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Chapter 45

Alyssa looked up at “Luther” in surprise: “Did you buy it?”

“Cousin bought it for you.” Karl glanced at her and began to eat.

Alyssa: “…” She said as if she wanted “Luther” to buy her something.

Since Karl bought it, she accepted it.

Alyssa found that there was a calling card beside her mobile phone, which was the number she used before.

She installed her phone card and called Tina.

After only one ring, the phone was connected.

Tina’s tone was very worried: “Alyssa, are you okay? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, are you back to the crew now?” Tina said before, she will be back to the crew today.

“You have such a big incident, what kind of crew do I have to go back to? I’m going out now, let’s meet.” Tina’s voice sounded completely packing things up.

Alyssa also wanted to talk to Tina about what happened last night, and immediately agreed: “Well, I’m eating, I’ll go out later…”

“What’s going out, I’ll come to you.” Tina interrupted her directly, and hung up after speaking.

She put down the phone and raised her eyes, she saw the man who was eating slowly on the other side.

In front of her, he always behaved abnormally arrogant and unscrupulous, but he acted on the contrary, showing calmness and caution everywhere.

“What happened last night…” Alyssa paused before saying, “Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” Karl raised his head to look at her, her jet-black eyes filled with an unconscious smile: “Thank me for pushing you away at a critical time?”

Alyssa realized what he meant, and her face suddenly turned red: “Can you speak well!”

As for the last bit of gratitude in her heart to him, it disappeared completely.

Karl had finished drinking the porridge, and while taking the towel to wipe his hands, he said, “Thanks so casually, without sincerity.”

Alyssa thought for a while, and felt that there was indeed no sincerity: “Then I invite you to dinner?”

“Eating? It’s okay, just go to the club where I took you last time.” Karl’s tone was very serious.

That club…

Alyssa pursed her lips. If she remembers correctly, the club is located in Rostenvel, but the entertainment club on the apex of the pyramid. As a rookie she just graduated, let alone no job, even if she has a job, following It will take at least half a year’s salary to set up a table there according to the standard of “Luther”.

She suspected that “Luther” was deliberate.

Alyssa said straightforwardly: “If you change one, that one I can’t afford it.”

“Luther” looked at her in surprise: “Cousin didn’t give you his secondary card?”

“Why is he giving me a secondary card!” Alyssa felt that “Luther” was strange everywhere.

The next moment, “Luther” took out a black card from behind and threw it in front of her: “Cousin gave it to me, you can use it.”

Alyssa didn’t get the black card, but said with envy, “Karl is really kind to you.”

Karl never showed up in front of people. According to rumors, he had a cruel and extreme temperament, but he let “Luther” live in his villa and gave “Luther” his secondary card.

On the other hand, she and Isabel are just like enemies.

Hearing this, Karl took a deep look at her: “As long as you are willing to work hard, maybe he will treat you better than me.”

“Work hard”, he deliberately emphasized the tone.

Arrogant and shameless man!

Alyssa ignored him, bowed her head and took two bites of rice, then took the black card away.

Spending Karl’s money, invited “Luther” to eat, no problem.

She originally wanted to thank “Luther” sincerely. Don’t blame her for not being sincere if he asked her to order such an expensive place on purpose.


When Tina came, Alyssa was still struggling with the door.

It was weird, that door could not be opened.

A bodyguard came up behind her and told her: “Madam, Miss Weber is here.”

Alyssa had to go downstairs to see Tina.

She went immediately, and Tina rushed forward: “It’s fine if you are fine!”

Alyssa smiled at her and asked her: “I’m fine, how about you?”

The video posted by the blogger last night was very popular. Tina’s agent also saw it and sent it to Tina.

Tina attended a business banquet last night, and the agent was afraid that there would be trouble afterwards, so she asked a few people to take a group photo and post it on Twitter to avoid someone hacking her.

When posting on Twitter, she discovered that there were a lot of missed calls on her mobile phone. Later, she answered Peter’s call, only to realize that Alyssa thought she was in the ZVR Club and went to look for her.

After listening to Tina’s words, Alyssa understood that this was most likely a game set up by someone who deliberately led her over.

The only person she had offended recently was Isabel.

The matter between her and Isabel has been posted on the Internet recently, so Isabel must also know that she is always online.

Moreover, Isabel also knew that Tina was her good friend.

Isabel really spent some thought on her revenge.

When Tina saw her lost in thought, he asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Alyssa looked up at her: “It should have been made by Isabel. I knew she often played outside and was also a member of a certain club, but because I didn’t pay attention to this, I didn’t know it was the ZVR club.”

If she had known before that the place where Isabel often played was the ZVR Club, she would definitely not be fooled.

Although Tina was very busy, she knew a lot about things, and she wouldn’t go to a banquet in such a place.

Tina frowned. Just as she was about to say something, she heard the familiar cell phone ringing.

She lowered her head and took out her cell phone, only to see that it was not her phone.

Alyssa took out her phone and shook it: “It’s mine.”

“So you finally changed your phone?” Tina’s eyes widened. Whenever she thought of changing her phone. Alyssa always said that she was afraid to upset Rachel, so she never changed her phone.

Alyssa’s eyes were bright, obviously a little happy, she leaned into Tina’s ear and whispered, “Karl gave it to me.”

She thought this might be a sign that Karl was gradually opening his heart to accept her, so she was very happy.

At first, she agreed to marry Karl, so naturally she still hoped to get along well with him.

Tina obviously still has something to ask, Alyssa pointed to the phone: “I will answer the phone first.”

However, when she saw the back-to-back numbers, her complexion was not very good.

Rachel’s voice was gentle: “Alyssa, I have booked a tea restaurant. Come out to have a meal with me at noon.”

Nothing to show courtesy, you will steal if you do it!

Alyssa asked with a light smile: “Just our mother and daughter?”

Rachel hesitated for a while, and then said, “Uh…yes, just our mother and daughter have a quiet meal together.”

Alyssa didn’t believe her words!

Chapter 46

Alyssa did not respond immediately, Rachel quickly explained: “Alyssa, I was too busy before, and I didn’t even have time to have a meal alone with you, don’t blame your mother.”

If it was before, if Rachel asked Alyssa to eat alone, she could fly with joy.

Using busyness as an excuse is too unconcerned.

Rachel is a full-time wife, and there are so many servants at home. What can she do?

She can remember clearly that once, she bought a movie ticket and wanted to watch a movie with Rachel. Rachel had already agreed to go.

However, she did not wait for Rachel until the movie ended.

She only found out when I returned home that it was because Isabel was drunk outside. Rachel was busy picking up Isabel, so naturally she left Alyssa aside, and she didn’t even call her, and kept her waiting until the end. .

Alyssa warmed her lips, her voice was stained with a faint smile: “Okay, you send me the address.”

When she hung up the phone, she looked up and saw Tina looking at her with a hatred of iron and steel.

Alyssa was surprised: “What?”

Tina said irritably, “Your mother asked you to have dinner again? Are you really going?”

“Going” Alyssa pulled Tina and sat down on the sofa. One second before Tina went violently, she said slowly: “I have my plan. Let you help me bring the bricks. Did you bring it?”

Tina: “In the car, I will get it for you.”

Alyssa couldn’t open the door, but her things were all inside. She asked someone to unlock the door and didn’t know when to end the wait. She had to ask Tina to bring her a brick, and she slammed the door directly.

Tina’s work has been rising rapidly over the past two years. She originally wanted to help Alyssa smash the door, but her people came to her again.

Before leaving, she reluctantly said: “Alyssa, when you smash the door, remember to shoot a live video to show me.”

Alyssa: “…” Does Tina’s fan know that she is so secondary?


Alyssa took the slab and walked to the door of her room, raised her hand and slammed it down on the doorknob. The movement was a bit loud.

Karl walked over when she heard the sound, and when he saw her smashing the door, he was taken aback, then stretched out his hand and lowered his forehead, and laughed low.

This woman is really… overwhelming!

He walked over, clasped her wrist very accurately, and said in a low voice: “Cousin is not at home, you can sleep in his room, and break the door and count you?”

Alyssa also felt that it was not good to smash something, and hesitated and said, “But all my things are inside.”

“When you got married, someone sent a lot of feminine products to his room.” In fact, he had only recently bought them.

Alyssa didn’t expect this to happen, but she still shook her head and said frankly, “But I dare not go to sleep in his room.”

I might be ridiculed by “Luther” when she said this, but she didn’t dare to dare.

Karl didn’t expect her to say that. Isn’t she the woman who always contradicts him?

“So, I’ll smash the door. I believe he won’t let me close the door, so he won’t be so stingy.” After all, did she give her a mobile phone? He didn’t pursue those things on the Internet, and Alyssa felt that he was better than she had imagined.

A daze flashed across Karl’s black eyes, and then he didn’t speak any more.

She has said, he is a magnificent person, what else can he say?

Had to help her smash the door.

He stretched out his hand to take the slab in Alyssa’s hand, and smashed the door open in three or two.

Alyssa “Luther” didn’t seem to be that annoying anymore, she blinked and said, “Thank you.”

Karl didn’t speak or look at her, turned around and left. His back looked a bit…irritable?

Karl didn’t go far when he saw that a bodyguard had heard the movement coming up.

Karl glanced at the bodyguard, “Nothing.”

The subtext is to let him go downstairs.

The bodyguard immediately turned and went downstairs, but he was a little confused.

Just now there was such a big movement, the brothers all guessed that the young master was fighting with the young lady, and he also bet a hundred bill, but the young master did not look like arguing with the young lady…

As soon as Karl entered the room, he received a WeChat message from Peter.

There were more than forty seconds of his voice. Karl clicked the voice bar and put down the phone.

“I’m sending you a WeChat message at this time. Do I bother you? Did you have a good time last night? Did the things I sent in the past come in handy? I say if you…”

When Karl heard this, he directly pressed the phone’s power button to lock the screen.

Walked towards the cloakroom.

The cloakroom is very large, half of which are men’s suits and shirts, and the other half are women’s skirts and sweaters.

Alyssa is probably really tired of him, but if she pays more attention to him, she will find that he lives in the master bedroom, and she will find that “Luther” and “Karl” have never been appeared at the same time.

It may also be a preconceived reason that made her feel that “Karl” is definitely not a normal person.

Karl remembered that she was at the dining table before, and after she heard that the mobile phone was given to her by “Karl”, her eyes were delighted.

At that moment, he was a little jealous of himself.


Alyssa closed the door and lay on the bed.

She was more at ease when she fell asleep in a familiar bed. After a while, she got up to wash her face and change clothes.

Standing in front of the mirror, she hesitated for a moment, and decided not to pretend to be ugly. That was troublesome, and she didn’t really plan to have dinner with Rachel.

Anyway, she was discovered by “Luther” last night, and he didn’t say much. Karl had never seen her before. She deliberately pretended to be ugly and caused trouble for herself, which seemed useless.


She thought of “Luther” who k!ssed her in the morning, and that k!ss made her blush and heartbeat.

After recovering, Alyssa realized that she was reminiscing about the k!ss of “Luther”, and her face turned pale after “brushing”.

“Luther” is Karl’s cousin, what is she thinking!

Until she changed her clothes and went out, her complexion was still very bad.

Coincidentally, she met “Luther” again at the top of the stairs.

Seeing that her complexion was very bad, Karl frowned slightly and asked her, “Why uncomfortable?”

He said, reaching out to touch her forehead.

Alyssa jumped far away in shock, and said in a panic: “I’m fine, all right…”

After speaking, she ran away quickly.

Karl stood on the spot, looking down at his hand that was still in the air. After a long while, he withdrew his hand with a gloomy expression.

He walked to the side of the escalator and watched Alyssa run away with her bag on her back, his expression darkened a little bit, but soon, he raised his heel uneasy.

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