Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 837 – 838

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Chapter 837

Alyssa believed that Smith does not tell lies.

She thought for a moment, and said, “Open it and see what’s in the package to see the situation.”

“I’ll let the security guard come up to take it down.” Smith suddenly stopped, with a serious expression as if the thing Alyssa was waiting to take down was not a courier package, but explosives.

“Don’t call security.” Alyssa directly rejected Smith’s proposal.

“But, Mrs. Adams…”

Smith had to say something, but Alyssa no longer planned to listen to him, she bypassed Smith and returned to the office first.

She walked to the desk, picked up the package and weighed it, then bent over to find the knife and opened the package.

The parcel is very tightly wrapped, and one layer is removed, and there is another layer.

Smith frowned and stood aside watching Alyssa unpacking the package, still couldn’t help but say, “I’ll come.”

“No need to.”

Alyssa did not lookup.

After removing the packaging and reaching to the last layer reveals a small exquisite box.

Alyssa is very familiar with this little box.

It was the box of the pen that Karl’s baby couldn’t do, and it was put in the safe and locked.

Alyssa changed drastically, and quickly opened the box. As expected, there was the same pen in it.

It’s so old that you can’t even see the manufacturer’s logo.

There is a small note under the pen with a series of addresses, some familiar and some strange.

Smith noticed the change in Alyssa’s expression, and his eyes fell on the pen in Alyssa’s hand.

That pen… Smith also knew it.

Smith said with joy, “It’s Sir’s!”

Alyssa thought of something, closed the lid of the pen box, and rushed out of the office with the box.

She left the Adams’ office, looking around for Karl’s figure.

However, except for the passers-by, where is Karl’s figure.

Smith’s heart was like a mirror, and after seeing Alyssa running out, he followed her and called the security guard to check if there were any suspicious people around.

After looking around, there was no trace of Karl at all.

Alyssa was standing on the side of the road, her expression looking a little lost.

Smith walked over and whispered: “No one was found.”

“You can’t find him.” Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief, with a light tone: “Karl sent this here, just to report his safety. If he wants to see us, he will naturally appear in the office. Instead of putting down things and leaving secretly, he…”

Alyssa thought of the address Karl had left in the paper box.

Did Karl ask her to find him at the address above?

But is there anything special about that address?

Back at the office, Alyssa took out the note with the address written on it and looked at it.

Found a few unremarkable letters and numbers in the lower right corner: 6 PM.

PM? What does afternoon mean?

Six pm?

Is it six o’clock in the afternoon today or six o’clock tomorrow afternoon? Or is it acquired?


This day is still very busy.

The closer to six o’clock in the afternoon, Alyssa felt a little panicked.

During the meeting, she lost her mind several times.

“Mr. Adams, are you feeling unwell?” Smith took the time to ask her.

Alyssa showed the note in the pen box to Smith.

Smith also recognized that it was Karl’s character.

“I want to visit this place after work.” Alyssa said calmly.

Smith asked her: “Then I will take you there?”


After work, Alyssa went to the address written on the note with Smith.

Chapter 838

The address on the note is an old street.

In recent years, the Rostenvel has developed rapidly, with many tall buildings and continuous development, but this old street is still the same as it was a decade ago.

Alyssa got out of the car and said with some emotion: “When I was in elementary school, I walked this way every day.”

With a “bang”, she closed the car door, walked a few steps forward, and continued: “At that time, Isabel didn’t like me and didn’t let me ride in the car with her. My mother told me not to cause trouble, so I walk every day to and from school. This road is a shortcut to school.”

Smith listened silently, without making a sound.

The afterglow of the setting sun illuminates the old street, which is gentle and quiet.

Alyssa looked around at the old buildings around, squinted slightly, and muttered, “But I don’t quite understand why he wrote the address here…”

“Sir never does anything meaningless.” Smith was too understanding of Karl, he felt that Karl must have his reason for writing the address here.

Alyssa had already memorized the address on the note.

The address above is also accurate to the house number.

She found the house number written on the note, which was a supermarket.

Smith said, “I’ll go in and have a look.”

Alyssa also followed in, saying, “Mr. Adams, you wait outside first, what if Boss hasn’t come yet?”

Alyssa felt reasonable and nodded and stayed in place.

After Smith went in, Alyssa walked under the street lamp in front of the supermarket and looked across the road.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and her heart was extremely nervous.

If she sees Karl later, what should she say?

Question him? Or blame him?

She does not know.

From the time she was driven out of the villa by Karl, to what happened between him and Miana, to his disappearance in a car accident, so many things together…

She didn’t know what mood to face Karl with.

Alyssa was thinking about something in her heart, and when she inadvertently raised her eyes, she saw a familiar figure flashing past the corner.

Alyssa’s complexion was pale, and then she lifted her heels up.

She originally walked over, but as she walked, she trots up.

She passed the corner soon.

However, there was no one around the corner.

Alyssa was a little surprised, how about people who appeared?

At this time, a familiar voice sounded behind her: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa turned her head fiercely and saw Clifford standing behind her!

Her eyes widened sharply, and she took two steps back in shock.

“Clifford!” The familiar figure she just saw was not Clifford at all.

How could Clifford suddenly appear here!

“Long time no see.” Clifford walked towards Alyssa slowly.

He took a step forward, and Alyssa took a step back.

Clifford was thinner than the last time she saw him, his eye sockets were sunken, and he looked a little more gloomy.

“Why are you here!” Alyssa didn’t expect to see him here.

Clifford disappeared almost at the same time as Karl. According to Alyssa’s expectation, Clifford should have been abroad, and he shouldn’t be in Rostenvel at this time.

“Why am I here?” Clifford laughed as if he had heard something funny, his eyes grew gloomy.

After he laughed lowly twice, he said unhurriedly, “It seems that you don’t remember at all.”

Clifford looked at an alley not far away, and muttered, “But I remember it all.”

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