Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133

Qiao Wan said with some shame: “I’m sorry, my dad knows that I like you very much. So he wants to keep you in school and let you cultivate relationships with me.”

Jason said with a cold face: “Qiao Wan, my mommy has encountered unprecedented trouble, and I must go back and help her.”

Qiao Wan was born with a warm heart, and she immediately said, “Jas, don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to help you and defeat my dad.”

Jason was a little frustrated, “Practicing martial arts is not an overnight thing. There is no quick shortcut. To beat him, unless he lets me.”

Qiao Wan looked at Jason with a grinning smile: “My family has a set of ancestral martial arts secrets. But it can only be passed to our Qiao family. If you get it, with your insight, although you can’t learn all the martial arts in a short time. Routines, but you may be able to work out the tricks to decipher our Qiao family, so that my dad will have nothing to do with you.”

Jason frowned, “Really only to Joe’s family?”

Qiao Wan thief laughed, “Why don’t we make an appointment first? Then you are half of Qiao’s family?”

Jason glanced at her, and walked away.

Qiao Wan stomped her feet, “Jas, I am the school flower of a legendary university anyway. With your school grass, you are a girl with a male appearance, and you are not at a loss.”

Jason looked back, speechless, “There are only two girls in the school.”

Qiao Wan blushed.

Among the two girls, Qiao Wan’s reputation as a school flower is still self-proclaimed. It’s embarrassing to say it!

Qiao Wan said, “Alright, alright. Don’t marry me. Why hit me? Tonight, remember to go to the place where we first met and I will steal the martial arts secrets for you. Also, if you don’t have any Where I understand, I will point you.”

Jason nodded.

“it is good.”

For the enthusiastic help provided by Qiao Wan, the iceberg in Jason’s heart has been melted.

Over the past three years, Jason’s heart has been extremely depressed. The worry about his father, the yearning for mommy, and the prayers for his younger brothers and sisters have swallowed his young heart all the time. His world is very autistic, and other students can’t enter his world at all.

But Qiao Wan is like the morning light of spring. No matter what kind of iceberg Jason is like, she will smile at him unheartedly in front of him. At first, she felt that this beautiful brother did not speak and looked very pitiful. She tried her best to tease him and drive away his loneliness.

But she doesn’t know, teasing, the young heart slowly lost.

It’s just that they don’t know when they are young that may be the bud of love.

That night, Qiao Wan secretly stole the martial arts secret book under the family ban.

Qiao Wan came to the place where she and Jason met for the first time, under a peach blossom tree in the back mountain of the legendary university. Jason was lying on the grass as usual, with a dog’s tail in his mouth. Lazy, as expensive as a prince.

“Jas.” Qiao Wan took out a blue book from her arms and tucked it into Jason’s arms.

Jason sat up. After reading a few pages of this martial arts secret book, he was shocked by the big moves inside.

Qiao Wan said: “The big moves here require years of training as a cornerstone. You can only take shortcuts if you want to learn them in the short term. Why don’t I pass on my skills to you?”

Jason looked at her in wonder, “How to pass?”

Qiao Wan said shyly: “As long as we are upset, we can—”

Jason stretched out his hand to push Qiao Wan’s face that had come up mercilessly, “Are you treating me as a mentally retarded? Such a clumsy excuse…”

Qiao Wan smacked her lips and said, “This is what my mommy told me.”

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