Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1436

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Chapter 1436


After seeing Long Jiu kneeling, everyone in the room looked at this for a moment it must fall from the eye sockets!

Kneel down!

Long Jiu, Jiangnan Commander, actually kneeled in front of Lin Fan respectfully?

How is this possible!

For an instant, everyone felt their scalp numb, and they felt a suffocation that swept their hearts.

Especially the Bai family and the Shen family, the grinning smile on their faces at this moment has completely solidified!

Especially Mr. Shen, he was going crazy at this time, and said in horror:

“Long Lord, how can you kneel down for him? This waste, he dare to pretend to be Lin Zuo. , He’s a capital crime!”

“Aren’t you supposed to slash this guy who knows nothing about life and death?”

Father Shen’s voice was already at this moment. She was crying.

At this moment, he, who was already uneasy, became more and more apprehensive, as if he had expected something terrible to happen soon!

It’s not just him!

Even the members of the Bai family were almost paralyzed on the spot when they saw Long Jiu and others kneel down!

One by one, horrified!

He can’t accept this scene at all!

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

Old man Bai only felt that the sky was spinning, and almost fell to the ground his eyes looked at Long Jiu who was kneeling in horror.

He has been scared silly!

And now!

Long Jiu let out a cold snort and stared at Father Shen coldly:

“How do you know that he is an impersonator?”


This statement comes out!

The crowd was shocked!

It is not an impersonator?

Doesn’t that mean Lin Fan, really is Lin Zuo?

He is confused!

Everyone present was completely dumbfounded!

All of them can’t believe their ears!

“I heard it wrong they must have heard it wrong!”

How is this possible?

How could this waste be that powerful forest seat?

If he is really a Lin Zuo, does he still need to be the son-in-law of the Bai family?

Something must be wrong!

At this time, the Shen family and the Bai family only felt that their souls were about to peel off, their faces were completely gray, and their legs trembled wildly and uncontrollably.

However, the shock has just begun!

Right now!

Long Jiu looked at Lin Fan with a very respectful expression:

“Lin Zuo, because his subordinates have to receive guests, these unopened clutters angered Madam Please forgive Lin Zuo!”


When he heard this, the whole hall was completely burst!

In everyone’s eyes, there was a deep horror and amazement, and they were completely frightened!

“What happened, why is Long Jiu called Lin Fan Lin Zuo? Did I hear it wrong?”

“How could Lin Fan be Lin Zuo! Tell me, this is not true! Otherwise, our Bai family will be over!”

“No wonder, Lin Zuo will fall in love with my little Shen family and send us an invitation. It turns out that this is all because Lin Fan!”

Everyone in the room is completely petrified!

All their eyes were filled with shock!

No one can believe that an useless rubbish can have a relationship with the aloof Lin Zuo!

This is just like a dream!

And now, after all this really happened, the Bai family and the Shen family seemed to be driven into an abyss, completely desperate!

“This, this, this…this is impossible! Lin Fan, he is a trash! He can’t be Lin Zuo’s! Absolutely impossible!!!”

Old man Bai is crazy His roar was already sitting on the ground with fright, his expression completely distorted by fear.

At this moment, he was shocked to the extreme!

It’s not just them!

Even Li Xiuyun and others felt that their blood was completely coagulated at this time.

After seeing Long Jiu calling Lin Fan a forest seat, they were completely petrified.

At this time, he can no longer use words to describe my feelings.



Can’t believe it!

Looked at Lin Fan with his eyes!

“Lin Fan, is it the Lin Zuo?”

Wang Yanli murmured to herself, her face paled.

“Oh my God! The man who planned this century wedding with one hand was Lin Fan? He turned out to be the Lin Zuo, one of China’s four major army seats?”

Li Xiuyun only thinks at this time, I am suffocating completely!

At this time, they all reacted thoroughly.

And Li Xian on the side was pale, and the jealousy in her heart had already made her go crazy.

Lin Fan, turned out to be Lin Zuo?

Abandoned Lin Zuo by him and chose Zhou Peize, a broad young man?

Lost your pearls and want fish eyes?

She is simply blind!

At this time, she roared hysterically:

“Impossible! This is impossible! Lin Fan that trash, how could he be Lin Zuo!”
“And that woman, what qualifications does he have to be Lin Zuo’s wife?”

Her face is fierce, with a strong hatred, and she can’t wait to smash the dog and man in front of her segment.

All this should belong to her!

But now, there is nothing left!

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