Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136

Jacob looked at his tender wife’s pink face, suddenly his mood turned a little gray.

Where did he go to pick up an articulate cabbage? And this little cabbage has a big temper, and bullies him thoroughly.

Jacob felt an inferiority complex inexplicably, and asked awkwardly: “What did you think of me back then?”

Irene smiled and said: “I grew up, no boys like it. It’s rare that you like me, so I rely on you not to let go.”

Jacob: “…”

Looking suspiciously at Irene, this girl clearly has a face that makes a man commit crimes when he sees it. How can no man like it?

Jacob said against his will, “Although you are very beautiful, you have a rough personality. It is normal that no boys like it. But don’t worry, if you marry me, I will naturally love you well.”


Although Irene also felt that her character was always unpopular with boys, but these words came out of Jacob’s mouth, and she was worth as if she had fallen into Chinese cabbage all over the street.

Suddenly angrily said: “Who said that no one likes me? When Tian Gu Nong confessed to me, he said that he has liked me since wearing open pants.”

Jacob was shocked by her cheeky.

“Did he secrete his s3x hormones too early?”

Irene chuckled.

Jacob stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“What are you going to do?” Irene asked.

“I want to sharpen the knife.” Jacob gritted his teeth.

“If the man named Tian dared to come back again, I would castrate him.”

Irene laughed and dragged Jacob back.

He smiled and said: “Why can’t you be jealous? I was abducted by you when I was 10 years old. You always prevent male animals from approaching me. Not to mention boys, even a male fly can’t get close to my body. , Don’t you have any rivals. I was just teasing you.”

Jacob: “…”

Looking at Irene dubiously, he really couldn’t believe that he would provoke a small dumpling when he was just an adult?

Irene moved her face and said: “The luckiest place in my life is to meet you-Brother Jie. Because of you, I have not tasted the pain in love like other girls.”

In her opinion, all the harm he brought to her was not to be feared, because it was all because of love.

Jacob smiled!

How lucky, he turned out to be the only man Irene had ever loved!

He held her finely carved face and said, “Tell you to be by my side at the age of ten, I think it must be the most correct decision in my life.”


Faith sat on the steps and claps with endless applause.

Faith said: “Daddy, Mommy, I finally understand, who my puberty personality resembles?”

“Who?” Irene and Jacob looked at Faith at the same time.

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