Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 434

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Chapter 434

“Pull out from the emergency room yesterday, do you think you are a patient?”

Grace was shocked.

“I went into the rescue room last night? Why don’t I remember?”

“You drank fragments.” Jacob closed the book, his face suddenly became cold and serious.

“Women of the Liang family won’t get drunk outside. You were taken by Janice.”

Grace opened her mouth in shock, and said, “It’s obviously her who I took astray!”

“Why do you have the face to say?”

Grace bowed her head.

When it comes to Janice, Grace is worried. “By the way… Is Janice okay?”

Jacob said, “Which aspect do you mean?”

Grace: “…”

“Did you not enter the rescue room?”

“It’s fine.”

Grace was worried, and stood up from the swing, “I’d better greet her.”

Grace entered the house and called Janice again.

After waiting for a long time, Janice answered her call.

“Grace, I’m sorry, your trust limit in our bank is already negative, so don’t contact me in the future.” Janice hung up after speaking.

Grace looked at the microphone in a daze.

Perplexed: “Didn’t she just untie her knot last night?”

What went wrong?

In the microphone, Janice’s voice was sad and desperate, sullen and angry. Grace was very worried.

Finally, Grace ran out and said to Jacob, “I want to go to the imperial capital?”

Jacob was slightly startled, and a panic flashed in his heart.

He was certain that she would not come back consciously after she left.

And he will face the state of mind of looking for people everywhere.

But since he promised her no longer restrain her, he can only suppress all the anxiety in his heart.


Grace suddenly laughed, smiling like a flower!

“Thank you Zhan Ye!” Grace ran away.

“Come back!”

Grace took a few steps back suddenly, knowing that this guy would not let her go easily.

“In the closet of the master bedroom on the second floor, go and change your clothes.”

Grace was dumbfounded!

Just let her change clothes?

“But there are all your clothes in the closet. Which one should I change?”

“Up to you.”

Grace pouted and returned to the second floor gloomily.

He really doesn’t understand, why can’t he lend her this suit?

When she opened all the closet doors in the cloakroom in the master bedroom, she understood Jacob’s intentions.

It turns out that half of the clothes in the cloakroom are women’s clothing. And each one is a limited edition refined masterpiece. The price is expensive.

Grace opened the subscript code, and it turned out to be her number.

Grace was stunned for a long time…

What does that guy mean?

Is it necessary to fatten the pigs before killing them?

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