Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 399

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Chapter 399

“Damn it!”

The seventh Wolf got horrified, turned around, and wanted to attack from behind.

But his iron fist got grabbed by someone’s hand suddenly.

It was from Shaun!

Then the other three realized that Shaun’s figure appeared behind them like a ghost.

Especially after Shaun grasped Qi Ye’s fist, the corner of his mouth curled up and his palm suddenly exerted a force!


The sound of broken bones echoed accompanied by the screams of Wolf Qi.

When Shaun’s palm was released, everyone there got stunned.

They saw that the Seventh Wolf, who is known for his iron fist, had his entire fist completely shattered.

It seemed that the bones on the palm were all shattered into a mass of flesh.


In a short, Fourth Wolf and Seventh Wolf were completely scrapped.

What’s even more incredible is that these two big boxers were injured by their most terrifying nirvana!

“How is this possible! Fourth brother! Seventh brother! No…”

Above the ring, the remaining Wolf Six and Wolf Ten were completely stunned.

At this moment, they looked at the injuries of their two brothers, and when they looked at Shaun, he was looking like a monster.

“Let’s come together!”

Shaun’s terrifying voice came and fell in the ears of both boxers in the ring like a bolt from the blue sky, causing their scalps to burst!

They both got completely frightened, and they wanted to jump off the ring.

But they are not fast!

Shaun’s speed was even more terrifying, and after just a flash, he attacked from behind.

Then a claw, a kick, suddenly!


Everyone saw with amazement that the bodies of Wolf Sixth and Wolf Tenth were shot instantly.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the mouths of the two people, they were beaten and flew off the stage!


At this moment, the whole wolf hall was silent.

It took less than five seconds.

Instantly, the cheers of all the fighters and customers in the audience solidified on their faces.

The delight at the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth got completely frozen.

She stupidly looked at the wolf fourth and wolf seventh who fell on the stage and tumbling, and then at the wolf sixth and wolf tenth who had fallen out of the ring, a deep shock and inconceivability emerged on her face.

“How this could happen! Is this guy a ghost?”

Not only Wen Qian was shocked.

The iron-faced gray wolf next to her stared roundly as if about to faint.

A sharp chill ran straight into his forehead from the sole of his feet.

He knew he had completely kicked the iron this time!

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