Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 431

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Chapter 431

When Jacob was discharged from the hospital with Grace in his arms, women of all ages were watching along the way. Jacob’s face was pale, but Grace secretly laughed.

“Don’t laugh.” Jacob glared at her.

Grace glanced at the woman sitting on the opposite chair. The woman looked at Jacob and smiled idiotically.

Grace teased, “Zhan Ye, she seems to like you.”

Jacob said coldly, “Are you sure that’s not a dementia patient?”

Grace laughed out loud, this guy’s poisonous tongue was really unprovoking.

The entrance of the hospital.

A group of people surrounded the Rolls-Royce of the Cold War, and the traffic police yelled in a hurry, “It’s great to have money. If you have money, you cannot obey the traffic rules. If you have money, you can block the road?”

When Jacob walked in, the traffic police suddenly silenced when he saw Jacob.

He didn’t recognize Rolls-Royce, but he recognized the prince.

Is he provoke a big person who shouldn’t provoke?

“Master Zhan, sorry!”

Then he reached out to pull a few tickets on the car.

Jacob took the ticket from him with a sullen face, “I will pay the fine.” Then he got into the car with Grace and drove away.

Grace looked back at the clogged convoy of long snakes, spit out her tongue and teased and said, “You and Janice are indeed illegal brothers and sisters. Even if you don’t care about the fines, you should consider those daily for the working class who are struggling with their lives, they will be shackled by you big capitalists if they arrive late and leave early.”

Jacob looked at her depressed, if it weren’t for worrying that her life was dying, he would stop illegally?

He waited for her last night, terrified, living like years. He has forgotten about parking illegally.

“This is my first and last time.” He said.

Grace saw that he had a good attitude towards admitting his mistakes, and she didn’t know what to do.

As the car drove out of the imperial capital, Grace suddenly cried, “Master, I will get off here.”

Jacob looked at her suspiciously, “You haven’t forgotten that you are a married person?”

Grace’s mouth opened into a standard circle.

Not to mention, she really forgot!

Jacob ignored her request and drove the car straight to the calendar garden.

“You have cultivated for a few days. When you get better, you have to go to work and go to Janice to have fun, I can promise you.” Jacob opened the car door and looked at Grace with a silent face. Word of comfort said.

Grace was overjoyed, “You really allow me to leave the calendar garden?”

Jacob nodded, “As long as you remember to go home.”

Grace smiled openly. Get out of the car happily.

Jacob watched her jumping forward and praised her clever decision.

From the blocking strategy of strict defense to the letting go of dredging and enlightening, it is not her that will test him, but him.

His heart, after all, has to worry about her.

At the garden gate, Zhan Ting Su was anxiously waiting for Jacob to return.

Grace was slightly startled when she saw him.

“Call Sanshu.” Jacob stepped up and reminded her softly.

Grace swallowed, and screamed dryly, “Uncle San.”

“Yeah.” Zhan Tingsu deserved to be cold.

Grace, the nephew, obviously did not get his approval.

Jacob’s face was gloomy, he stepped forward to unlock the fingerprint lock, then stood by the door and said coldly to Zhan Tingsu, “Uncle San, please come in.”

Zhan Ting Su dumbfounded and got in.

Finding that Jacob did not follow his steps closely, turned his head, but saw that Jacob was holding Grace’s face in both hands, and that face that had remained unchanged for thousands of years was gentle at this moment.

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