Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1132

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Chapter 1132

Her father, Teacher Qiao looked at his daughter disgustingly, and said, “Why are you crying? The battle is still so young, and the time to learn martial arts is so short. If you can achieve such a high level of martial arts, I am afraid it will be a few years later. Beyond yours.”

Qiao Wan looked arrogant, “Dad, the son-in-law I found for you is a good one.”

Teacher Qiao is so speechless, “Don’t be happy too soon. When he returns to that drunk and golden imperial capital, he sees many Yingying and Yanyan in the dust. Looking back at you, a woman who can only fight, you It may not be in his eyes.”

Qiao Wan looked depressed, “Then what should I do?”

Teacher Qiao looked at her daughter’s brave standing posture and frowned, “There is a way, I will help you keep him in the legendary university. Jason grew up and didn’t have any contact with other girls, so I reluctantly married you. Up.”

Qiao Wanxiuyi’s face was about to cry, “Dad, why do I feel so sad? Jason didn’t have a choice to marry me. He didn’t marry me because he liked me.”

When the father and daughter were talking, they suddenly heard a thunderous exclaim, “We have lost, and we are willing to bet. You will be our eldest brother from now on.”

“Big Brother! Big Brother! Big Brother!”

Jason was standing in the center of the training ground covered with blood, his eyes were dark and calm, “Yeah.”

Then dragged his injured body to Teacher Qiao, “Teacher, I want to pick you.”

Teacher Qiao stroked his chin and said schemingly, “Suddenly, there are still a few days before the graduation exam. You challenged me today to test my depth, right? I tell you, you can’t beat me, it’s unnecessary waste strength.”

“Students keep trying.”

Teacher Qiao nodded helplessly.

Qiao Wan told her dad, “Dad. You can’t hurt Jas.”

Teacher Qiao asked Qiao Wan, “What should he do if he hurts Dad?”

Qiao Wan said: “You have a thick skin, and it won’t hurt to hurt a little bit.”

Teacher Qiao: “…”

The final sigh: “Women’s college will not stay.”

The confrontation between Jason and Teacher Qiao instantly lifted the atmosphere of the audience to the climax.

Although the students in the martial arts class usually rely on their talents and arrogant things, their mouths are vicious, but the two words “Yiqi” are embedded in their blood. Now that he recognized Jason as his eldest brother, he screamed for Jason with all his heart, “Brother, come on, big brother, come on.”

Teacher Qiao silently looked at his children and the daughter who was eating outside, shaking his head sadly: “A group of white-eyed wolves.”

The battle between Jason and Teacher Qiao was wonderful.

The previous fight was still full of ground energy, nothing more than a squandering of strength and action. But Teacher Qiao and Jason fight, and instantly sublimate into the mode of a fairy fight.

The two of them have mellow internal skills, flying in the sky.

He saw two flying eagles, one running and the other chasing.

After a long time, Teacher Qiao finally stopped, looking at the panting war, and jokingly said: “Jas, after flying for a long time, you can’t even touch my body. I think you should go back and train for another ten or eight years. . Anyway, you are still young, so there is no need to go out so early.”

Jason’s eyes were terrifying, “You let the students who graduated earlier?”

Teacher Qiao nodded, “Yes. They are old, and their martial arts skills are stagnant. It’s useless to stay by my side. So I deliberately lose to them and let them leave.”

Jason returned to the ground disheartened and left the training ground lonely.

Qiao Wan hurriedly chased it out.

“Jas.” Qiao Wan pulled up her leg to catch up with Jason.

Jason looked at her gloomily. “When does your dad want me to graduate?”

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