Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 400

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Chapter 400

“Wen Qian, you are a b!tch!”

The iron-faced gray wolf became angry from embarrassment, and then he slapped Wen Qian’s face fiercely:

“You said he is just a waste! You said he can’t do anything because he is a coward!”

The iron-faced gray wolf completely exploded his lungs.

He slapped Wen Qian’s cheek fiercely many times.

Wen Qian fell to the ground and her nose and mouth started to bleed.

And at this moment!

No one cared about the iron-faced wolf’s anger.

Because everyone is still in shock because of Shaun.

too frightening!

Everyone can’t imagine how strong Shaun is. In a short time, he has abolished all the four fighters.

This is simply incredible!

“Big brother you are too strong!”

The little beggar said, and a trace of admiration shone in her eyes.

At this moment, she looked at Shaun as if she was looking at a god.

Shaun didn’t care about the astonishment of everyone around him.

To him, abolishing these four big boxers is like crushing four ants and bugs to death.

He looked straight at the iron-faced gray wolf. There was a thick smile at the corner of his mouth:

“You are wasting time!”

“Why don’t you send all your fighters!”


Send all!

Upon hearing this, no matter it was the iron-faced wolf, the surrounding boxers, and customers, a deep chill appeared in their hearts.

Shaun said this before and they ridiculed him considering it a joke.

But now!

No one is laughing!

Complexion OF the iron-faced gray wolf and all the fighters has changed.

“Okay! What a monster he is, we underestimated him!”

Although the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was shocked and horrified, as the curator he had extraordinary calmness.

At this moment, he glanced at all the fighters in the hall and said:

“Brothers! Someone wants to challenge our wolf hall, are you all ready?”

The words of the iron-faced wolf were full of inflammatory.

All the boxers one after another raised their arms as if being stimulated by their dignity.

Seeing this scene, a smile on the corner of the iron-faced wolf’s mouth became even stronger:

“Today, someone has beaten our brothers, are you ready for revenge?”

All the boxers got motivated to hear the domineering sound of their Boss.

They all got enthusiastic and they shouted!

“We are ready!”

“Brothers, we are the wolf pack, this is the wolf hall! Our territory!”

The words of the iron-faced wolf became more inflammatory, making the fighting intent of the black boxers more and more intense:

“So, next, we are going to kill him!”

“Attack together, kill this kid for me and the dignity of wolf hall!”

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