Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125

At this time, Shirakawa and Harper had a deep understanding of what is meant by happiness and sadness, and what is meant by evil.

They wanted to step on the soles of Shaun’s feet, but they were deported by Shaun.

Now, they are all regretful. If they didn’t have offended Shaun, now Elvira is in charge, their family can rise.

But now it is too late to say anything, and Shirakawa and Harper have only full of resentment and pain.

“Mr. Lin, how do you deal with this guy?” Bai Chen stared at Shirkawa and Harper who were scared of peeing, with a strong malicious in his eyes:

“When I came in, I heard that they were humiliating your father-in-law and wanted to hand them over to me. It was vicious!”

“Do you still have to ask? Just kill them!”

Bai Hu snorted coldly. Now that he knows Shaun’s identity, he treats Shaun as a god. If someone dares to insult the god’s family, it is damned!

When Elvira became the first heir of the Bai family, Zheng Hao was already scared.

And when he heard this, he suddenly felt a numb scalp, did he hear it wrong? These people planned to kill him?

He is a little star, has he ever seen such a battle?

“Don’t mess around, I’m a star. If you kill me, you will be in big trouble.”

Zheng Hao even had a cry in his voice, comforting himself in his heart: I am a star, they can’t dare to do anything to me, otherwise public will not let them go.

But such psychological construction made his body tremble more and more severely.

And Bai Hu and others, as if they heard a big joke, looked at Zheng Hao as if they were staring at a lamb.


In their eyes, he looks like an ant, which can be wiped out!

“How could I kill you, how could I be willing to kill you? You are a little fresh meat.”

At this time, Shaun smiled gloomily.

And his smile directly caused Zheng Hao’s hair to stand upside down, feeling that this was a devilish smile.

Then, Shaun looked at Bai Chen and others: “From today onwards, I will spare no effort to support him at all resources!”


Everyone was dumbfounded, this guy offended Shaun’s father-in-law, and Shaun still wants to support him?

However, in the next moment, there was a horror smile at the corner of Shaun’s mouth:

“At the same time, starting today, he can only sleep for three hours a day, and he has to make money for the rest of the year, all year round!”


In an instant, everyone looked at Shaun in horror, this was too vicious.

This is to treat Zheng Hao as a tool for making money from beginning to end until he dies. It’s really better to die than live like this.

“Devil, you are a devil!”

Zheng Hao only felt as if he had been electrocuted, his face instantly turned pale, and at this moment there were no more tears when he wanted to cry.

How dare to provoke such a devil, I am damned!

But Shaun didn’t even look at him, and he helped Elvira: “Wife, let’s go!”

Elvira nodded with a dazed face and has not recovered from the shock yet.

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!”

“Send Mrs. Lin respectfully!”

Behind him, Gods of War and others shouted humbly and salute!

Seeing this, the Shirakawa family seemed to be dreaming, and the regret in their hearts was even more intense.

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