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Chapter 1131

Karl curled the corners of his lips, and said casually, “See me when he wants to, is there such a good thing in this world?”

Smith nodded slightly: “Understood.”

The meaning is that I will not see Wilfred for the time being, and let him dry.

After Karl expressed his opinion, Smith went out to continue dealing with the matter.

As soon as Smith left, Alyssa asked the doubts in her heart: “You were working with Wilfred before, you moved your hands and feet, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” Karl patted his head complimenting, “Smart.”

Alyssa shook her head, shook her hand, and continued to ask, “Then when do you plan to see Wilfred?”

“This is not a problem we have to consider, this is a problem he has to consider. What should he do to make me willing to see him.” Karl took Alyssa’s hand into his hand and said calmly. Frowned: “Why are your hands so cold?”

Alyssa ignored his question and continued to ask: “You mean, unless he comes to the door by himself, otherwise you won’t see him?”

And Karl’s attention was still on her hands, and he said to her: “When you go out, I say that, you should wear one more.”

Alyssa was a little helpless, he didn’t listen to her at all.


After a while, the doctor entered the lounge with the results of the examination.

“Your wife’s situation has improved compared with the diagnosis results I have seen before. This situation is very complicated. We need to have a consultation and then work out a treatment plan…”

The doctor spoke in detail and sounded very professional.

Alyssa understood, and to sum up, her physical condition has improved compared to before, but the specific treatment methods need to be studied.

Even if a treatment plan is developed, it may not be useful, because her physical condition is too variable.

Alyssa heard what the doctor meant, and Karl naturally heard it too.

Karl’s expression was particularly ugly when he heard the later.

Afraid that he would lose his temper, Alyssa said to the doctor quickly: “Thank you doctor, we know.”

The doctor also noticed that Karl’s complexion had changed, and he turned around and went out consciously.

Alyssa watched the doctor go, and then looked back at Karl.

She stretched out a finger and nodded on Karl’s face: “Look at your face, it’s as black as charcoal.”

Karl shook her hand that was shaking: “No need to do this, I won’t lose my temper.”

“Really?” Alyssa tilted her head and didn’t believe Karl’s words at all.

She still didn’t understand Karl, and said that he didn’t lose his temper. Maybe he didn’t lose his temper in front of her.

Karl was seen through his mind and turned away from his uncomfortable expression.

Alyssa held her face and smiled and said, “You don’t lose your temper all the time, be happy, or you will get old quickly.”

Karl, didn’t know what he was thinking, nodded, “Well, let’s go.”

Alyssa asked him: “Back to the hotel?”

“Go back and do something happy.” Karl said, pushing her wheelchair.

Alyssa’s face was startled: “I didn’t mean that…”

What fun things do you do when you return to the hotel during the day?

“Oh? What do you mean? What do you think I mean?” Karl leaned to her ear, with a low smile in his voice.

Alyssa’s face turned red: “I don’t mean anything! Go away!”

Can’t wait for Karl to push her, she turned her wheelchair and walked out by herself.

Karl speeded up his steps and pushed her wheelchair again.

Chapter 1132

He tilted his head to talk to Alyssa while pushing the wheelchair.

But Alyssa ignored him.

He didn’t get angry either, and he talked to her without a word.

Coming out of the elevator, Alyssa glanced up inadvertently, and a tall and thin boy was walking out in front of them.

The more she looks back, the more familiar it becomes.

Alyssa murmured: “Luther…”

Karl behind her also heard her voice, stopped abruptly, raised his head and followed Alyssa’s gaze.

At this moment, the boy walking in front took out his cell phone to answer the call, said a few words to the phone, and then looked back into the hospital.

Alyssa also saw his face clearly.

Although the back is similar, the front is a completely unfamiliar face.

Alyssa lowered her eyes and stared at the ground in a dream.

If it hadn’t been for a familiar figure from back suddenly, she could hardly remember Luther.

Her memory is too bad now, if it weren’t for the people who often appeared around her, it would be hard for her to remember them for a while.

Alyssa and Karl were in a tacit understanding and neither spoke.

Out of the hospital, Smith stayed by the car waiting for them.

Karl came to hug Alyssa and get on the car. Alyssa just waved her hand and stood up: “I can get in the car by myself.”

Karl did not force her, he held her with one hand and opened the door with the other.

Smith came over to collect the wheelchair and put it in the trunk. After Alyssa and Karl both got in the car, he drove around the front.

The car is very quiet.

Smith also noticed that the atmosphere was a bit strange. He glanced back in the rearview mirror and found that Alyssa and Karl both looked thoughtful.

What happened again?

Smith retracted his eyes and didn’t ask much.

Before she was sent to Wilfred by Luther, Alyssa had a chat with Luther, but he was in a bad state at the time, and later she didn’t know if he had talked with Karl.

She turned her head and glanced at Karl.

He pursed his lips slightly, his complexion tensed and she couldn’t see his emotions.

Perceiving Alyssa’s gaze, Karl turned his head and silently held her hand with his eyes down.

Alyssa wanted to ask him about Luther, but she didn’t know how to speak.

Until returning to the hotel, Alyssa could not ask him about Luther.

Back to the room, Karl went to pour Alyssa a glass of water.

Alyssa took it over: “Thank you.”

Karl didn’t say a word, and reached out and patted her head: “Let’s rest for a while, and soon someone will bring dinner.”

Alyssa didn’t return to the room, and planned to rest on the sofa for a while.

Dinner was delivered soon after.

Halfway through Alyssa’s meal, the phone vibrated.

Someone sent her a WeChat message, and when she picked it up, she found it was Tina.

“I saw Luther just now, but he was very strange, I called him, and he ignored me.”

Alyssa read the message Tina sent her, she was startled, and she couldn’t help but straighten up.

Alyssa put down her chopsticks and replied earnestly: “Are you sure it was Luther? How does he look?”

Tina replied: “He’s quite cold, I feel that his personality has changed a bit, but nothing else.”

Tina didn’t know that Alyssa would fall into Wilfred’s hands this time because Luther sold her to Wilfred.

After receiving Tina’s answer, Alyssa warmed and felt a little relieved.

Although don’t know if Karl and Luther have talked about it, according to the current situation, Karl should not embarrass Luther.

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