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Chapter 43

Karl tensed his nerves all night, and finally relaxed.

He squatted down, reached out and touched her head, peeled off the hair covering her face, his voice was slightly hoarse but his words were clear: “Alyssa, I finally found you.”

Her hair is messy, her clothes are wrinkled, and there are fine beads of sweat on her forehead, but fortunately, she is fine.

Karl stretched out his hand to hug her up, but his arm was wrapped around her back, she was frightened and struggling, and said weakly, “Go away…”

Karl’s expression had already calmed down, but it was a little gloomy again.

He looked at Alyssa deeply, and after a few seconds, he leaned to her ear and said softly: “I am Luther, I will take you home.”

The arc of Alyssa’s pushback became smaller, and then turned her head to his side. Karl was already close to her ear, and the two of them were close together, their heads leaning against each other.

He could feel her forehead extremely hot.

Karl’s face became cold, and he picked her up quickly and strode out.

The woman in her arms smoked him like a small stove, seemingly a little uncomfortable, frowning, breathing panting and anxious, but very cleverly and trustingly close to his chest, not moving No trouble.

Karl’s face was sullen, and the anger in his heart rose.

Some subordinates notified Peter and Smith that when Karl came out to the lobby holding Alyssa, he saw them both.

Seeing Karl’s face at night, he didn’t dare to ask, Peter stepped up and asked, “Is she okay?”

“Okay.” Karl’s voice was deep, turning his head to look at Smith: “Go to the hospital.”

“Yes,” Smith responded respectfully and took out his cell phone to make a call.

When getting in the car, Karl seemed to think of something, and asked Peter, “Where is your little star?”

“I just called her through, and she’s not here.” Although Peter is still dissatisfied with Karl’s name for Tina, he also knows that it is not the time to care about this kind of problem.

Karl didn’t say anything, but raised his head and told the driver: “Hurry up.”

Although speeding is about to happen soon, the driver dare not disobey the order.

Fortunately, it is a bit late now, and there are a lot fewer cars on the road.

The group went to the nearest private hospital.

The hospital is not very big and there are few people. The doctor on duty is a man who is chatting with his girlfriend to pass the time.

The doctor looked up and saw Karl’s group approaching, his complexion changed slightly, and he hung up the phone quickly.

Karl walked in front of Alyssa, Smith and Peter walked behind him, behind him were a group of subordinates. At first glance, it looked a bit like a gangster.

The doctor turned pale with fright: “Please…Is this to see a doctor?”

“Yeah.” Karl replied, put Alyssa on the hospital bed, and then stood abruptly and stared at the doctor.

The doctor swallowed and tremblingly helped Alyssa to check, the hands holding the stethoscope were shaking.

Karl glanced at him coldly, “Are you afraid?”

The doctor responded quickly: “No…no…”

Surrounded by a group of underworld-like figures, as if he made a mistake and would kill him directly, can he not be afraid?

However, the medicine given to this woman was indeed a bit biased, with anesthetic ingredients, and it looked like a s3x medicine…

Although he couldn’t see what medicine the woman was given, it is not difficult to cure it.

He gave Alyssa an injection and hung up another bottle of suspension needles, and Alyssa’s situation eased.

After returning to the villa, Karl directly hugged Alyssa into his room.

There was too much sweat on her face, and she looked a little flowery at the moment, Karl got up and went to the bathroom to take a hot towel and wipe her face.

He stretched out his hand to brush her thick bangs up, and wiped her face with a towel in the other hand.

Wiping it, Karl’s hands couldn’t help but froze. This was the first time he had done this kind of service, and he did it quite smoothly…

However, Alyssa’s face seems to be different?

The last time he was in the restaurant, he found that Alyssa had a problem with her face, but she was too guarded against him, so he didn’t have a chance to find out, and he didn’t care much about women’s looks.

Looking at it now, the problem is really not small.

After he squinted and wiped her face clean, he stepped back a little to look at her.

Unlike her usual sallow and black spotted face, the original complexion on her face was very healthy and bright white, as white as if it were going to shine under the light.

The lip color is rosy, the small nose bridge is straight, the long and curly eyelashes line up like a fan, casting a gentle shadow on the eyes, the forehead is smooth, and the hairline is neat.

The five senses look good when separated, and they look better when they are together.

Karl looked at it, and suddenly laughed lowly.

This woman even pretended to be ugly even if she pretended to be stupid, it seemed that her life was really miserable.


When Alyssa woke up, not only did her whole body hurt, but her throat was full of smoke.

She turned her head, looked left and right in confusion, and found that it was not her room.

She turned over and sat up, her mind short-circuited, and she couldn’t remember what happened last night.

At this time, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Karl walked in with a glass of water, walked to the bed and handed her the water, “Drink water.”

Alyssa reached out and took it and drank it.

At this time, she suddenly realized that the man in front of her was wearing a nightgown. She looked down at herself and found that she was also wearing a nightgown.

The memory returned, and there was too much information pouring into her mind. She was a little unclear for a while: “Luther! You… I… Last night… We…”

Karl sat down by the bed, with one hand on her side, looking at her with deep eyes, with a low voice: “Last night, I went to the ZVR Club to rescue you. After coming back, you have to sleep with me. In the room, and then took advantage of me, and you did everything to me.”


Alyssa looked confused, she only remembered that she jumped downstairs, grabbed a railing on a certain floor, climbed in and hid behind the curtains, and then she didn’t remember.

But she remembered that, except for the desire to survive when she jumped off the building, which made her grab the railing, she had no energy the rest of the time.

Since she didn’t have much strength, how did she do things that “Luther” shouldn’t do?

“Don’t lie to me! Although I don’t remember what happened last night, I can be sure that I don’t have the strength to do anything to you!”

“Since you don’t remember, how dare you be so sure that you didn’t do anything to me? The medicine they gave you is a new type of auxiliary medicine, and the effect was very good.” Karl got closer, his tone ambiguous. Said: “Besides, I have always liked my cousin. If you want it, I can’t refuse you…”

Chapter 44

Seeing that “Luther” was speaking seriously, Alyssa didn’t look at it as a lie at all, and it raised her heartbeat.

She really had no impression of what happened later last night. She was drugged again. It is possible that something happened to her…

Alyssa’s mind was blank for a moment and suddenly thought of Karl.

She can no longer stay in “Luther”‘s room if Karl knows…

With a blank face, she lifted the quilt to get out of bed but was pressed back by Karl.

“My cousin was exhausted last night. I should take a good rest. I will let someone do what you want to eat.” Karl’s hand on her shoulder looked weak, but she couldn’t move.

When Alyssa thought that she and “Luther” might have done something like that last night, a sense of shame swept through her body, and she trembled with anger: “You are shameless!”

“This is shameless? So… how about this?” He said, pressing the hand on her shoulder with a slight force, pushing her back onto the bed, covering her tall body, and accurately capturing her as soon as he lowered his head with his Lips.

Alyssa was k!ssed off guard, and she was stunned. This gave Karl a chance to restrain her.

He held her wrist, held her lips to attack the city and swept the pool, k!ssing strongly and domineeringly.

Alyssa’s only k!ssing experience also came from this man, but he hadn’t k!ssed so deeply the previous few times, and the clear breath of the man enveloped her, leaving her no room to resist.

After the k!ss ended, Karl pecked her lips twice before he straightened up.

Alyssa was lying on her back on the bed, her beautiful and clear eyes were covered with mist, her complexion was crimson, her breath was slightly panting, and she looked soft and slaughtered.

Karl’s breath that had already calmed down became a bit heavier. He looked at her with deep eyes, and said with a low voice, “I have something more shameless. Would you like to try it?”

Alyssa was awakened by his words, and her eyes returned to clarity. When she raised her eyes, she saw him with a face on top of her head. She held her breath, raised her hand, and waved at him fiercely.

However, her palm was quickly intercepted by Karl’s eyes and hands.

Karl curled his lips, smiled deeply, pinched her palm to his lips, and branded a k!ss on her soft palm: “I like a woman with agility like you cousin.”

Alyssa: “…”

This man is so shameless that there is no lower limit!

She couldn’t get her hand back, and was controlled by him, so she suffocated her anger and said, “I am your cousin!”

Karl seemed to have not heard the anger in her tone, and smiled deeper: “My cousin has gone abroad. He will not come back for ten and a half days. During this period, no one will come to the villa to disturb us, right? Exciting?”

Exciting ghost!

She is not as good as having s3x with her uncle!

Seeing that her complexion was getting worse and worse, Karl stopped teasing her, stood up, put a smile away, and asked her seriously: “What do you want to eat, I will let someone do it.”

Alyssa looked indifferent: “I don’t want to eat anything.”

She only hopes that she can go out quickly!

Karl was indifferent to her indifference, and said himself: “Then make porridge and fry some small dishes.”

As soon as he went out, Alyssa jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom.

She wants to make sure whether she and “Luther” really did that kind of thing.

Backaches are common, but there is no discomfort in any part of her body.

On the other hand, although “Luther” does not seem to be a good person, she inexplicably believes that he will not be the kind of person who takes advantage of others.

She locked the bathroom door, checked her body, and found that there were no traces on her body, and she did not feel any discomfort in a certain part after a few jumps.

She knew that “Luther” was lying to her.

So naive, it’s fun for a big man to make such a joke to her?

Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the sink to wash her face, but when she saw herself in the mirror, she was stunned.

The ugly makeup on her face was removed…

Maybe because there was so much that happened last night, she looked a little haggard, but she was young, and this haggard not only didn’t make her ugly, but also added a trace of pitiful weakness.

The breath that Alyssa had just let go, suddenly came up again.


Half an hour later, Karl went upstairs and asked Alyssa to eat.

Entered the room and found that the bed was empty.

He stayed at the door of the room for a while, and when he turned around, he saw Alyssa standing behind him without knowing when.

Alyssa looked at him blankly: “Why can’t my room door be opened?”

She just wanted to go back to her room, but she couldn’t open the door of the room with the strength of the milk.

“The door lock is broken.” Karl’s tone was weak, unable to tell the truth from the false.

Alyssa looked at him suspiciously, wasn’t the lock on the door she went out last night okay?

Seeing that her expression had become normal, Karl guessed that she already knew that nothing had happened to them.

“Let’s eat first.” After he finished speaking, he went straight downstairs.

Before, she really mistakenly thought that she had done something with “Luther”, so she had no appetite. In fact, she was already hungry.

In the restaurant.

Alyssa and Karl sat face to face, and the bodyguard brought the food.

She has always been a little curious why there are only bodyguards and no servants in the villa. Generally speaking, the maids are better able to take care of people.

Alyssa asked “Luther” tentatively: “Does your cousin hate women?”

When Karl heard the words, his porridge stirring action paused, he was so obvious?

He put down the spoon in his hand and looked up at Alyssa: “Why do you ask?”

Alyssa also put down the spoon in her hand: “He seems to have never wanted to see me, and there is no maid in the villa.”

Karl smiled and said nothing.

Alyssa felt as if she had forgotten something, she stretched out her hand and rubbed her head, and sat up abruptly: “Tina, is she okay?”

After speaking, she remembered that even though Karl had seen Tina, he did not necessarily know her. She added: “It was the friend who came to the villa to find me that day. She and Peter met.”

Thinking of what happened last night, Karl’s face darkened slightly: “She’s fine.”

He also cares about others. If he doesn’t go last night, let’s see how she escapes from the ZVR Club.

Alyssa was still not at ease, reaching out to touch her mobile phone, which reminded her that her mobile phone, when she jumped off the building last night, it had fallen down, and the body might be incomplete.

Karl caught a glimpse of her movement, stretched out his hand and took a box from behind, and pushed directly in front of her.

“What is it?” Alyssa asked curiously, Karl didn’t say much, glanced at her and motioned to her to open it.

Alyssa opened the box and found a new ladies mobile phone of a certain big brand lying inside.

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