Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 41 – 42

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Chapter 41

Alyssa’s consciousness was still somewhat clear, and she could feel that it was two men supporting her.

Their strength is great, and her struggle is like a worm shaking a tree, she can’t break them at all.

“You… where are you taking me…” She wanted to cry out for help, but her voice was very weak.

Alyssa vaguely felt that she was taken into a certain room, and then thrown directly onto the bed.

She bent her arms, elbows on the bedsheet, and remembered, but she couldn’t help it.

Then there was the sound of dialogue.

“Sent such an ugly woman?”

“The appearance is a little bit worse, but she is in good shape. From behind, she can’t see her face…” It was a woman’s voice. She paused, and her tone became vicious: “You want to play with a few people, what do you think? You can play, just don’t play her to death.”

Alyssa clasped her hands tightly, pinching her palms hard, trying to make herself more awake.

The pain came, her eyes became a little clearer, and she saw a man and a woman standing by the bed talking.

She couldn’t hear what they were saying. The survival instinct made her move and want to get out of bed, but unexpectedly fell off the bed.


The sound of her falling caught the attention of the man and the woman. The man walked over and threw her up on the bed. His tone was a little surprised: “Damn, this woman is very powerful. She has given such a sufficient amount of medicine. Can’t move.”

“One more point.”

“It won’t be fun to fall asleep.”

“Wake up later…”

Alyssa felt pain from her chin, and the cold liquid slipped from her mouth into her throat. After that, she was completely unconscious.


Karl processed a few documents in the study and was about to go downstairs to pour water.

Alyssa’s room was not far from Karl’s study.

As soon as he came out, he subconsciously glanced at Alyssa’s room and found that Alyssa’s door was half-open.

That ugly woman’s usual schedule of work and rest is like an old lady, but now she hasn’t slept with the door open?

Karl strode towards her room and opened the door to look, and found that the light in the room was on and the bed was empty.

He frowned and raised his wrist to check the time, it was almost eleven.

He swept it inadvertently and saw her computer still on the sofa.

The computer needs a password to open, but this is hardly impossible for Karl.

He easily turned on her computer, and what was displayed on the computer screen was exactly the Tweet she had read before.

After opening the video and watching it for two seconds, he turned it off. Some wealthy children often gather crowds to play some large-scale games, and by the way find some young model stars to play with. This is commonplace and not a novelty.

It’s just that Alyssa hasn’t come back this time, it’s really abnormal.

The sheets have been laid, and the pajamas are on the sofa beside it. It is obvious that she had planned to take a bath and sleep. What happened to let her go out suddenly?

Karl thought of something, his dark pupils suddenly shrank, his expression suddenly changed.

He opened the video again, watched it twice, then took out his cell phone and called Peter.

Peter was a little bit noisy over there: “Call me at this time, did you finally find out that you want to help me block alcohol?”

Although AdamPic is a big company, it doesn’t need to rely on dinner to get things done, but occasionally it also has to give its partners a little face and come out to eat together.

Such things generally fall on Peter.

Karl ignored him and asked him in a calm voice, “That little star in your family, where is she now?”

He only remembered that the little star was Alyssa’s good friend. As for her name, he didn’t remember.

“What little star?” Peter said dissatisfied: “My family, Tina, is definitely going to reach the top and become a queen star!”

“Heh!” Karl sneered: “The premise of becoming a queen is that she can stay in the entertainment circle for a long time.”

Peter’s heart tightened: “What do you mean? Come at me if you have anything to do, what is the ability to bully a woman!”

Karl felt that he wanted to throw Peter into Africa now, and he didn’t want such a stupid partner.

“Come to the ZVR Club.”

Karl dropped these words, hung up the phone and drove out.

The ZVR club is very famous in Rostenvel, but it has a bad reputation, because this club was founded by a group of rich second generations who only know how to eat, drink and have fun.

But because it was jointly created by the children of the rich family, the background was hard and it could not be uprooted. This is no secret in the upper-class circles.

Naturally, Peter also knew about the ZVR Club. He got up and picked up his jacket and walked out. While walking, he called Tina, his hands were shaking.


The dinner Peter participated in was not far from the ZVR Club, so when Karl arrived, he had already arrived.

When Peter saw him, he immediately greeted him, “What’s the matter?”

Karl’s face was solemn, his eyes were cold and stern: “Alyssa and your star are in here.”

When Peter heard this, he turned and ran in.

He was recognized as soon as he entered.

“Mr. Grant also come to play?”

Peter grabbed his collar, “Where is the banquet hall?”

Karl also has a clubhouse under his hands, but it has much more connotations than the ZVR Club. He has never been here, so he doesn’t know where the banquet hall is.

When the man saw Peter, he wanted to flatter him with a few words, but when he saw Peter looking for his father and enemy to kill, he honestly pointed to the location of the banquet hall and did not dare to say anything.

Peter let go of the person and turned his head to talk to Karl, only to realize that Karl was no longer behind him.

Karl went to the banquet hall.

The scene inside is very chaotic, men and women get together, touch, flirt and laugh, and there are even people working directly in the banquet hall.

Karl looked good, and as soon as he entered the banquet hall, the eyes of those women were all glued to his body, like a cat seeing a mouse, wishing to pounce on him.

A woman came over to strike up a conversation, put her hand on his shoulder, and pressed her chest against his chest: “Handsome guy, came alone?”

However, before the woman’s chest could be attached, Karl twisted her arm and threw her far away: “Get out!”

“Ah–” the woman screamed and passed out.

His actions made other eager women dare not come forward.

Suddenly, he saw a woman and a man entangled in the corner.

The woman turned her back to him, most of her clothes were taken off, and she straddled the man, shaking her waist very sl*ttyly.

This familiar figure made Karl stop abruptly, as if rooting under his feet, he dared not take a step forward.

Chapter 42

Peter chased up from behind and saw Karl standing still, and looking forward along his line of sight, his glasses were about to fall off: “This, this…this is …?”

Feeling the gloomy aura from Karl next to him, Peter quickly silenced, and said, “It’s not like it at all, I’ll help you see it, this is definitely not your wife!”

Karl said with a sullen face, Peter knew that he agreed.

He was actually a little nervous. He had never seen Alyssa a few times, but he could see that this figure was too similar to Alyssa, not to mention Karl and Alyssa getting along day and night, he must have seen it too.

Peter was a little nervous. Judging by the friendship he and Karl had known for many years, Karl was actually very concerned about Alyssa.

Although Alyssa doesn’t look good, maybe Karl, who has never been close to women, is after her spiritual beauty?

Peter stepped forward, turned sideways slightly, and reached out to twist the woman’s face. He glanced at it as if he couldn’t bear it, and then hurriedly looked away.

It doesn’t seem to be Alyssa?

He glanced again, then excitedly said to Karl, “It’s not her!”

When Karl heard the words, his eyes flashed, and he strode over. After seeing the woman’s appearance, he smiled gloomily, pinched her neck and asked, “Where is Alyssa?”

Isabel didn’t expect to meet Karl’s “cousin” here, she wanted to break his hand, but the man’s strength was too great, she couldn’t break it at all.

The man holding Isabel was interrupted by good deeds, staring at him and he was about to curse, but Karl just glanced at him, and he subconsciously fell silent and did not dare to speak any more. He looked up and saw Karl standing behind him. Peter, that man directly left Isabel behind.

Before leaving, he said, “Mr. Grant, if you have something to say, I will leave first.”

AdamPic Media is the leader of the entertainment industry, and Grant’s family is a family who has to give a three-faceted face in both black and white. The personal connections are complicated, and few people dare to provoke Peter.

Isabel had just been doing a good job. She was thrown away by the man. She was now limp. She looked at Karl with winking eyes, her neck was still pinched, and her voice intermittently: “I am better than… Alyssa is pretty…you look for her… it’s better to look for me…”

Karl thought she was dirty, let go of her, picked up a goblet next to her, and smashed it to pieces, and put the incomplete sharp mouth of the cup on her face: “If you don’t say it, I will scratch your face. “

Isabel felt that the sharp gap pressed her face tightly, as if she could cut her delicate cheek at any time. She was scared, but she felt happy again in her heart.

Isabel curled her lips and smiled in a strange tone: “What if I tell you? She is being served by a group of men now! Are you going to watch the battle or join them? Have you done it?”

Not to mention Karl, even Peter could not listen.

Karl kicked Isabel into the wall with a kick. She was too painful to scream, but there was a smile on her face.

After so long, Alyssa must have been ruined by those people.

Tomorrow morning, the headliner will be replaced by Alyssa. Thinking of this, the smile on her face can’t help but deepen.

Karl glanced at Isabel with a frosty face. He doesn’t have time to spend with her now. He needs to find Alyssa first.

Confirming that Alyssa and Tina were not in the banquet hall, he and Peter left the banquet hall.

Smith brought his subordinates over.

“Master, have you found Mrs. Young?” Karl notified him when he went out before.

A shadow of prey appeared in Karl’s eyes: “Search room by room, move fast.”

Smith’s complexion also became serious.

He naturally understood where the ZVR Club was. After so long, most of it has become more ill-informed.

But he still didn’t say anything, and took his men to execute Karl’s order.

Karl was not idle either, and looked for her separately with Peter.

The ZVR Club is not small, and after Karl searched the first-floor room, there was no sign of Alyssa.

When Peter came over, he saw him standing at the end of the corridor against the light, half of his face hidden in the shadows.

He had seen Karl like this before.

He walked over with a solemn expression, patted Karl on the shoulder, and said, “I found those people.”

Karl raised his eyes, a flash of light flashed in his gloomy black eyes.


Peter took him to the room.

The subordinates that Smith brought surrounded the room. There were a few naked men squatting on the ground. The bed was in a mess, and there was still lust in the room.

The expression on Karl’s face became more and more cold, and he walked forward very slowly step by step, with a frightening aura. Those who were still arrogant before did not dare to speak again.

Seeing this at night, he hurriedly stepped forward, behind him, respectfully and whispered: “Master, when we came in, we didn’t see the young lady. They said that the young lady jumped off the balcony before, and I have sent someone Go down and look for her”

Karl shifted his gaze to the men squatting on the ground. His eyes were gloomy. One of the men’s psychological defenses broke down. He knelt and walked to Karl on his knees: “We didn’t touch that woman, she herself jumped from here. It’s really nothing to do with us. Let us go.”

They didn’t touch Alyssa, so the smell in this room was that they were playing with each other…?

Peter glanced at a few blood stains on the bedsheet and felt that the chrysanthemum hurts a little.

At this time, the subordinate who was sent to find Alyssa came back: “Madam was not found.”

They don’t look like they are lying. When their lives are at stake, they probably dare not lie, but they do not rule out the possibility of lying.

Therefore, even if the man begged for mercy, Karl did not let Smith release them.

He walked to the window and looked down.

This is the seventh floor, and if you don’t die, you are paralyzed.

Karl looked down and saw the protruding balconies of the rooms on the lower floors one by one, and slowly said, “Go to the corresponding room on the lower floor and continue to look for her!”

The Hunt family didn’t like Alyssa. She grew up in the indifferent environment of her close relatives, but she still lives very real and earnestly.

She must have a strong desire to survive, and she must be fine!

Peter led people to search from the first floor, and from the other floor.

And Karl went to the third floor.

The man kicked open the door, walked in, and walked directly to the balcony.

The people in the room were playing in the bathroom. Hearing the movement came out and saw so many people, they pointed to them and asked: “Who are you and what are you doing!”

Karl’s men directly shut the man into the bathroom.

There was nothing on the balcony, but there was an abnormal movement behind the curtain next to it.

Karl walked over, and his raised hand paused in midair before opening the curtains.

In the corner behind the curtain, the slender woman curled up into a ball, already in a semi-conscious state.

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