Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1635 – 1636

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Chapter 1635

Stephanie didn’t talk to Tina for too long. To make a long story short, she made a report and didn’t take up too much time.

As soon as she hung up the phone, there was a knock on the door outside.

“Who?” Tina asked in a loud voice.

“it’s me.”

Grace’s voice came from outside.

“It’s you.” A smile was stained in her cold voice, and she got up and opened the door.

“Auntie, I’m here to invite you to play Lego together.” Grace opened her eyes wide and raised the Lego in her hand.

“Okay, I’ll take it for you.”

Tina took Grace to her room.

After entering Grace’s room, she realized that Alyssa was already in the room.

The two smiled at each other and sat on the carpet to accompany Grace to play Lego.

The two chatted with each other, Alyssa asked her, “How are you doing?”

“Usual, what else?” Tina laughed.

In this way, Tina seemed to be the same as usual, and there was nothing unusual about it.

“You didn’t eat much for dinner, are you losing weight recently?” Alyssa asked her.

“No, it’s just that I don’t have a good appetite, so I don’t want to eat that much.” Tina didn’t know why, anyway, looking at the things she loved to eat before, she felt that she had no appetite and didn’t particularly want to eat.

Alyssa smiled and said, “I thought you were preparing for joining the group, and the director asked you to lose weight.”

“I don’t need to lose weight for this role.”

Alyssa asked again: “Then how are you feeling lately?”

Tina tilted her head slightly, and squeezed out a taste from Alyssa’s words: “Are you doing an interview? You are asking some weird questions.”

“Where is it? I’m preparing for the new script. There is a role in the new script that is set as an actor.” Alyssa went over as kind and confused.

“You are like this, and you still want to work.” Tina glanced at her stomach.

Alyssa: “Work makes me happy. I feel very fulfilled and motivated. Don’t you also feel very happy at work?”

When Tina heard this, the smile on her face faded, and she said with some confusion: “Speaking of which, I think I seem to have lost enthusiasm for work recently, and work is not very interesting anymore…”

Alyssa listened silently, knowing she had something to say, and did not interrupt.

Tina thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Maybe it’s because I have been filming for so many years and I need to rest.”

“Then do something that makes you happy,” Alyssa said.

“Happy things…” Tina thought for a long time, but found that she couldn’t think of anything that would make her happy.

In the past, she felt happy every time she got paid.

She felt happy when she bought a bag, she was happy when she bought a car, she was happy when she bought clothes.

But now, none of these things attract her.

She thought about it, and in a blink of an eye, she saw Grace who fell asleep at the side.

“Grace is asleep.” She whispered to Alyssa.

Seeing this, Alyssa got up and went to carry Grace to the bed.

“I’ll do it.” Tina stopped her: “Little girl is not light.”

“It’s okay, I can hold her.”

But Tina didn’t listen to her, she still leaned over and hugged Grace onto the bed.

When Grace touched the bed, she opened her eyes and murmured, “Auntie.”

Then she turned over and fell asleep.

The sleepy little milk voice is almost cute.

“I want to have a baby.” Tina said.

Alyssa laughed and joked: “Then give birth to one.”

Tina said irritably, “The key is who should I have the baby with.”

Chapter 1636

“With Peter.” Alyssa said naturally.

Tina’s complexion faded and did not answer.

Peter and Alyssa said before that Tina was breaking up recently.

But with Alyssa’s understanding of Tina, she certainly didn’t want to break up with Peter for no reason, it must be because of a reason.

Alyssa asked calmly: “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s go out and talk.” Tina tucked Grace’s quilt and straightened up.

Alyssa nodded, and walked outside with her.

After leaving the room, Tina said quietly, “I just feel tired. Whether it’s the past or being together now, I feel tired. I want to be separated, but it is not easy to separate.”

Alyssa frowned: “Why do you have this idea?”

“Peter didn’t like me before, and now he doesn’t like me that much. I have always been alone, trapped in this relationship, making him and myself embarrassed and embarrassed.”

There was a suppressed sadness in her voice: “I am alone.”

“Why do you think Peter doesn’t like you?” Alyssa felt puzzled. Anyone with eyes should be able to see it. Peter likes Tina very much.

Still the kind of like that is terrible.

But why does Tina think so?

“We grew up together. If we could be together, we should have been together long ago? The ending was already written when he left me alone and crossed the ocean.”

Tina laughed, but tears flickered in her eyes.

“It’s not like that, Tina…”

Alyssa tried to persuade her.

Tina interrupted her with a smile: “I have a clear idea, Alyssa, you don’t have to persuade me.”

Alyssa warmed her lips and could only give up: “You can take a good rest tonight, and we will talk about it tomorrow.”



Early the next morning.

Stephanie brought large and small bags of things and came to see Tina.

When Tina got up, Karl had already gone to work at the company, and Alyssa and Stephanie were sitting downstairs.

Stephanie was very restrained, until she saw Tina, she gave a sigh of relief.

“Why are you here so early?” Tina walked over to Stephanie and sat down.

“I have a business event to go to for a talk later, so I came here early.” Stephanie looked at Tina’s bandaged arm with a distressed expression on her face: “Why are you hurting like this?”

“It’s okay.” Tina looked indifferent.

Stephanie became even angrier: “This thing can’t be done anymore. We must go to court with the organizer to pay them to death.”

Tina pressed the corners of her lips in disapproval: “You are angry.”

This time, most of the rehearsals of the drama are seniors, and some are people they know. The organizer also has a friendship with the teacher.

This matter can’t be a big deal if you don’t look at the face of the monk and the face of the Buddha.

“Got it.” Stephanie nodded unhappily.


Alyssa came to find Stephanie early in the morning, guessing that she hadn’t had breakfast yet, so she kept her for breakfast.

As soon as the few people sat down, Tina heard the sound of cars outside.

“Someone is here again?” Who could that be at this time?

Soon, someone came in.

“Eating breakfast?” Peter came in.

Peter was also not polite. He sat down directly at the table just like his own home, looked at Alyssa, and said with a smile: “Alyssa, don’t you mind having an extra pair of chopsticks?”

Alyssa laughed and turned to the servant: “Add a pair of dishes.”

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