Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1437

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Chapter 1437

“I regret it? But now, is regret still useful? The original position of the first lady is most likely yours!”
Li Xiuyun coldly snorted, staring at Li Xian with hatred of iron and steel:

“Now, let alone a wife, you are just a sister to others, and they don’t look down on you.”

Li Xiuyun hates it too!

If Li Xian was obedient, then their family would be Lin Zuo’s relatives!

“Lao Li, we know that we were wrong, can you please ask Lin Fan to forgive us?”

Wang Yanli was crying so badly that she couldn’t wait to smoke herself at this time Slap in the face.

Why didn’t she see that Lin Fan was a dragon and a phoenix in the first place?

“Please? How to ask? People are already married. Could it be that you want me to ruin their family?”

Li Xiuyun scolded angrily, and then snorted coldly. A cry:

“You are all dead with this heart! In the future, you are destined to be strangers with him!”

“I didn’t know when Lin Fan’s wings were not full before. Be nice to him, now that he is already a lofty Lin Zuo, one of the four great patron saints of China, at this time, I want to come to curry favor, which is simply whimsical.”

It’s impossible!

Upon hearing this, Li Xian and Wang Yanli’s hearts suddenly showed deep regret and pain.

However, there is more to it! After Zhou Peize on the side learned of Lin Fan’s identity, he was immediately scared to pee.

That face was completely ashen, as if a mouse had seen a cat.

Immediately, he looked at Li Xian and said angrily:
“Li Xian, you slut, you have offended Lin Zuo, and I want to break up with you!”

He even dared to insult Lin Zuo, and even grab a woman with Lin Zuo?

If Lin Zuo is really angry, then his end will be extremely miserable, even his old man can’t keep him.


Li Xian’s expression changed wildly and looked at Zhou Peize in amazement:

“Zhou Peize, what do you…what do you mean?”

Now, Lin Fan missed up!

Even Zhou Peize, want to abandon her?

Is this just stealing the chicken without losing the rice?


Zhou Peize snorted coldly, and said angrily:

“What do I mean? I mean, you are a broom star! Whoever marries you is bad luck!”

He left here without looking back, never looking at Li Xian again.

He is already scared!


Li Xian suddenly sat on the ground feebly, looking at Wang Yanli with a gray face:

“Mom, I have nothing now! What should I do?”
Wang Yanli put her arms around her, she kept tearing, but she did not know how to comfort her.

At this moment!

Throughout the wedding banquet, the atmosphere was completely frozen!

Everyone suddenly looked horrified, and looked at Lin Fan with an unbelievable look.

I’m extremely nervous!

At this moment, it seemed that Lin Fan was the focus of the audience!

Even the Bai Yi family is completely confused at this time!

Lin Fan, is Lin Zuo?

How is this possible?

They looked at Lin Fan with a wicked look, and they only felt that Lin Fan was so strange at this time.

It feels like they are not the same person at all!

Even Bai Yi couldn’t believe that her husband could have such a huge background.

And just now!

Under the excited and shocked eyes of everyone, Lin Fan hugged Bai Yi, slowly walked to the front of the stage, and looked around at everyone present!

The temperament in him is like a supreme king!

Overlooking a group of ants followed closely, under the horrified eyes of everyone, Lin Fan said:

“I…I am Lin Zuo!”


After getting Lin Fan’s personal acknowledgment, all the guests present had their hairs upside down. At this moment, they all knelt down!

“Congratulations to Lin Zuo!”

“Congratulations to Lin Zuo!”

“Congratulations to Lin Zuo!”
The boundless shout, one louder than one, deafening!

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