Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135

Bai Shuwu groaned, “This person’s character that Jiaxuan must report is less than that of Zhan, but it is worse than that.”

Silvia thought for a while and said, “Dad, in my opinion, this person is definitely not a hacker of Media Asia. If Media Asia really hides such a powerful hacker, why the internal network that Media Asia has been invaded by us has been locked.”

Bai Shuwu nodded and agreed, “You are right, this may be a third-party hacker stealing the management of our operations.”

In this way, everyone is relieved.

Bai Shuwu relaxed his vigilance against hackers, but grabbed Media Asia and didn’t let go: “Zhan Shao has amnesia, this is the best time for us to use him. We absolutely cannot let him and Irene come together again. The two of them are strong. Sooner or later, our Bai family will be swallowed by Huaya.”

A weeping sneer slipped through Bai Nanning’s eyes, “I have a plan, but I can separate Jacob and Irene. Make sure to let Jacob hate Irene.”

Bai Shuwu looked at Bai Nanning with expectation, “Oh? What is that?”

Bai Nanning smiled darkly and said: “This requires the Luo family to cooperate with us in the performance.”

Bai Shuwu had an epiphany, and then grinned and said, “This Irene and Grace make us stupid and unclear. As long as we make use of it a little bit, the amnesia Shao Zhan will be as stupid as we are.”

Bai Shuwu’s eyes fell on Bai Nanning and Silvia, “You two are sincerely cooperating on this matter.”

Silvia and Bai Nanning looked at each other, Bai Nanning sneered with contempt at the corner of Bai Nanning’s lips, and said, “Uncle, isn’t she the second lady of the Yan family? In the legend, everything is compared with Irene but everything is lost to Irene’s second lady?”

Silvia walked up to Bai Nanning and looked at her face that had been burned by the fire but was not perfect after plastic surgery. He smiled and said, “Sister, don’t just laugh at me. You and I are half a catty, both of whom were once defeated by Irene. It is stupid to laugh at each other’s past. You and I should join hands and get up from wherever you fall. “

Bai Nanning said: “Well, starting from today, you are my strategic partner. I will abandon my prejudices against you and hope that we can have a happy cooperation.

Silvia corrected: “I am not a strategic partner of the Bai family, I am the daughter of the Bai family.”

Bai Nanning put her mouth close to Silvia’s ear, and whispered, “Silvia, you are not considered a real daughter of the Bai family until your uncle announces your identity.”

After Bai Nanning finished speaking, she left.

Silvia looked at Bai Nanning’s back, and a cold light of contempt leaked from her eyes, “When I become the person in charge of the Bai family, I will see if you dare to be so arrogant and rude to me at that time.”

Calendar garden.

Faith held her cell phone and talked with Ye Feng on the phone.

Sitting on the sofa, Jacob raised his wrist to look at his watch from time to time, and complained gloomily, “It’s been a whole hour. How can there be so much to say?”

Irene sat next to him, holding his arm, and patiently comforting him, “Ye Feng is a child trained by you personally, with good looks, good character, and outstanding talent. More importantly, in the past, Faith met gangsters. It was Ye Feng who rescued her with a scarred body…”

Jacob looked at Irene speechlessly, “So you betroth Faith to him?”

Irene said confidently and confidently: “Didn’t you say it? The grace of life-saving should be promised.”

Jacob said with little confidence: “When did I say that?”

“In the past, after you saved me, you should chant your life-saving grace in front of me every day.”

Jacob: “…”

This objection appeared to be a double standard, and Jacob found out a second objection: “Faith called Ye Feng Uncle, this kind of love between young and old is inappropriate.”

Irene protested strongly: “Uncle’s generation is still low. I used to call you “Master, isn’t that generation higher?”

The dissatisfaction on Jacob’s face gradually became stiff.

“You call me Lord?”

Irene nodded, “Yes.”

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