Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 398

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Chapter 398

Especially the most terrifying thing is that the four major fighters just launched an attack, using their special moves.


This scene made all the fighters and customers below extremely excited.

Everyone saw those violent attacks enveloped Shaun.

This is more than that.

When everyone saw that Shaun was instantly hit by four boxers, almost everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.

Because this is beyond imagination.

Especially the nirvana of the four fighters fell on Shaun, everyone knows, it’s over…

“Big brother……”

The little beggar and all the vendors below were completely confused.

They couldn’t imagine that Shaun would fail so quickly.

At the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth, there was a bright smile.

Her heart was extremely happy.

“You are finished. This waste is finally over! Haha…”

Wen Qian smiled more brilliantly, but at this moment!

The face of the iron-faced gray wolf beside changed drastically:

“No! Fourth, go back!”


This shout was filled with deep eagerness and disbelief.

However, it was too late for him to speak out.

Bang bang bang!

The four major attacks fell fiercely between Shaun’s head, chest, and lower abdomen.

After the hit, a relaxed look appeared on the faces of the four major fighters.

But at this moment.

The relaxed expressions on the faces of the four froze instantly.

Because they found that Shaun’s head, chest, and lower abdomen were as hard as iron.

No matter whether it was palms, fists, claws, or feet, there was no way to hurt him at all.


The four big boxers saw that the corner of Shaun’s mouth showed a sorrowful smile:

“this one?”

These words like a bolt from the blue sky let the four big boxers go away.

“Not good! Go back!!”

With a roaring sound, the four big boxers looked like frightened rabbits, and in an instant, they gathered all their fists and wanted to retreat.

But at this moment!

A big palm like lightning flashed suddenly and grabbed Fourth Master’s arm!

Then, fold it lightly!


The extremely crisp sound of fragmentation resounded in everyone’s ears.

The crowd saw in disbelief that the palm of the Fourth Master was completely broken like rotten wood.


A terrible pain like a tide swept through the whole body of Wolf Fourth, and this made him scream.

This scene changed the complexion of the other three who retreated violently:

“Fourth brothers!”

The three of them were completely shocked.

But at this moment, something that made them even more embarrassed happened.

In this short moment of stagnation, the three people only felt a breeze, sliding past them.

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