Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1465 – 1466

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Chapter 1465

Tina was really strong at that time.

Of course, this cannot be blamed on her, Peter is used to it.

She snorted, shaking the pot to Peter: “You don’t rely on me, you don’t smoke it yourself.”

“I don’t smoke it myself.” Peter didn’t struggle with her, and increased his tone, pretending to be generous, but actually made fun of her.

If the fight continues, it will be endless again.

Tina looked at the phone, it was almost two o’clock, raised her head and said to him, “Go home!”

Peter drove the car into the underground garage. The two lived in the same building. Once they entered the elevator from the underground garage, they took the elevator upstairs.

Tina lived on a lower floor than Peter. When they arrived at Tina’s house, she turned her head to look at him, “Would you like to sit in my house?”

Peter’s eyes were deep: “Are you inviting me?”

The word “invitation” is completely different when spoken from different populations.

Tina just said casually, but speaking from Peter’s mouth, it is more meaningful.

She didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh, hands on h!ps, looking at him provocatively, “I invite you, do you dare to come?”

The elevator doors opened and closed.

In the end, Peter reached out and patted Tina’s head, in a tone like coaxing her: “Goodbye, the actress wants to go to bed earlier.”

He thought, but he didn’t dare.

Take it easy.

Tina shook her head and shook his hand away with a look of disgust: “Greasy.”

After speaking, he quickly stepped out of the elevator.

Peter’s furious voice came from behind.

“Tina, try it again!”

But the elevator door was closed and it started to move up. Peter could not go to the cool floor without a room card.


Tina thought she would sleep well at night.

But had a night of dreams, all without beginning or end.

Woke up at six in the morning.

Recently on vacation, she went back to her parent’s house a few days ago, and there was no food in the refrigerator.

Simply unable to sleep, she was about to go shopping for groceries.

In the morning the food market is very lively, she glanced at the door, first went to the breakfast shop opposite to have breakfast, and then slowly walked into the food market.

The dishes in the morning were very fresh, and she wanted to buy everything when she saw it. Soon, she couldn’t carry it anymore.

She drove over, went to the parking lot, found her car, put aside the large and small bags in her hand, and then freed her hand to touch the key in her pocket.

There were footsteps behind, and stopped without a second sound.

Someone stood behind her.

Tina had already touched the car key, she paused and turned her head quickly.

When the people behind saw her turning head, they yelled leisurely: “Tina.”

It is Cathy.

This made Tina a little surprised, and at the same time, she felt it was expected.

Surprisingly, Cathy still dared to run around on the street.

Unexpectedly, Cathy had always regarded her as an enemy. In addition, Cathy was not righteous, and this time she was forced to the edge of the cliff again, and it was very likely that everything would be blamed on her.

She has seen a lot of such people, and this woman is one of them.

Tina directly ignored her and took out the car key to unlock it.

Cathy rushed forward like she was crazy, and Tina was shocked and quickly dodged.

But Cathy’s goal was not her. Cathy stood in front of her car and prevented her from getting in the car: “Tina, I beg you, can you help me? I have no way to go, you let me see Peter. He loves me so much. As long as he sees me, he will forgive me…”

Chapter 1466

Although Cathy had a pale face in front of her and looked weak and pitiful, Tina had smashed her head in her hands.

Tina stepped back cautiously before saying: “Cathy, if you want to see Peter, you can meet by yourself, don’t bother me.”

Cathy gradually widened her eyes: “You don’t even agree to my simple request?”

Tina sneered: “How close are we? Why should I agree to your request?”

Cathy’s expression changed suddenly, no longer as weak and helpless as before, but became extremely resentful: “You don’t think I don’t know the relationship between you and Peter. You both grew up together, and your relationship is very close. , As long as you speak, he will listen to you! Are you unwilling to help me because you want to be with him? Or are you already together now?

Tina squinted slightly to look at her. She didn’t think it could make any sense to her.

She didn’t talk nonsense with Cathy, and directly picked up her phone to call the police: “Hello, is it 110? A woman lost temper and stood in front of my car and refused to leave…”

“What are you doing! I’m not losing temper!” Cathy heard Tina’s words and rushed towards her.

Tina had been paying attention to Cathy’s reaction and avoided in time.

When Tina avoided it, she told the police again the address.

After hanging up the phone, she looked at Cathy: “The police will be here soon.”

Cathy still didn’t leave, looking at Tina with weird eyes: “Tell me, are you already together?”

Tina’s gaze shifted down and landed on Cathy’s lower abdomen, already slightly bulging, and the child was still there.

A complex emotion flashed in her cold eyes, and she slowly said: “The most urgent matter, you should go to the child’s biological father. If you want this child, you can give birth to the baby. If you don’t, go to the hospital earlier. The child is innocent.”

“Do you also know that the child is innocent? Then help me. I want to see Peter. I want to see him… He loves me so much and will definitely forgive me…”

Cathy’s eyes gradually became crazy, and it looked abnormal.

It is very easy for a man to really want to lie to a woman.

In order to convince Cathy that he loves her, Peter did many things for her. Whether it is money or face, he can satisfy Cathy with what she wants.

Therefore, until now, she firmly believes that Peter loves her.

She probably doesn’t know that the so-called marketing accounts are actually bought by Peter.

Tina looked at Cathy, only feeling sad, hateful, and pathetic.

The poor one was the child she used as a bargaining chip.

Tina did not speak, and Cathy continued talking to her: “I am just pregnant with someone else’s child. Peter is just a little angry. How could he not forgive me…”

Tina could hardly believe what she had heard, is Cathy crazy?

What is meant by “just being pregnant with someone else’s child”?

Does she even have no moral shame?

At this time, the police came.

“Who reported the case?”

“it’s me.”

As soon as Tina finished speaking, Cathy turned around and was about to run, but was stopped by the police: “You are the one?”

Cathy shook her head and denied: “I didn’t, you just acknowledged the wrong person.”

The police are not fooling around randomly: “Acknowledged the wrong person? What are you doing when you stand in front of someone’s car?”

Cathy gave a gloomy look at Tina, “I know I was wrong.”

The police taught her a few more words before letting her go.

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