Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1438

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Chapter 1438

A lot of attention, he is Lin Zuo!

At this moment, everyone was shocked by Lin Fan, and the excitement couldn’t calm down for a long time.

And the people of the Shen family are completely desperate at this time!

Old man Shen jumped into thunder, and roared:

“Where are Shen Jian and Cuiping? Where are they?”

Those two calamities want to frame Lin Fan and Bai Yi turned out to be the real Lin Zuo and the first lady.

Isn’t this going to kill their Shen family?


Elder Shen planned to hand over the two for atonement, in an effort to calm Lin Zuo’s anger.


The Shen family members were crying, and said:

“Patriarch, they have already escaped in fear of sin. I think they have known the identities of Lin Fan and Bai Yi!”


Mr. Shen finally understood why Shen Jian and his wife had to leave the field early, and why they said that the major event was not good.

The couple stabbed such a big basket for the Shen family, but they turned away. Now they want the Shen family to commit the crime.

Immediately, he was dizzy, almost faint on the spot, if he hadn’t been held by someone, he would have landed on the back of his head.

After being supported, Mr. Shen suddenly burst into tears his face was full of deep regret:
“My family is unfortunate! My family is unfortunate!”

“Quick! Help me to apologize to Lin Zuo!”


Before they could get closer, Lin Fan spoke:

“Shen family, everyone can live if they leave a hand!”


At the moment when he heard this, all the people in the Shen family were completely discolored, and their expressions were extremely frightened!


Immediately after, they slumped on the ground one after another, their faces completely pale!


The Shen family, it’s over!

Lin Fan didn’t want to listen to their explanations at all, so he directly made their whole family crippled!

Mr. Shen was crying and looked at Shen Yumei:

“Yumei, forgive me! I am your father!”


Without waiting for Shen Yumei to speak, Lin Fan showed murderous intent:

“No more bullshit! I want you to die here in the Shen family!”


At this moment, everyone can feel the terrifying killing intent on Lin Fan’s body!

He knew that Lin Fan must do what he said!

After all, he is Lin Zuo. Lin Zuo wants to eradicate a small family in China.

These words made Old Man Shen and others look desperate!

They have also realized that the Shen family is completely finished!

And at the same time!

After hearing Lin Fan’s words, all the members of the Bai family were suddenly tense and tense instantly.

For fear, he will end up like the Shen family!

It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t even look at them, holding Bai Yi before leaving the door.

See it!

Long Jiu and the others, immediately kneeled down on the ground respectfully, and shouted in unison:

“Send the forest seat!”

And see here. , I don’t know why, the old man Bai and others suddenly felt like a knife.


They would rather Lin Fan beat them or scold them, and they didn’t want Lin Fan to ignore them so indifferently.

Such a gesture is to clear away the relationship with their Bai family!

Distinguished the relationship with Lin Zuo, this is tantamount to ruining a great opportunity, how can they accept this?

“Patriarch, you can’t let them go! Lin Fan is a Lin Zuo, and we have to rely on him for the Bai Huang Tengda!”

“Yes Patriarch, he is you His grandson-in-law, he will definitely forgive you!”

At the moment, Old Man Bai also nodded again and again, and then walked towards Lin Fan with his head upright.

“What are you doing?”


Before they got close, they were stopped by Long Jiu and others!

“I know that my grandson-in-law is Lin Zuo’s old man, so where can I put them in my eyes:”

“Get out of the waste! I’m Lin Zuo’s grandfather, dare you stop me? Do you want to die?”

But as soon as his voice fell, Lin Fan turned his head and said with a faint smile:

“Patriarch Bai, am I worthy to call your grandfather? “

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