Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 430

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Chapter 430

“Yeah. After she woke up, if she heard the bad news that Chongzhen was about to go bankrupt, she might be dragging her thin body around to help you drive business?”

Irene is like sitting on pins and needles——

“It’s really good for her, so she should show her courage to sit down and let her worry less.”

Irene stood up abruptly and gave Jacob a thumbs up, “Young Master Zhan. You are great. I’m leaving! Take care of my sister.”

Jacob waved at him, “Walk slowly and don’t send it.”

After the noisy Irene left, the ward became quiet.

Jacob listened to Grace’s breathing one after another.

Never has that moment been like this, hearing her deeper and deeper breaths will feel particularly at ease.

At noon, the doctor sent Grace for a blood test. He also told Jacob, “The patient’s condition is very stable and can be discharged if conditions permit. Because the ward of our hospital is very crowded—”

Jacob handled Grace’s discharge procedures.

When he returned to the ward, he heard several nurses whispering around the doctor, “You are mistaken, it is absolutely impossible to be him. Young Master Zhan’s relatives must go to Media Asia if they are sick!”

When Jacob entered, they became silent.

The atmosphere in the ward has become inexplicably embarrassing?

On the contrary, it was Grace, who had just regained consciousness, with a playful smile, and the prankster shouted to Jacob, “Master!”

The doctors and nurses all got their jaws off the floor, blushing and hurried away.

Outside the door came their lingering exclamations, “Really it is him? Why did he come to our hospital? He is so handsome!”

Jacob stood condescendingly by the bed and looked at Grace, “you are recovering well.”

Grace looked at the white ward and asked suspiciously, “Why am I here?”

“You were drunk last night.”

“Isn’t it just getting drunk? Just sleep. I often get drunk.” Grace blurted out.

Jacob’s face became ugly, “you will give up drinking later.”

“Ah -” Grace protested, “No, I can’t quit.”

“You must quit.”

Once she was drunk, she was like going to a ghost gate once, which made him very uncomfortable.

“Then can you quit smoking?” Grace murmured.


Grace was shocked-

She just said it in passing.

In fact, Jacob already has the idea of quitting smoking.

Because that day, she coughed into tears in the smoking room, which made him aware that her respiratory tract is extremely allergic.

Since he wants to live in the same room for the rest of his life, he naturally has to think about her health.

“Can you give up?” Grace doubted his determination.

After all, it is very difficult to quit smoking and drinking. Is this a gradual process?

“Of course.”

“How long does it take?”

Jacob frowned, “There is no excessive time, and it is now.”

Grace’s eyes widened. This time, she was not confident in herself anymore.

“What if I can’t break it?” Grace looked like a dead pig not afraid of boiling water.

Jacob stared at her faintly, “Then punish you to bathe the little pet at home.”

Grace shuddered at the thought of those furry living creatures.

This is terrible.

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