Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1134

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Chapter 1134

“Your mom is fooling you, idiot.”

Zhan Yao looked at Qiao Wan awkwardly, and escaped.

Qiao Wan’s bright smile looked at Jason’s away back, and slowly froze on her face.

Then she returned home with her head drooping. Her father sat on a chair in the lobby, eagle-eyed looking at his daughter sharply, “Kneel.”

Qiao Wan picked up the family law on the ground, walked over obediently, and knelt on the ground with a puff. Lifting the family law, he said awe-inspiringly: “Dad, I violated the family ban, you can hit me.”

Father Qiao was so angry that he picked up the whip and pointed at Qiao Wan’s nose in anger. He hated that iron could not become a steel track: “For a battle, you sold the treasure of our legendary university town shop. Do you know if If this book is leaked, there will be many people looking for trouble in the legendary university in the future. What will we use to protect the legend then?”

Qiao Wan said: “Dad, don’t talk about it. Just hit it.”

Father Qiao said: “A hundred whips, are you still alive?”

Qiao Wan said: “If I die, it is my life.”

Father Qiao stood up, there was a pain in his eyes, and then waved his whip towards Qiao Wan’s tender body.

After a hundred lashes, Qiao Wan was unconscious.

Imperial capital. Bai’s.

Early in the morning, Bai Shutang led Bai Suyuan, and Bai Nanning panicked to the Dafang room.

“Big brother, it’s not good. The network of our Bai’s enterprise was planted with a terrible virus by hackers. Now we can’t even open the website. I don’t know whether the top secret files of Bai’s intranet have been leaked, and our Bai’s Is your account safe? What can I do?” Bai Shutang reported anxiously.

But Bai Shuwu looked calm and composed, “Shu Tang, look at you, you will be like this when you encounter something. Isn’t it just a hacker intrusion? What are you afraid of? We now have a top hacker in the Bai family, even Media Asia. The network security department of the United States can’t help him. Why are you afraid of it?”

Then he turned his head and winked at his personal attendant, “Go, get our top hacker out.”

When the hacker came out, he was a spirited old man. Look proud.

Bai Shutang and the others saw that he was a little old, and they thought he must be experienced, and they were slightly relieved.

“Mr. Shu, quickly help us repair the network. By the way, let my brother see how amazing your hacking skills are.” Bai Shuwu said.

The hacker confidently walked to the computer and sat down.

Turn on the computer, and type Bai’s URL in Baidu skillfully. However, as soon as the URL was entered, the computer went black immediately.

He turned on the computer again, but the computer did not respond.

The hacker’s face immediately darkened.

For a while, it seems a little helpless.

“Mr. Shu, can you deal with such a hacker?” Bai Shuwu also realized that this hacker was not as superficial as he believed.

Mr. Shu was embarrassed: “This hacker’s wrists are so insidious. He planted a super virus on our website, so we can’t open the website to operate.”

Finally, he said in frustration, “I think I need time to clear the virus.”

Silvia, who was silent for a long time, analyzed: “Shao Zhan has amnesia, and Irene is seriously ill. Who will be the hacker who invaded Bai’s this time?”

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