him?”

Peter had a meal: “You know?”

“I saw a photo posted by someone in my circle of friends, so I asked, I heard that he attempted suicide?” Her expression was faint.

“Not suicide.”

Speaking of this, Peter’s expression also became serious: “Someone wants to harm him.”

“The Scott family is like this now, those people still want to harm him?” Tina’s first reaction was also that the people in the underground casino would still harm Cody.

Peter shook his head: “Not a casino person.”

“Who is that?” Tina asked.

“I’ll check this out, don’t worry too much. I will take care of it.” He didn’t mean to continue this topic.

She stopped questioning, leaning back in her chair lazily, and stopped making a sound.

She didn’t speak, and Peter had nothing to do with her.

“I’m leaving first, and I’ll see you at night.” Peter stood up and prepared to leave.

He asked Rubin to check the stage of the drama. He should have a good eye. He had to see what was going on.

He stood up for a long time, but did not leave.

Tina couldn’t help but raised her head to look at him, with a little doubt in her eyes: “Aren’t you leaving?”

Peter looked at such a cold depression, and panic flashed in his heart: “It’s okay, I will go now.”

He could feel that Tina’s indifference to him was not a pretentious indifference to a petty temper, but a coldness born from the bottom of her heart.

He was able to hold on to the present, all because he could feel that Tina actually still had him in her heart.

If Tina didn’t have him in her heart…

No, this is impossible.

Chapter 1638

Peter thought, while walking out.

When I walked to the door, a cool voice came from behind: “You are busy at work, don’t need to see me, I’m fine here, don’t worry about it.”

Peter stopped, stood by the door for a moment, did not make a sound, did not look back, raised his foot, and left.

When Peter drove to the company, Rubin was already waiting in his office.

“CEO Grant.”

As soon as Peter sat down, Rubin put a document in front of him. It was an urgent document that needed to be signed by Peter now.

He signed the handwriting, put the pen aside, and went out of his mind, then raised his head and asked Rubin: “How is the investigation of the drama stage going?”

“It was true that something went wrong with the organizer. The rehearsal was good the day before, but someone suggested that the stage was not strong enough. Then the organizer asked someone to rearrange the stage, but the stage was outsourced. I found that company…”

Rubin stopped here suddenly.

Peter frowned slightly: “Say.”

“A person from that company resigned, just after finishing the stage.” Rubin glanced carefully at Peter’s face before continuing, “I haven’t found that person yet.”

In the last sentence, Rubin’s voice was a little quiet.

He took a careful look at Peter, then dropped his head and said nothing.


Peter punched the desk.

Although Rubin had been mentally prepared, he was still taken aback by the sound.

Although no one has been found yet, the clues found are enough to show that Tina’s accident was caused by someone deliberately.

Just don’t know whether this person who wanted to harm Tina came for Tina or… Peter.

If it is directed at Peter, then this person is not easy.

The snake hits seven inches.

And Tina is Peter’s seven inches.

Peter was silent for a while, and asked aloud, “Is it related to Cathy?”

Tina usually has no grudges.

If there is, then the one who is the most excessive is Cathy.

Although Cathy is dead, she couldn’t queue up for a blind and affectionate girl who wanted to vent her anger.

Of course, this possibility is extremely small.

Although this possibility is very small, it has to be ruled out with facts.

“It doesn’t matter if we confirm it,” Rubin said very positively.

Cathy looked pretty good, but looking at the entertainment industry, her appearance is nothing.

Therefore, her funders are also people with poor money and power, and such people are easy to check.

Rubin has checked it again, and can confirm that it has nothing to do with Cathy’s gold masters.

“Check!” Peter said in a gloomy tone: “I have to find people by digging three feet!”

“Yes.” Rubin didn’t say much.

“Go out.” Peter waved his hand to indicate that he could go out.

It didn’t take long for Rubin to go out, but soon came back with medicine in his hand.

Peter’s hand gave a violent punch just now. The force was too strong and it was bleeding, so he still needs to deal with it.

Peter glanced at him: “With this injury, still need to make such a big show?”

Rubin sighed: “It’s better to eliminate the poison, lest Miss Weber sees it, it’s not very good…”

Peter glanced at his bloody hands. He was silent for a moment, not knowing what he was thinking, and slowly said, “Then bandage it better.”

Rubin: “…”

To be honest, he really didn’t see that this injury needed to be bandaged.

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